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Winchester, United Kingdom

Nexus is a dynamic snow sports company that specialises in quality winter and summer snowboard holidays across a diverse selection of countries.

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  • Hollie

    Nexus Snow Camps Facebook

    Not the most confident rider and being as stubborn as a mule I was very impressed with how patient Wes was with me! He definitely pushed me, I only wish now I had pushed myself! Definitely cannot fault these guys at all. And as other people have said, Lottie's food is one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of eating, perfect to finish off a day on the slopes! I feel privileged to have got to spend a week with these guys and would urge anyone that is thinking of going to not think and just do, you won't have any regrets!

  • Ioana

    Nexus Snow Camps Facebook

    Absolutely fantastic snowboarding camps, hugely recommend it to anyone who loves snowboarding, wants to improve their riding and make some amazing friends in the process. Wes has been utterly amazing coaching a group of five of us on piste technique and carving as well as freestyle, and most importantly showing us good practice and stretching before hitting the snow! He's challenged us to push ourselves and by the end of the week people were doing front flips and 360s. My riding's improved no end, and I've enjoyed every minute! Lottie's cooking is incredible, some of the tastiest meals ever - as well as tips and tricks for healthy eating! Felt like both a snowboarding AND detox camp - returned home feeling energised, positive and ready to keep up the good habits! Can't wait to see the video edit from this camp! Can't wait to do it all again.

  • Philip Jhonson United Kingdom

    Nexus Snow Camps Facebook

    What's not to like? Fantastic coach, great resort and just an all-round superb week! Whether you want to improve your carving and on-piste technique or send it in the park, Wes and Nexus Snow camps will sort you out!

  • James Cinicola United Kingdom

    Nexus Snow Camps Facebook

    Just returned from a perfect week in Pila and am completely stoked!!! Wes's approach to coaching is fantastic, feels less like boot camp and more like riding with a mate who offers extremely useful tips! Added to that, Pila is the best resort I've been to yet and the accommodation was incredible!

  • David Sullivan United Kingdom

    Nexus Snow Camps Facebook

    Had an awesome week with these guys, what a way to kick off the new year. Great banter and excellent coaching, Wes really got us all to push outsells. It's set me off for the season and given me plenty to work on and keep practicing and improving. Look forward to hopefully do a summer camp with you guys.

  • Brian Hurst United Kingdom

    Nexus Snow Camps Facebook

    Wes is an exceptional rider and can do all disciplines of snowboarding. He explained the most difficult tasks in an easy to understand way. I thought I had got all I needed before, now I can pull 180's ride off piste into deep powder and handle black runs with confidence. Wes and Lottie are a great team and have given me a world class experience. Thank you!

  • Billy Snow Mates Europe

    Nexus Snow Camps Facebook

    Very highly recommended first class coaching and hospitality can't wait to go again.

  • David Barker United Kingdom

    Nexus Snow Camps Facebook

    Wes is an awesome coach, had him coaching us in Pila for a week and brilliant for everything from the on-piste skills to hitting the park!

  • Richard Martin United Kingdom

    Nexus Snow Camps Facebook

    Only spent a couple days with Nexus coach Wes but it was more than enough to get me sliding down the hill with confidence. Great coaching!

  • Benjamin Tun Pe United Kingdom

    Nexus Snow Camps Facebook

    A real two thumbs up time. Fun times with fun people! Am I right or am I right?

  • Ryan Clay United Kingdom

    Nexus Snow Camps Facebook

    Wes is such a good coach, so passionate about snowboarding and teaching. Progressed so much in the short time riding with him. Would definitely recommend to a friend!

  • David Neave United Kingdom

    Nexus Snow Camps Facebook

    Without doubt the best coach I've had. My boarding progressed more in one week than I had in the last three years. Really easy to get along with and clearly loves the sport!

  • a traveller United Kingdom

    Nexus Snow Camps Facebook

    Just got home from one amazing week with Nexus Snow Camp, Wes is an excellent teacher patient, clear and fun. He encourages you and supports you with every step giving you the confidence to go for it. I was a beginner and some what apprehensive but Wes really made snowboarding so much fun and helped it all just "Click". I would recommend Nexus Snow Camp to anyone of all levels, my friend who has been snowboarding for years had some lessons of Wes and has learnt some new amazing moves and really challenged himself. Great value for money friendly service, Thanks so much what a great way to start the new year. I'll be coming back that's for sure!

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