Niru Yoga Homestay, Nagarkot, Bhaktapur

Niru Yoga Home promotes yoga for everyone with unique retreats, allowing guests to experience traditional rural Nepalese culture while culturing inner silence.

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Rajan Bastola

Rajan Bastola is an international certified yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance Australia). He has been teaching yoga philosophy, asana and pranayama classes, and he have good knowdge about herbs, He is good guide to care everybody, helpful and social worker. Rajan is Google Local Guide also so he is best guide for mountain area.


Self Taught (Vegetarian)

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Jamaa Mcmillan

from United Arab Emirates, September 2018

"very affordable & Amazing retreat that can't miss"

the whole program was perfect. unlike other retreats i have been to before. this one was exceptional. the food was amazing, the wife serves the meal with big smile. the 2 yoga classes per day was very nice. the hiking was amazing. Niru is a great hiker and a great yogi teacher. the whole experience was great. cant wait to go back and thanks for making my journey unforgettable.

Andrea Santiago

from United States, September 2018

"My Nepalese home "

Had a wonderful and unique time at this homestay , from the first step in this place they make you feel like part of the family. Rajan, Niru and the whole family are so bighearted and caring. The yoga was amazing, im a beginner and didn't feel rushed at all quite the opposite i felt happy and relaxed, i think Rajan is such a great instructor, he's so knowledgeable about mindbody and nature. The hiking was great and the views!! Niru and the grandma cook is the most delicious food sooo tasty and organic, everything comes from their garden, even the rice!!! you can definitely taste the love :) and their secret tea!!! sososo good.You get attached very easy to this place and this family , they have such a good sense of humour XD always happy and positive, loved every minute and met wonderful people, can't wait to come back!!!!!!!! Thank you for everything missing y'all already !!!

Sarah Wong

from Singapore, September 2018

"Traditional authentic Nepalese experience in a home"

Rajan is a very sincere host with the warmest heart. I enjoyed every part of the experience from the yoga to the hiking and the food. I didn’t know organic vegetarian food could be so tasty - and what’s more it’s also traditional Nepalese food. At Niru yoga homestay, I experienced an authentic Nepalese lifestyle for 4 days and I wished it was longer!! I have learnt and gained so much thank you so much Rajan :)

Hannah Gordon

from Myanmar [Burma], August 2018

"Wonderful yoga homestay"

Everything! Rajan and his family are so kind and inviting. From the moment you step into their home, you feel at home. Rajan has such a lively personality and I felt at ease the entire time. The yoga is really good, the hikes are nice and not too hard. Rajan's wife, Niru and his mother cooked some of the best food I've had in Nepal. It's all fresh and organic from their garden. Thanks for a wonderful stay - I will be back! ~Namaste~

Neelum Nazir

from United Arab Emirates, August 2018

"Delightful experience "

Beautiful location, delicious food, hospitable family. Great place to experience warmth of Nepalese culture.

Sophia Tong

from Nepal, July 2018

"The best retreat filled with surprises!"

I loved the people as it was family operated they made you feel like family. The food was absolutely amazing and sooooooo fresh. They have their own garden so most of the food was hand picked. The yoga was fantastic as Rajan really catered to your ability. He always enforced listening to your body as foremost important. Rajan is also extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of yoga food and our body. The hiking was fantastic as everyday we had explored different parts of the jungle. The combination of yoga and hiking was fantastic for the body. Niru did the cooking and the food was AMAZING!Luckily we were also offered a free cooking class which I should have taken! Again every day was a variety and she was super friendly. I had LOVED EVERY BIT OF MY EXPERIENCE HERE SND I WISHED I STAYED LONGER!!!

Toran Lanthier

from Canada, July 2018

"Wonderful experience "

Had a wonderful time at this authentic homestay in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Niru’s cooking was fantastic, and Rajan’s hikes and yoga classes were excellent. Make sure to pack a bathing suit as you’ll be hiking to and through some terrific waterfalls. I enjoyed the yoga classes as they were quite different from yoga sessions I get in the west. Rajan was very good at explaining different postures and how they help with your overall health. I would definitely recommend this retreat for anyone looking for an affordable retreat in Asia. Make sure to book with a friend, incase you’re the only one at the homestay during the dates that you book. But either way, your time at Yoga Homestay Nepal will be relaxing and rejuvenating! Thanks again, Rajan and family!’ I will be back again!

Tommaso Deglinnocenti

from United Arab Emirates, May 2018

"Your home in Nepal"

I love that from the beginning you feel like is your house.. rajan and niru are lovely and all the family as well plus granma cook the best home made food and everything is fresh! And not too spicy also every day the menu is different! Which for nepal is great

Christine Tong

from Italy, April 2018

"Friendly homestay experience"

Nice relaxed environment. Rajan and Niru are a lovely couple, who do everything they can to make your stay enjoyable. Niru's food is great! Rajan's yoga was just what I needed...not too fast...and the hikes were really good too :).

Well worth staying even for just a short time.

Sarrah David

from Singapore, March 2018

"Authentic experience! "

1) Food and tea

Devon and I are only in Nepal for 4 days so we truly wanted to experience the local life. Staying with Rajan and his welcoming family was certainly the best decision made! They (especially his wife Niru who always has a smile on her face!) spoilt us with food (food that never runs out, it seems!) and they serve this amazing tea that just rejuvenates your body before yoga and warms us at night.

2) Location and room

The room is cosy - nothing too fancy, so if you are the type who needs luxury such as instant warm, fast wifi, you might want to think twice about this. What the home will provide is the authentic Nepalese everyday experience. I love the fact that we can do yoga and eat bfast on the rooftop, drink tea by swing, and just beside their place is the farm where they pick up the freshest vegetables. I had the privilege to eat the snow peas plucked fresh while walking around the farm.

3) Activities

As Rajan has to accommodate to different types of yoga practicers, you might find it a little mundane if you have beginners in the class and you are an advanced yogi. You might like to initiate Rajan to give you options. As for me, I had the pleasure of having him as a private guru so we were able to explore my capabilities.

4) General

All in all, I would say that the experiences, knowledge learnt and relationships made are of more value than what we paid for. Niru Yoga Homestay is certainly one of the most value for money packages I have purchased!

Stephanie Mcardle

from United States, February 2018

"Amazing place!"

You feel so welcome here, it's a perfect place to relax away from the busy city. The family welcome you to the home and are amazing people! The yoga and hiking are great, Raj is a fantastic teacher. I wish I could have stayed longer. Thank you Rajan, Niru, Nikita and Nitesh for a beautiful time!

Mark Melia

from China, February 2018

"Great Yoga in Nepal !"

The Yoga lessons and Pranayama breathing technique were so good. This was my first Yoga retreat and I would recommend it to both experienced people (two teachers were also on our 6 day retreat) and beginners or relative beginners like me.

Excellent base of knowledge from the instructor, who is also so friendly, funny and kind.

It's a real homestay experience too, with the Mother (Niru) cooking delicious organic food from their own fields nearby. The two children are also lovely, bright and energetic.

Some of the best memories were from trekking around the local villages to the jungle/woods area and doing Yoga outside with nature.

Leant so much and felt so much better afterwards, will look forward to going back soon, for some other programmes such as Everest Base camp and Karma Yoga, a new programme which includes some teaching in a local school for 1 month.

Thanks a lot 'bro' and Namaste !

Kimberley Dunk

from United Kingdom, December 2017

"Amazing relaxing retreat with the best food and yoga!"

Rajan is an excellent instructor who always tries his hardest to help his students and also to make everyone feel at home. He's very knowledgeable and good at catering to all different levels. The food at the homestay was amazing! It was so lovely to have organic food and to see it grow in the field around the house, the tea is also great! :) Rajan and his family are very welcoming and the homestay made me feel very at peace, the views of the sunrise and sunset whilst there were also wonderful. The rooms are basic but clean and they have a nice shower with hot water! I was only at the retreat for a few days so I didn't do all the hikes that Rajan has planned, but the ones I did were great with lovely views! I wasn't very fit when I was at the retreat so I found the hikes quite challenging, but I also felt really good having completed them. The combination of organic food, yoga twice a day and a hike felt really beneficial to my health and wellbeing, the place is also relaxing so it felt beneficial to my mental health too. All in all I highly recommend!

Heather Knight

from Nepal, November 2017

A lovely family environment enhanced my short 3 day retreat. I was seeking and found the serenity, and therapeutic activity after 4 months of travelling. I particularly appreciated the respect and quiet dignity tendered by the extended family. Thankyou

Rachel Kemp

from Indonesia, October 2017

"Great homestay with a varied schedule"

Really friendly and welcoming family.

There was lots of tea offered and the home cooked local food was delicious!

Hot showers.

Each hike we went on was to see something different in the local area.

Deirdre Koopman

from Nepal, June 2018

"Heerlijk verblijf bij Niru Yoga Home"

Rajan en zijn familie waren heel aardig. Het was gezellig om er te verblijven. De yoga lessen waren leuk en uitdagend. We hebben mooie wandelingen gemaakt in de omgeving. En Rajan heeft ons fantasisch voorbereid op de Lamtang trek. Niru kan geweldig koken. Fijn om lekker gezond te eten. Top ervaring.

Jessica Sanchez Abril

from United Kingdom, April 2018

"Peaceful and spiritual "

I had a wonderful time in Niru Yoga Homestay.

I enjoyed everything. Amazing and peaceful landscape of the Kathmandu valley, yoga sessions with the extraordinary yogi Rajan, Niru's cooking was very delicious, family hospitality was fantastic, The facilities as bedroom, bathroom, dining room, yoga studio and garden were very good.

So yes definitely If i get another chance to come back to Nepal I will stop for another retreat here. Thanks again Rajan and family for your generous hospitality and also for showing me about Nepal culture. I loved it. NAMASTE!

Timo Mueller

from United States, March 2018

Rajan is an amazing teacher with a lot of knowledge. Generally, you do yoga twice a day, sometimes in really nice spots like the roof of the local temple or in the jungle. Rajan is also great in adapting to your own skills and caters for all levels. If you have problems, special wishes or need a connection to the next place/airport, Rajan does his best to arrange that for you.

The hikes are nice and challenging and the view and nature were great.

The accommodation is a home stay so you get a full Nepalese life experience. Needless to say, the food is like all other reviews already mentioned indeed amazing.

The retreat is very affordable so it is excellent value for money. Don’t expect a luxury retreat and I guarantee that you will have a great time .

Marie Nore

from France, March 2018

"Évasion idéale "

Environnement, activites et nourriture

Sarah-loreen Lorenz

from Germany, March 2018

"Very pleasent stay"

I had a great time at this homestay and enjoyed my time at the Niru Homestay very much. Rajan - the host and yoga instructor - was very friendly and loves to share his skills for beginners and advanced students. Very tasty home cooked meals were provided by Niru. As well it was very nice to live with a happy local family far away of the pollution of Kathmandu City so close to nature. And the hiking trips were a very welcome addition to our Yoga learnings and brought us closer to nature. Loved it! :)


from Spain, January 2018

The views, hiking, tea, home-made meals!!! And the family

Amy Gan

from Malaysia, September 2018

"Amazing experience 精彩的体验"

Amazing experience

Rajan is a kind, humorous & intelligence teacher and he took good care of everyone. I have learned much from him (yoga, meditation, mantra, herbs, mindset, life experience) in a short time and he is never stingy to share his knowledge. The hiking view is stunning and food is really delicious. I recommend this retreat for those looking for hiking and stay away from city experience.


Rajan是个亲切,幽默 & 聪明的老师, 他对所有人照都百般照顾。 在很短的时间内,他毫不吝啬地分享他的知识,我从他身上学到很多东西(瑜伽,冥想,曼特羅, 草药知识,心态管理,生活经验)


Kia Christina Eg

from New Zealand, July 2018

I was at this yoga retreat in the monsoon season, which means it rains sometimes but not everyday! The hikes around the yoga retreat is amazing, and Rajan is a good guide and yoga instructor.

The yoga is amazing! It varies each day and I feel I learned a lot on six days. My balance got better and I became more flexible.

Rajans house got destroyed in the big earthquake, so he is rebuilding his house. But everything works perfectly. There is hot water in the shower, a beautiful garden and because of the construction - a nice rooftop to relax and do yoga. I really enjoyed staying here. Rajans family is amazing!

I can only recommend everyone to book this retreat. It have been a very authentic experience with beautiful nature, amazinf yoga and fantastic people.

I’ll be back!!!

(Thank you Rajan!! - see you soon)

Chitradevi Bala

from Singapore, June 2018

"Amazing homestay"

Good family to stay with...good hospitality and loved their home cooked food. I learned a lot from the yoga sessions. Excellent location...

Alanna Scales

from Saudi Arabia, April 2018

"Wow - What an Incredible Experience"

Staying with Rajan, Niru and their family was absolutely amazing. I felt so comfortable, taken care of, happy and loved. The yoga was fantastic, the food was delicious and the hiking was wonderful. Rajan even let me teach a class and gave me very helpful advice on how to improve my instruction. I had a birthday whilst I stayed and they treated us to a special lunch and took us to a magical waterfall. It was a very special way to experience a birthday. I was sad to leave because it was so peaceful in Rajan and Niru's home. I will be coming back soon, and to anyone reading this, I can honestly say, this was the best yoga retreat I have ever been on and I feel so lucky that i was able to have such a special experience.

Alia Soufan

from United Arab Emirates, March 2018

"The perfect getaway!"

Raja, Niru and the kids gave a perfect family feel and made my stay as comfortable as possible! The most kind-heart people, providing with a cosy atmosphere, and the food... oh my God! It was an exceptional experience and Rajan i thank you for that!

Claire Lee

from Singapore, February 2018

"Better than expected! "

Beautiful landscapes, weather and people.


from Singapore, December 2017

Rajan, Niru and family were extremely hospitable and it was lovely being in their company.

Yoga sessions were conducted in the recently built yoga hall. The daily treks to the surroundings with fresh air or city explorations were delightful.

Meals were absolutely delicious and generous. Accommodation was comfortable and clean, with hot showers.

All in all, it was such a warm and beautiful experience. Thank you, Rajan, Niru and family.

Rebecca Best

from United Arab Emirates, December 2017

"Outstanding experience."

Yoga instructor was extremely knowledgeable and answered all questions. The family is very accommodating and went out of their way to make our stay a comfortable and happy experience. Location is amazing and the trekking is challenging but not over the top, Rajan is very understanding of those who want to take short breaks and his story telling on route is entertaining. I highly recommend spending your time with him.

Kerry Taylor

from Nepal, December 2017

"Perfect in every way 😑"

Simply everything!

Fantastic yoga & pranayama instruction, fabulous food, beautiful and very comfortable surroundings. And a really lovely family. ☺️

Lara Rados

from United Arab Emirates, November 2017

"Perfect getaway!!"

Whether you are searching place to relax and escape the hussle of the city or engage in advanture and action, this is the place to come! Very well balanced, Bastola's home is humble but full of joy and love. Hiking and trekking everyday ads to the picture and Rajan takes you to different routes and/or destinations according to your level of fitness. After long day three delicioooous meals prepared by his lovely mother and wife with their organic veggies, over real fire stove await to warm your body and soul. You will never forget that! You can get involved yourself if interested! Rajan is caring and thoughtful host. One day he surprised me with homemade yoghurt cause I mentioned it in some conversation! Children are playfull and smart and happy to make u company if u wish, but respectful of the privacy and rest.. you can get an insight into real local life and they are very happy to answer allyour questions!

Elise Delley

from Nepal, May 2018

"You will love it"

Rajan is the sweetest and most welcoming man. Plus he is on awesome yoga teacher who will adjust his class to the students level and correct your posture anytime you need.

HIs wife will treat your stomach well and always put a smile on your face.

If you want to do a yoga retreat but experience the nepali life and hike as well, this is the perfect place for you as it combine all of that and even more. You will feel like home in this family and you will have a wonderful, authentic, kind and easy going week that will stick in your mind for a long time.

I cannot thank you enough Rajan and all of your family. See you next time for sure :) or maybe in Switzerland ;) ting tong

Antje Krug

from New Zealand, April 2018

"lovely famely"

This homestay is something special. The famely from Rajan is so friendly and heartwarming, that it was a pleasure to stay there. They always were smiling, and sometimes even singing, the food from Niru, Rajans wife, was so delicious and all from there own garden. Rajan every day would make a trip with us, it was always interesting and we had a lot of great moments. We had an awesome evening all together by the fireplace, eating together, singing nepalise songs and danced.

This lovely famely will always stay in my heart. Thank you all

Albert Wolkerstorfer

from Nepal, November 2017

Super freundliche Homestay Bereiber. Das Essen war hervorragend. Und bei einem Nachschlag war die Gastgeberin/Köchin immer super happy. Generell sind alles sehr sehr freundlich zuvorkommend hilfsbereit und immer ein gewinnbringendes herzliches Lachen auf den Lippen.

Dora Sipowicz

from Argentina, November 2017

"Muy intetesante"

Vivir con una familia Nepalesa ,en una comunidad rural, caminar en una selva y hacer yoga viendo la luna aparecer detrás de las montañas

Geraldine Nethercott

from India, October 2017

"Great time with a lovely family"

Rajan and his family are so nice people. Accomodation was really clean and comfortable... yoga classes were nice and hiking also.

Testimonials 3

a traveler Spain

TripAdvisor website

May 2017:

The last part of my Nepal trip I stayed at the Bastola family's house in Kharapati down Phedi. From Bhaktapur, I took a local bus, about 20 minutes. The bus stops were very closeby. The accommodation is in clean, spacious rooms, with brand new bathrooms. Most of the food they serve comes from their land. At the time I was staying, no yoga teacher was there, so no yoga. Rajan does know yoga very well and he has heeps of contacts as he was a manager at a Rishikesh yoga ashram in India, but he does not teach. For me the big plus was to a peek into local family life and talk about Nepali customs and culture with Rajan. Add to this the green hills, he took me to a nice waterfall in the direct surroundings, and agricultural lifestyle the village is living. It made a good closure of my Nepal trip. Better than staying in noisy, dusty Thamel. The airport is quite closeby.


TripAdvisor website

Highly recommended! The house is in the proximity from Kathmandu, just a one hour from there, yet clean air and fresh water in middle of peaceful farmlands, next to mountains. It seems if in the right season, you can even see a bit of Himalayas with some mountain walk from their home! I stayed for two days with the family, which was so warm and hospitable. You will experience what a simple and happy family life with no complication is like. The daughter Nikita is a sabby young lady who was a great companion to me. The host's wife is such a lovely lady. The family knows what yoga culture is by their past working experience in Rishkesh's ashram and takes care of customers' holistic health in the rural Nepalise way. The best is the three yummiest meals made by organic food they grow at their farm and fresh water from mountain! The most precious is home-grown organic food, really. I felt so healed by their prana-filled veges pulses. No wonder the family looks uber-healthy. The host, Rajan, is a nature lover and a patient hiking guide. He took me to a peaceful walk to a local waterfall and pineforest meditation. It was so so healing as well. Being able to breathe air deep from the bottom of my lung and total silence in the forests was a real treasure. The accommodation is modern and clean, even a bit too modern for me :) and comfy. If you are not joining in a retreat they organize, do your own yoga and meditation. There are good spots in nature around there.

a traveler

TripAdvisor website

Stayed four days with the lovely family and it was great. Best organic food, possibility to take cooking classes, very nice room and facilities, nice place to explore nature, Nagarkot, so much more, and to get in touch with family and cultural life. Will definitively come back next time!

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