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22-Daagse 200-urige Hatha en Vinyasa Yoga Docentenopleiding in Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica

Unforgettable Yoga Teacher Training Costa Rica

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Join Anamaya Resort and Retreat Center on an intensive three-week yoga teacher training with three inspiring teachers that have dedicated their lives to yoga. Learning different perspectives from different teachers allows you to acquire a broader understanding of yoga and gives you different perspectives on teaching yoga and on finding the form of yoga that is authentic to you.

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Antoine, Pamela, & Michelle
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  • 200-hour yoga teacher training
  • Hatha and Vinyasa yoga classes
  • Teaching, anatomy, and physiology lesson
  • Skilled and professional instructors
  • Om West certification
  • 21 nights' lodging
  • Daily 3 meals

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Anamaya Resort is truly an exotic place, built on a cliff edge and overlooking the most incredible ocean views. The resort is next to an epic waterfall, surrounded by rainforests, and located in one of the world’s most beautiful tropical beach towns, Montezuma. The rooms / cabinas are elegantly designed with every detail focusing on protecting the environment.

Most of the rooms have breathtaking ocean views and Anamaya is proud to have used non-toxic building materials, organic fabrics, and local artisans to complete their stylish and intimate accommodations. All of the rooms have ceiling fans, air conditioning, and wonderful organic cotton or bamboo sheets.

Gaia House (women only)

Gaia House can accommodate up to five people, three in single beds and two in separate lofts (each with its own ladder to access it). The entire front of Gaia House is sliding glass and screen doors that can all be opened up for maximum breeze and light. The room is simultaneously very modern and rustic because of the combination of smooth white concrete, polished stucco and organic materials such as the rough wood posts.

The ladder / stairs go to one of the two sleeping lofts. There are two bathrooms, each of which has a toilet and sink, and a glass wall opening to a small internal garden. There are also two showers and an additional sink (three sinks total.) You will love the showers of Gaia House which are open to the ocean and jungle. There are curtains if you are wanting more privacy. There’s no glass between you and the world in these showers.

Casita (women only)

The Casita can accommodate up to five people. It is an extremely well-designed house for the tropics, with lots of light and airflow, and a large deck and hammocks with views of the jungle and ocean. It also features an ocean view, air conditioning, and ceiling fans. The casita is set apart from the other rooms, offers the most privacy and the most space, and is surrounded by gardens. The interior of the casita has an arched door and arched window connecting the bedroom with the sala.

Surrounded by jungle, the casita also has organic herb and vegetable gardens. There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a nap in one of the casita’s hammocks. The jungle around Anamaya is teeming with life. You can see monkeys almost daily, as well as many other jungle animals. Like most of the construction at Anamaya, it’s designed to be very beautiful at night. Costa Rica’s skies are extremely clear, and when there are no clouds, you’ll be able to clearly see the milky way and other astronomical features.

Ananda cabina

Ananda cabina can accommodate up to three people with one king bed (or two twins) and one twin in the loft. It features an air conditioning, ceiling fan, deck, hammock, and bathtub. Like most of the other rooms, Ananda has two single beds that are an extra 10-centimeter long for adults (the same length as a king-size bed), and when put together, they can make a king bed for couples. The cabina has a small zen garden in the back with a Buddha, helping to create a very peaceful environment. Although it has air conditioning, it’s really not needed because of the excellent, eco-friendly design.

There is a ladder that goes up to a sleeping loft that also has an extra-long single mattress. The room has panoramic ocean views with glass walls on three sides to let in maximum light and airflow. There’s also a small desk for two people. The view from the bathroom is one of the best in Costa Rica and will surprise and amaze you. One of the most beautiful bathrooms at Anamaya, it has a beautifully sculpted tub. The bathroom is quite large and luxurious, made with very high-quality attention to detail.

Hanuman cabina

Hanuman can accommodate two to four people. It features an air conditioning. This cabina was named for the monkeys frequently seen in the canopy in front of it. The Hanuman has a beautiful view of the ocean and an open-air designer bathroom. One of the beds is built into a very unique niche, very queen-like.

This cabina is ideal for two people, each with her / his own luxurious bed, but also works for three to four friends or a family. There’s no view from the queen bed that’s built into the alcove, but many guests love it because it’s so unique. The Hanuman’s ocean view terrace has a hammock for relaxing and reading.

Master suite

Master suite can accommodate up to three (one king and one single or three singles). The suite has vaulted ceilings, a balcony with an incredible eastward ocean view, and an internal balcony looking over the main sala (or living area) of Anamaya. The top of Anamaya’s main building is the master suite with gorgeous interior architecture and design.

You can even see Tortuga Island from here. There are four closets framed with antique Balinese doors that were imported and made to fit. The room has air conditioning, a ceiling fan, and desk. It’s also well-insulated so not much lighting or air conditioning use is needed even on the hottest days.

Garuda's nest

Garuda can accommodate two to four people. It features air conditioning, ceiling fan, and hammocks. This room is the most spectacular cabin, built high on a tower with expansive views of the ocean and jungle canopy. Because it’s so high, it sways a bit like a treehouse when the wind blows or people walk around in it.

So don’t book the Garuda’s Nest, if you find that idea unnerving or you’re afraid of heights. This one is for the most adventurous guests only. This cabin has two single beds in the main room or the option of a king-size bed, and there’s an additional queen bed in the loft above. Below the cabin is a large 5x5-meter wood deck with a hammock.

Bali cabina

Bali can accommodate up to two people. It features air conditioning, ceiling fan, garden bathroom, bathtub, and deck. It was actually designed and made in Bali, then disassembled and shipped here to Costa Rica. The garden bathroom and deck were built in Costa Rica to finish the cabina. It has one of the most beautiful views of any cabina in Costa Rica, creating a very romantic feeling. The room has three walls of glass, with long curtains for privacy.

The color theme is red to create a very rich and exotic visual experience for our guests. The floor is locally-grown melina wood which is naturally impervious to termites and other wood-eating bugs and was stained with red to help create the very exotic look. There is a single hammock with a spectacular view of the waves breaking on rocks below. From here, you can see the mainland of Costa Rica, all the way down towards Jaco and Quepos.

On a lucky day, you may see whales or dolphins, and most of the time you can hear Montezuma Falls to the north, which is only a five-minute walk from a private path that starts behind this cabina. The furniture and lamps are mostly from Morocco or are made in Costa Rica with a Moroccan style. The outdoor / garden bathroom is one of only two rooms that have a bathtub.

From the tub or shower, you can look directly east through a round window toward the ocean. The garden-style bathroom is a favorite part of tropical architecture and design, and not something that guests usually have in their home. There is a Moroccan-made wrought iron mirror set into the wall, and the hole it sits inside was originally made to fit it perfectly.

Jungle cabina

Jungle cabina can accommodate two people (one king or two single beds). It features the tree house views, air conditioning, ceiling fan, desk, loft, and garden bathroom. This cabina doesn’t have the ocean views. It’s one of the largest cabinas and the design, decor, and lighting are all very unique and beautiful. What really makes it stand out is that the bedroom section is built high above a steep slope, making you feel like you’re in a treehouse high up in the jungle canopy.

This section has three walls of glass to really connect you with the outside. You will feel like you’re in a treehouse. The cabina also has a lot of windows and doors that can be opened for great airflow, and is nearly perfectly shaded from the sun, keeping it cool all day. Tere is also a ladder leading up to the loft, which has a bed in it, and there’s also a tiger-stripe sofa / daybed on the right.

The guests have seen monkeys, anteaters, toucans, and many other animals from their beds. Surrounded by lush jungle and with the sound of the nearby Montezuma Waterfall, the cabina is the most tranquil of all. This cabina has a bathroom with the sink and toilet inside and the shower outside, facing directly into the open jungle.

Lotus cabina

Lotus cabina can accommodate up to two people. It features an air conditioning, ceiling fan, and balcony. The cabina is located just below the main building and to the west of Anamaya’s pool. The beds at Anamaya are designed to split into two, making two extra-long twin beds, when needed for yoga teacher training or other retreats. The room has the best view of any of the cabinas at Anamaya. It has a deck with chairs, a hammock, and a hammock chair. There is an open closet which is the best way to store clothing in the tropics.

Bugs and mold like dark, enclosed spaces, so a good design tries to bring airflow and light throughout the living space. This is believed to be one of the keys to eco-friendly living in the tropics since Anamaya tries to create a living space inhospitable to bugs, rather than creating a situation like in ordinary hotels where bug control requires constantly spraying with toxins. This cabina also has a small desk for your laptop.There is a variety of high-quality bedding and the sheets are made from organic cotton or bamboo.

Ganesh cabina

Ganesh cabina can accommodate one to two people. It features an air conditioning, queen bed, ceiling fan, and hammock. The Ganesh is one of the smallest cabins but has a great ocean view and a private rooftop deck, making it a very popular cabin. It’s ideal for solo travelers or a couple. The bathroom is very special as well, as it's fully open to the view and elements on one side.

All the furniture in Ganesh was made in Costa Rica and was designed especially to fit this room. The room has lots of light due to the large windows and beautiful view in the southern direction. The bathroom has a spectacular view open to the ocean and the jungle below. This cabina is very unique in that it has its own rooftop lookout with a hammock. Enjoy privacy and one of the best views you’ll ever see while relaxing or reading a book.

Mantra room

Mantra room can accommodate one to two people. It features an air conditioning, ceiling fan, and hammock. Located underneath Anamaya's lower yoga deck, this room has the most privacy. It has a queen-size bed and a private bathroom, with a view of the ocean, and a tree in front that’s a favorite of the monkeys.



Upon completion of this yoga teacher training, students will receive certificate affiliated with Om West. Registration with Om West provides a globally recognized credential.


Contrary to many trainings where you memorize a routine, this training gives you the tools to understand what you are doing, why you are doing it, and to develop your own sequences based on the needs of your students and based on what is authentic to you. The training is in both Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, the two most in-demand styles of yoga.

By the end of this program, each participant that fulfilled all the requirements will receive a 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate from Antoine’s school, Om West. This certificate is recognized internationally by Yoga Alliance. At the time the training starts, you must have been practicing yoga for one year or more and eliminated all drugs and smoking habits from your life.

Each day will include time to practice yoga, time to study the theory and philosophy, time to learn the postures and practices, time to practice teaching, and time for self-inquiry. The program is over three weeks with two days off, one midway, and one on the last day.

Antoine Tinawi is the main teacher on this program and he will be present during the totality of the training. Besides, Michelle will be present for the first half of the training and Pamela will be present for the second half of the training.

Preparation for this 200-hour yoga teacher training

Rather than proposing required reading prior to enrollment, Anamaya Resort and Retreat Center suggests instead that you practice as much and as often as you can in different studios with different teachers. A 362-page manual for the 200-hour yoga teacher training program will be given to you on the first day of the training. You are also invited to pay closer attention to the things in your life that uplift you and to start the process of detaching yourself from the things that drag you down.

By the time you start the training, you should be completely cigarette and drug-free. During the training, you will continue your cleansing by avoiding alcohol as well. You will soon discover that yoga can release some pretty awesome chemicals in your brain, more powerful than any artificial high created by substances.

The beauty of nature and healthy diet at Anamaya Resort in combination with the daily yoga practice and time spent outdoors will put you in the best shape of your life by the end of this training. Not only physically but also mentally due to the process of transformation that happens during the training from the deep connections you will create with nature, with yourself and with others.

Content included in this yoga teacher training

  • Techniques, training, and practice (postures, breathing techniques, meditation, mindfulness, mantras, mudras, bandhas, and other traditional yoga practices)
  • Teaching methodology (communication skills, group dynamics, sequencing classes, teaching styles, business aspects, adjusting students, asana modifications, teaching multi-level classes, and usage of props)
  • Anatomy and physiology (alignment, injury prevention, indications and contra-indications, yoga and the anatomical systems, Ayurveda, eastern anatomy (prana, Nadis, chakras, etc.))
  • Philosophy and lifestyle (yoga scriptures, yogic diet, history of yoga, Karma yoga, ethics for teachers, paths of yoga)
  • Practicum (practice observing, assisting, and teaching)


Day 1

This day is your arrival.

Day 2 to 10

These days will be filled with yoga teacher training (focus on learning).

Day 11

Day 11 is your day off.

Day 12 to 20

On these days, you will continue your yoga teacher training (focus on teaching).

Day 21

On this day, you have your day off and graduation ceremony.

Day 22

This day is your departure day.


  • 06:30 Session (chanting, breathing, and connecting)
  • 07:30 Yoga practice
  • 09:00 Fruits and breakfast
  • 10:00 Session (philosophy and anatomy)
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 14:00 Free time, time in nature or question and answer session with the teachers
  • 15:30 Session (teaching methodology, asana breakdown, alignment, and sequencing)
  • 18:30 Meditation
  • 19:00 Dinner
  • 20:00 Free time or study


Antoine Tinawi
Antoine owns and runs two successful yoga studios in Montreal, Canada. Having studied yoga for 24 years with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, one of the world’s most renowned masters of yoga, meditation, and spirituality, Antoine has a vast knowledge of yoga that goes far and wide beyond the physical aspects of postures. He is a firm believer that yoga teachers need to have a skillful balance and equal knowledge of both the classical traditional yoga from India as well as the modern one.
Pamela Gooria
Pamela is skilled at bringing out the spiritual and authentic dimensions of yoga into the practice. Her radiance and wisdom are enough to move you and to allow you to connect with yourself on a deeper level. She brings silence and depth to a yoga practice like very few people have ever experienced before. Pamela is a former robotics engineer and has been teaching yoga for over a decade.
Michelle Carroll
Michelle is an athlete who understands the art of asana like very few people do. Having been on the provincial gymnastics team and on the federal diving team, Michelle understands the importance of alignment and of utilizing our body’s potential to its full expression. With a Pd.D. in Pharmacology, Michelle is extremely skilled at explaining yoga anatomy and the physiological effects of the practice.

Retreat locatie

This retreat will take place at Anamaya Resort located on a cliff edge above the small beach town of Montezuma. It’s only a five-minute drive to town and the beaches. You can walk down in about 20 minutes. The closest beach is in Montezuma, which is a five-minute drive or 20-minute walk. You can also walk to Playa Las Manchas, which is cleaner and spectacularly beautiful with the best snorkeling in the area.

That’s about seven minutes by car or 30 minutes on foot. Playa los Cedros, the famous Montezuma / Cabuya surf spot, is nine minutes by car. There are two grocery stores and the smaller one is actually better. You will find many fancy imported food products due to the fact that many gourmets have lived in the Montezuma for more than 20 years so this small store (Pachi’s) caters to them. There’s also a bank machine but no bank.

Montezuma is located in the southern Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica on the Pacific Ocean, just 25 minutes from Santa Teresa / Malpais. Montezuma’s pristine coasts are sure to dazzle even the most jaded traveler. The Nicoya Peninsula has been designated one of the world’s Blue Zones by author Dan Buettner, one of five areas in the world where people are known to live the longest and healthiest.

From the moment of your arrival, you’ll know you’ve found a very magical place. Costa Rica is known throughout the world as an eco-friendly country, whose wildlife thrives and jungles are actually expanding every year due to careful stewardship of the country’s natural resources. Ninety percent of electric power in Costa Rica is generated by renewable sources, such as hydroelectric, wind, and geothermal.

Nearby places

  • A bank in Cobano - 20 minutes' taxi drive
  • Beach in Montezuma - 5 minutes by car / 20 minutes' walk
  • Montezuma Falls - 5 minutes on foot
  • Playa Las Manchas - 30 minutes on foot / 7 minutes by car
  • Playa Los Cedros - 9 minutes by car
  • The town of Montezuma - 5 minutes by car
  • The beaches of Santa Teresa / Malpais - 30 minutes by car

Unieke kenmerken


  • Wandelen
  • Paardrijden
  • Kajakken
  • Massage
  • Sauna
  • Scubaduiken
  • Snorkelen
  • Spa
  • Surfen
  • Buitenzwembad


  • Kamers met air-conditioning
  • Strand
  • Milieuvriendelijk
  • Tuin
  • Hangmat
  • Keuken
  • Restaurant
  • Yogadek


  • Surfplankverhuur
  • Gratis Wi-Fi
  • Haardroger
  • Strijkijzer / Strijkplank
  • Toiletartikelen
  • Tourbegeleiding


Three healthy organic food will be served each day. Anamaya's restaurant is dedicated to creating tasty healthy meals that the genius chefs, staffs, and guests dream up. The restaurant has a fixed menu offering different breakfasts, lunches, and dinners each day. They can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or those who eat fish and / or chicken, but do not serve red meat and can not accommodate a fully raw diet.

Almost all of the food is local and organic, with more and more coming directly from their own farm. Anamaya is dedicated to using organic produce whenever possible and constantly seeking out new sources of organic foods in Costa Rica. Some are grown locally and some are brought from other parts of Costa Rica, especially the higher altitudes where foods will grow organically that can’t survive the beach climate.

Fishes are caught in the clean waters in front of the peninsula. The chicken is local, as are the organic eggs. Anamaya grows some of their herbs on-site as well as a few veggies. Whether you consider yourself pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, or otherwise Anamaya strives to support the paths of all the guests in their quest to achieve optimal health.

Food preparation

The restaurant and dining experience is unique and a core part of the Anamaya experience. The chefs and kitchen staff prepare the food in the prep kitchen and then bring all ingredients into the main lodge kitchen where guests can watch, learn, and sometimes even participate.

The chefs will teach tricks to anyone who cares to learn and they have occasional cooking classes too. They take care to prepare vegetarian dishes separate from fish or chicken dishes to respect vegetarian ideals. They also know there are always guests who can’t keep out of the kitchen and some will want to help prepare the meals or add to the mix with their own culinary creations.

De volgende maaltijden zijn inclusief:

  • Ontbijt
  • Lunch
  • Avondeten

De volgende dieetwensen worden geserveerd/zijn mogelijk:

  • Biologisch
Als je speciale dieetwensen hebt, is het een goed idee om dit alvast door te geven aan de organisator bij het maken van een reservering

Wat er te doen is

  • ATV tours
  • Birdwatching
  • Canopy tour
  • Cooking class
  • Horseback riding
  • Massage and spa treatments
  • Nature hikes
  • Scuba diving
  • Sea kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • Surfing
  • Tortuga Island adventure

In de prijs inbegrepen

  • 13% tax
  • 200-hour yoga teacher training
  • 3 healthy organic meals per day
  • 21 nights' accommodation
  • Hatha and Vinyasa yoga classes
  • Transportation to excursions and various beaches
  • Om West's yoga teacher training certification
  • Use of the guest kitchen and refrigerator in the main hall

Niet in de prijs inbegrepen

  • Arrival and departure transportation to and from the hotel
  • Books
  • Staffs tips


Driving directions from Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO)

  • Drive west from the airport on the main freeway (Interamericana) until you see an exit for Atenas.
  • Take that exit and cross over the freeway to your left.
  • Drive for approximately two kilometers and turn left between a soccer field and a blue school.
  • There is no sign here for the freeway.
  • If you get lost, ask for La Pista por Caldera.
  • Drive for three and half kilometers then you’ll see an overpass.
  • Don’t go under it but instead turn left just before the freeway and that will take you to the onramp.
  • Get on that and head west (right) again.
  • It will take you to Caldera, which is the main port next to Puntarenas.
  • From there, drive north along the coast.
  • You’ll pass a big development called La Roca and eventually you’ll pass up and over the top of the road you want to turn right onto.
  • There’s a sign for Puntarenas, but it’s been covered with tree branches for several years, so it’s difficult to see.
  • Loop around to the right and get onto this road.
  • Heading west again, follow that in a straight line all the way to the very tip of the Puntarenas peninsula.
  • Then turn right and it will curve around to the ferry line.
  • Take the Paquera ferry.
  • From there, drive to the left and go to Cobano, which takes 45 minutes normally.
  • From Cobano, turn left and head to Montezuma.
  • From Montezuma, head south along the beach road.
  • At Hotel Amor de Mar, you’ll see a paved road up the hill.
  • Drive up about half a kilometer and you’ll see Anamaya’s sign on the right.

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO). Transfer from and to this airport is available upon request. The best way to reach Anamaya Resort is to take a short flight or shuttle-bus to Montezuma, then a taxi up to Anamaya. From San Jose (SJO), it’s only a 30-minute flight to Tambor, the local airport. This costs 75-105 USD (each way).

There, Anamaya Resort and Retreat Center will arrange to have a taxi waiting for you. Then to Anamaya, it’s about a 30-minute scenic ride, which costs 40 USD for a regular taxi (maximum four people) or 10 USD / person for a van (five to nine people). If you don’t get a chance to arrange one with them, there is almost always one there waiting and they should know where the resort is located.

Arrival by bus

There is a direct bus service from San Jose to Montezuma. This bus leaves every day from Parada de Autobus San Carlos in downtown San Jose at 6.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. The cost is 12 USD. The bus station is a 20-minute taxi ride from the international airport (20 USD). The bus trip takes about five and half hours total. There is one rest stop between San Jose and Puntarenas. In Puntarenas, you must get off the bus and the driver will hand you a ferry ticket and a laminated card that you need to get back on the bus.

Follow the bus crowd onto the ferry for a beautiful one-and-a-half-hour ferry ride. Upon crossing the gulf, you will disembark in Paquera. Follow the passengers to the other side of the ferry terminal to re-board the bus and continue the journey to Cobano. In Cobano, all passengers going to Montezuma switch to another bus, which takes you the final 20-30 minutes to downtown Montezuma. Please let Anamaya Resort and Retreat Center know your arrival time, they will have a taxi pick you up at the bus stop in Montezuma (5-6 USD).

Arrival by ferry / boat

When driving from San Jose to Montezuma or back, you will need to take the ferry (not necessary if you are coming from Tambor Airport (TMU)). It takes about one and half hours in total. Prices for adults are 810 CRC while for kids are 485 CRC. Automobiles (with driver) are 11,400 CRC. You are recommended to get to the ferry about 30 minutes before it is scheduled to leave to help make sure your vehicle gets a space on the boat.

Arrival by shuttle

A special shuttle for yoga teacher training students are only available on both Friday afternoon (the day before Anamaya check-in) at 2.00 p.m. (to Montezuma hotel of your choice) and Saturday morning at 8.00 a.m. (to Anamaya). To take advantage of this shuttle, you are recommended to book your international flight to arrive no later than 01.00 p.m. on the Saturday you will be starting your retreat. To sign up for this group shuttle, please send your arrival time at Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO). The cost of this shuttle is 60 USD which will go on your bill here at Anamaya.


  • Een reservering vereist een aanbetaling van 50% van de totale prijs.
  • De aanbetaling wordt niet gerestitueerd als de boeking wordt geannuleerd.
  • De rest van de betaling moet 14 dagen voor aankomst worden voldaan.
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