Nirvana Health Retreat

Nirvana Health Retreat offers inspiring holidays with the focus on yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and healthy eating. It awaits you a convivial, quiet place where you can relax.

Instructors 2

Awring Shaways

Awring gives concentration meditation (object-oriented phase and object-free phase), transcendent meditation and Hindu meditation and mindfulness. In concentration meditation, attention is focused on an object, image or sound, for example (a) god, a candle flame, the respiration, or elements of nature. Also Ocean drum meditation is given during our retreats by Awring. Awring has also masterd the art of giving Indian Head massage and Chakra healings which will be giving on request during our retreats.

Basma Kamal

Basma is a certified yoga teacher in all levels by the Universal Yoga, Dharamshala, started with sense of curiosity seeking to learn her true self within her own daily practice and exploration of the physical body through the path of mind discipline with main focus on spirituality and finding the lost art of yoga asana with mindfulness. Hope she will expose us to the real essence of yoga as self liberation and heart opener. Basma will be giving yoga classes during our retreats with our own yoga teachers.

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