Cat and her yoga style

Fifteen years ago, Cat found herself severely injured while training for the Iron Man competition, a thriathlon race consists of swimming, bicycle ride, and marathon organized by World Thriathlon Corporation (WTC). Because of the injury, she realized that she is more than just a 'body' and began practicing yoga soon after. Her experience due to the injury helped her to shape the method that she later called as YOGathletA.


Cat Haayen in action

Awaken your inner athlete

What sets YOGathletaA apart from other methods is the combination of some yoga methodologies of Hatha, Iangar, and Ashtanga, infused with drills in order to maintain proper alignment. For Cat, it is important that she provides her students a path into their own mentality that “makes their soul sweat". This method is, indeed, intended to train body and mind to be mutually flexible, strong, and mobile, as Cat now realizes that it is more than just a strong body to enhance one's performance.


Not perfecting yoga, but simply practicing it

YOGathletA uses the tagline “Awaken your inner athlete” that might initially off-putting and intimidating to hear. However, Cat reassured us that it certainly is possible to grow into an avid follower. She was certain that as long as one keep an open mind, take him or herself lightly, and remember that it is not about perfecting yoga, but simply practicing yoga, that one will too become a YOGathletA.

Interview conducted and article written by Maggie Gori with edits by Satiti. Are you familiar with YOGathletA method? Would you like to try it? Write us your experience or a method that works for you, or simply drop your comments below!