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Top 50 Yoga & Wellness Blogs to Follow in 2017

January 6, 2017

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The internet is full to the brim with information about yoga, travel, meditation and wellness. But with so many websites available, how do we choose the best ones? At, we’ve narrowed down a list of 50 blogs that cover different specifications which we consider important to make them great.

The blogs we’ve chosen are constantly updated, they have a significant amount of readers and collaborators, they talk about different aspects of wellness, and they offer diversity in their content either with well-written articles, yoga classes, videos, workshops, online stores, free yoga challenges, guided meditation sessions or anything else that provides the yoga community with value.  

Check them out and get inspired by the stories of all the people behind these excellent yoga and wellness blogs!


Yoga with Adriene

yoga with adriene best blog

Adriene Mishler is arguably the most popular yoga celebrity on the web. Actress, yoga teacher, dog lover; she has such a charming personality that her success doesn’t surprise anyone. Her style is refreshing, simple and so authentic that it makes you feel as if she had written each post or newsletter exclusively for you.

Her blog Yoga with Adriene has much to offer. In the past, she’s given away the series of videos “30 Days of Yoga” and “Yoga Camp”. And for 2017 she has a brand new challenge named “Revolution: 31 Days of Yoga”. And if it wasn’t enough, every week she uploads a new yoga class totally free of cost for all her loyal and numerous community that reaches almost 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.


Bad Yogi

bad yogi blog

If you don’t really identify with the stereotypical yogi way of living, you’re going to love Erin Motz and her bad yogi attitude. She loves wine, she eats lots of cheese and she doesn’t speak in Sanskrit during her classes; in other words, she’s just not your average yoga teacher!

She wrote an article for the Huffington Post calling the yoga world out on all its typical Zen-ish ideologies, and that’s when Adrien “The Frenchman” decided to join her to build up the blog Bad Yogi. The intention is to make yoga more accepting and open to everyone, getting rid of the exclusivity and judgments.

She has a free 30-day yoga challenge, and for 2017 Erin has prepared a 10-day “I am” yoga challenge that you can subscribe for free this January!


Awaken with JP

jp sears blog

Talking about unconventional yogis, JP Sears and his Ultra Spiritual blog are the prime example of this. In his YouTube videos, he pokes fun about the way yoga has evolved, the commercial side of it and tries to make yogis conscious of how important it is to not take the practice so seriously.

He also offers coaching sessions and holds events all over the world to help people find their most spiritual true self. Check out our interview with JP and learn a little bit more about his peculiar mind and his wonderful heart.


Ju Yogi

ju yogi yoga blog

As described by her Austrian founder, Ju Schneeberger, this is not only a yoga blog, but a space for happy hearts and healthy souls. On Ju Yogi, she talks about various wellness topics like sustainability and veganism. She even wrote a book of vegan recipes!

In 2015 she became a yoga teacher, which gave her an even greater perspective of the practice. The content on her blog is available in German and English and she also shares her traveling experiences there, making it the ideal blog for yoga & travel enthusiasts like us!


Tara Stiles

tara stiles

Tara Stiles is a former model turned yoga instructor, so you can imagine how amazing her pictures look! But don’t let her modeling background fool you and think that she’s all about the looks, she also founded a revolutionary approach to healing called Strala Yoga.

On her blog she shares free videos of yoga sequences and for 2017 she has prepared a free guide called 30 days of awesome you, to bring out your strong, radiant and connected self! She became pregnant a few months ago, which has helped her to add a new variant to her teaching: pre-natal yoga.

Make sure you follow her blog and don’t miss out the much-expected birth of her baby girl!


Yoga Basics

yoga basics blog

This is a blog that was originally launched in 2000 by Timothy Burgin to bring the ancient teachings of yoga to the modern age of internet. 17 years later one can gladly say that Yoga Basics has contributed to the growth of yoga with all their articles that teach new practitioners the basics of yoga and meditation. It also explains many other aspects of the yoga philosophy and has a great community that contributes with valuable information for yogis of all levels.


Marianne Elliott

marianne elliott blog

Is it possible to be good and be well? Marianne Elliott believes it is! If you have ever thought that you could play a role in making this world a kinder, fairer and safer place, this blog is for you. The ideology behind Marianne’s blog is that we can do more good in community than just by ourselves, and at we surely agree with her!

On her site she offers a guide to bravery in action which she calls “30 days of courage” and various yoga programs from 30 to 90 days. And as a writer, she also shares lots of resources with all of us who also like the art of writing and believe in it as a tool to transform the world.


Jason Crandell Yoga Method

jason crandell yoga blog

Jason Crandell and his partner Andrea Ferretti are the two creative minds behind this fantastic blog that teaches essential yoga sequences, pranayama exercises and many more aspects of yoga. The Jason Crandell yoga method is based on Vinyasa Yoga and focuses on power, precision and mindfulness. He is a natural teacher and author with more than 15 years of experience. He is happy to share all his knowledge on his blog and if you subscribe to his newsletter he will send you free yoga classes.


Gigi Yogini

gigi yogini image

Brigitte Kouba Neves, better known as Gigi Yogini, is a yoga teacher and positive body image activists whose classes and workshops help practitioners build confidence and courage through breath and movement. She’s an advocate of positivity and you can easily tell it by the way she writes on her blog. We especially loved her #IAmAffirmative challenge that she promoted in December. If you missed out on it, don’t worry, you can still do it on your own by writing down 10 positive affirmations and using them as mantras for 2017!


Gwen Lawrence

gwen lawrence yoga blog

If you practice sports you’re going to love Gwen Lawrence’s blog. She’s a yoga teacher passionate about understanding how each sport works and how she can help athletes through yoga depending on their activity and position on the field. She has worked with celebrities such as Alex Rodriguez, Plaxico Burress, Claudio Reyna and has provided her services to professional teams like the New York Giants, New York City FC, the Knicks and the Yankees.

On her blog, she has lots of free videos of Power Yoga and many articles to help athletes from different disciplines to have a better performance and prevent injuries.


Rachel Brathen

rachel brathen yoga girl blog

Rachel Brathen, better known on Instagram as the Yoga Girl, is one of the most famous yoga celebrities on the web. The Swedish yogini has a very active blog which she uses as a diary to share with her followers her daily yoga sessions and wellness tips to have a healthy life. Her Instagram success gave her a big boost to write a book, become a motivational speaker, start-up a non-profit and live many people’s dream on the island of Aruba.

She’s currently waiting for her baby girl to be born and all her pregnancy has been closely followed by her fans on social media. We’ll see what surprises she springs on us once her little girl is born, but we’re expecting that lots of her shots will go viral.


Jessamyn Stanley

jessamyn stanley blog

Jessamyn Stanley doesn’t have what you would probably describe as a yoga body. But she has created her blog and dedicated her life to change the imaginary of the typical curvy girl. There is no body type for yoga, everyone can do it. If you don’t believe us, just look at her doing a handstand!

She is a yoga teacher, body positive advocate, and a writer who celebrates every student’s body. She has many yoga videos on YouTube and she always encourages people to ask themselves “how do I feel?” instead of “how do I look?” when practicing yoga.


Karan Bajaj

karan bajaj blog

Karan Bajaj is a best-selling Indian novelist. Besides his books on wellness, he shares his thoughts and advice about meditation and writing on his blog. In addition, he has plenty of videos to help people be their best selves and live a meaningful life. And if you are new to meditation or want to improve your technique in a short period of time, his free meditation video course is a must!


Rachel Scott. The Art of Education

rachel scott blog

Rachel Scott is a nerdy academic, creative artist and yoga teacher whose biggest passion is to teach and share her knowledge with the world. Thus she created this blog trying to create a space in which real life philosophy meets juicy feeling meets incisive alignment.

She’s also written a couple of books and a lot of articles about yoga, food, relationships and love. Her simple style captivates yogis (and non-yogis alike) of all levels, backgrounds and preferences. And if you’re more keen on videos, she has an extensive vlog talking shedding light on many topics, from yoga philosophy to the latest US election.


Aham Yoga

aham yoga blog

Aham Yoga is a heart-warming blog owned by Arundhati Baitmangalkar. She’s a teacher and eternal student of yoga who talks about the philosophy behind the practice, as well as all the different benefits of yoga, meditation, alignments, chanting, poses, and many other topics related to wellness and yoga that we’re sure you’re going to love.


Jennie Lee Yoga Therapy

jennie lee yoga blog

Jennie Lee is an author, yoga teacher and coach based in Hawaii. She’s a blogger committed to her spiritual path, marriage and partnering. She’s very authentic and you can see that on each one of her posts and her book True Yoga. She writes about authentic yoga and tries to change the ego-centricity of the modern yoga world, showing how we are all the same inside and bringing up our divine essence of one-ness.


The Journey Junkie

journey junkie yoga blog

The Journey Junkie is a blog where Allie writes about travel, life and lots of yoga. She has come a long way since we featured her on our 50 favorite yoga blogs last year. The structure of the website has dramatically improved, she now has many instructional yoga videos like the “30 Poses in 30 Days” series; several Vinyasa Flow classes; and for 2017 she has prepared the “Yoga Body Bootcamp” challenge.

And of course, she keeps sharing her exciting travel experiences all over the world, form Asia, to Europe, and The Americas. As well as her inspirational life tips that will make you want to join the journey of this yoga junkie.


Lainie Devina Yoga

lainie devina

Lainie Devina is a highly regarded yoga teacher, dancer and mentor in the YogaWorks Professional Program. She created this blog as a journey towards physical consciousness, where she shares online yoga classes, coaching sessions, and many articles enriched by her vast experience and interesting perspective of life.


Jayne Becca Yoga

jayne becca blog

Jayne Becca is a yoga teacher, whose ideology shaped by her practice has taught her that yoga is not about being super bendy and doing crazy inversions. It is about uncovering who you really are and being kind to yourself so you can be kind to other too. This is the philosophy you will read on her blog, along with many free classes and tips to get the most of your yoga on and off the mat.  


Nicole Doherty Yoga, Healing Arts & Wellness

nicole doherty

Nicole Doherty is a yoga teacher, shamanic Reiki healer, life coach, recording artist and writer. So, with this background, imagine how interesting are her articles shared on MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal, Yoganonymous, and of course her own personal blog. She writes about all sorts of themes, from politics to yoga and meditation, always using her mindful and loving attitude towards life.


One with Life. Tales of the Traveling Yogini

one with life yoga blog

A yogini who likes to travel, need we say more on why we chose this blog? Stephanie Spence is a writer, adventurer, yoga teacher, athlete and screenwriter, who shares her passion for life with an open heart through her blog One with Life. She’s a mother of two who has been practicing yoga for over 35 years, and you can see all this experience reflected on her thoughts that aim to provide her readers with balance, humbleness and freedom.


Sassy Yogi

sassy yogi blog

Sassy Yogi is a blog run by Angeline. She is a marketer, yoga teacher and fitness influencer passionate about yoga and wellness. She writes about yoga basics, yoga hacks, and she also uses this space to share with the world her weekly intentions to have a more plentiful life. Angie recently opened her own yoga studio in Singapore, so if you happen to be around you can go take one of her great yoga classes in person!


Silvia Mordini

silvia mordini yoga blog

Silvia is an Ecuadorian writer, happiness coach, healer, love alchemist and an internationally recognized yoga presenter. The intention of her blog, “loving your day”, is to connect people to their own joyful potential. There she shares anecdotes about her trips, gives advice based on what she calls the alchemy of yoga, and keeps her followers informed about her upcoming events.


Jenni Rawlings Yoga & Movement

jenni rawlings yoga blog

Jenni Rawlings has a playful-yet-strong spirit that is perfectly translated into her teaching style. She’s an advocate of continuous movement to challenge your body and mind. On her blog she gives insight into different areas of yoga, dealing with pain, proper alignments in various poses, and just random thoughts to inspire her readers to keep moving and have a healthy life.


True Ayurveda

true ayurveda blog

Julie Bernier is a Los Angeles-based Ayurvedic practitioner, with the firm belief that there is a way of life inherent to our true human nature. Through her blog, True Ayurveda, she wants to encourage people to live life in harmony with nature’s rhythms. Her articles talk about the principles of Ayurveda, yoga sequences to improve our health, and general tips to synch to the beat of nature’s wonders.


Yoga with Kassandra

yoga with kassandra blog

Love Yin Yoga? This is the blog for you! Kassandra Reinhardt is an Ottawa-based yoga teacher on a mission to help others feel great with yoga. With her blog, she wants to create accessible, easy to follow yoga classes that you can do in the comfort of your home, so you can make wellbeing a priority.

She offers many free yoga classes on her YouTube channel and is about to launch the “7-Day Yin Yoga Immersion” program totally free of charge. She also offers premium low-cost programs to gain a more in-depth Yin practice.


Habits of a Modern Hippie

habits of a modern hippie yoga blog

Kait is a 27-year-old certified yoga teacher based in Denver, Colorado. She’s an obsessed dog-lover and an advocate of healthy living and a mindful life. She calls herself a modern hippie due to the way she was raised by her herbalist/naturopath mom and her business executive father.

With this fascinating background, she shares stories and advice about yoga, healthy eating, natural remedies, and of course, her two beautiful dogs Tink and Meek. In addition, her blog is home to The Spiral Collective, a very complete shop that offers curated health products, bringing holistic wellness into our everyday life



dan abramson blog

Brogamats is a hilarious blog owned by Dan Abramson, the creator of the world-famous Yoga Joes. Though girls are welcome to read all posts and will surely enjoy them, the content is clearly directed to men who believe yoga practice is not exclusive to women. It’s yoga for dudes, and women who want to have a good laugh. In the end, Brogamats was founded on the belief that yoga practitioners defy simple categorization, and that yoga is an inclusive practice for people of all genders and backgrounds.

You can learn more about Dan’s way of thinking on the interview he gave us: Yoga Joes, the Deadly Peaceful Toys that Bring Men into Yoga.


My Five-Minute Yoga Practice

five minute yoga practice blog

The excuse of not having time to practice yoga is over! You just need five minutes to hop on the mat with Eve Johnson. She’s an Iyengar Yoga teacher with 12 years of experience who believes that cultivating the practice is the best way to live well. Her blog is the perfect place to learn to build a home yoga practice since she offers all the basic concepts in just 300 seconds. Follow Eve and be amazed by her young spirit, freshness and fabulous stories from her hometown Vancouver.


Runners Love Yoga

runners love yoga blog

Runners love yoga… and may we add that yogis love running too? Both practices complement each other so well since they improve our breathing, make us stronger, healthier and more mindful. That’s why Ann Mazur, a certified yoga instructor and runner, has put together this fantastic blog that shows us the best of both worlds. She shares tips to get better results on the mat and on the track, and talks about specific races, marathons and half marathons.

Ann also offers programs for runners who want to improve their time through yoga, for as low as 3.99 USD.


Lim Yoga

lim yoga blog

Renée Le Verrier is the mind behind this very special blog that talks about yoga for Parkinson’s Disease and Movements Disorders, which we think it is something really admirable. Renée is a certified yoga instructor who herself lives with Parkinson’s and has survived a stroke, that’s why she focuses her classes on recreating adaptations and modifications for individuals who find it challenging to move with ease.

And if wasn’t enough, she also has a service dog blog with heart-warming stories about these four-legged friends that are always available to help people with a movement disorder.


Stretch Yoga

stretch yoga blog

PJ Wells is the founder and teacher of Stretch Yoga. It is a yoga studio in Australia offering top-notch classes but they also have a great website with an interesting blog that talks about the principles of yoga, the different styles and benefits, and some curiosities around the practice such as the more in depth explanation of “Namaste” or the reason why we do yoga without shoes. Visit their site and if you happen to live in Australia, you can even go to their online shop to get class passes, gift vouchers or many great yoga products.


Yoga with James Russell

james russell yoga blog

James Russell is a yoga teacher and therapist based in the United Kingdom. He has a holistic approach to yoga that harnesses a range of traditional practices to maximize our health, happiness and wellbeing. On his blog, you can find a lot of information about yoga, his own perspective on the practice and life in general, and many resources for yogis of all levels. Visit his site and get a more in-depth understanding of yoga!


Coffee with Kylie

coffe with kylie blog

Want to have some coffee with Kylie? You can talk about fashion, design, life, God, and of course, yoga! This is a blog with lots of images perfectly designed by Kylie’s exquisite taste. On her posts she proudly pictures her life with her boyfriend and her Rottweiler. She is mostly inspired by all these aspects in her life and we’re sure she will inspire you to live a peaceful, healthy life.


Higher Living Yoga

higher living yoga blog

Do you love yoga so much that you would like to create your own yoga brand and eventually become a yoga influencer online? This is the blog for you! Matt is a business coach, Seantay is a yoga instructor, they’re a happy couple and together they’ve built Higher Living Yoga. On this blog they talk about yoga lifestyle and tips; their topics range from yoga books they recommend, to yoga apps, and advice to create your own yoga blog. In addition, they offer a free webinar to brand yourself and become an influencer.


Alive in the Fire

alive in the fire blog

This is a great blog for students and teachers inspired by the asana practice of yoga. Rachel Koontz, the author of this great website, keeps it very active with several posts per week that inspire all her readers to live wholeheartedly, in a loving way, receiving and giving lots of hugs.

Alive in the Fire will keep your inner spark bright and it will motivate you to stick to the mat with a smile on your face.


Once Upon a Dollhouse

once upon a dollhouse wellness blog

Caitlin and Danielle are two yoga teachers that were brought together by fate to live life to the fullest. Once upon a time, they decided to move into a real-life dollhouse; from there, they decided to start their blog on which they chronicle their adventures and celebrate the beauty of life. Their intention is to inspire their readers to become their healthiest and happiest selves, whether that is through crystal healing, love, adventure or their individual yoga journey. Follow them and see how a mindful doll life could be a very interesting one.


Radically Ever After

radically ever after blog

Namita Kulkarni is a yoga teacher, traveler and writer from India, who is always looking for something new to learn, her next adventure and how to seize the day. She is the owner of this beautiful blog through which she opens her heart to the world and shares many interesting anecdotes from her travels over 14 countries and the learning points she gets from each trip. In a few words, she’s an adventurous soul, radically ever after.


The Holistic Blogger

holistic blogger top

Raquelle, AKA The Holistic Blogger, is a former junk food couch potato and stress-cadet who completely transformed her life through yoga, veganism and meditation. She’s on a holistic journey traveling around the world eating plant-based vegan food, and all her adventures are documented on her blog. Her website offers plenty of vegan recipes, advice on healthy eating, fitness, meditation, and a vlog where she gives guided meditation sessions.

And if you give her your email, you’ll get a free gift – a holistic lifestyle action guide to refresh & renew healthy habits. Check out The Holistic Blogger and be inspired by Raquelle’s story!  


Dance Flow Lift

dance flow lift yoga blow

Dance Flow Lift is a lifestyle, fitness and yoga blog written by former professional dancer, turned yogi and fitness instructor, Natasha Wynn. Here, she talks about her life, her classes, fitness finds, her training, and yoga. Through her site, Natasha wants to encourage people to be fit, happy and healthy in all areas of their lives. And guess what? She just went on her first yoga retreat this past year, find out how it was and let her motivate you to book yourself one.


Love Light Yoga

love light yoga blgo

This is another special gift for Yin Yoga lovers. Danielle Hoogenboom is the owner of this fantastic website on which she shares her passion for yoga and uses it as a platform to talk about her creative interests on and off the mat. She believes that Yin Yoga and a mindful lifestyle have the ability to heal, change and transform the world around us. And if you’d like to expand your yoga apparel, she has a very nice shop too where you can get clothing and props.


Fit Bottomed Girls

fit bottomed girls yoga blog

The popular fitness and wellness website, Fit Bottomed Girls, is a fantastic space for yogis to get a good insight into how yoga can make a great difference in any workout routine. Jennipher Walters, Erin Whitehead and Kristen Seymour, yoga practitioners and wellness experts, are the three women behind this blog. It aims to encourage people to embrace their inner beauty  and show the world that fit bottoms come in all shapes and sizes.


Raise Your Beat

raise your beat yoga blog

Raise Your Beat is a platform sustained by a global community and inspired by holistic health, travel and sustainability. Yogini Lauren Lee is the founder of this great space in which she wants to empower others to live vibrant and meaningful lives. She is a natural born explorer, who lives, learns and loves around the globe and shares her stories on this website dedicated to all people who want to connect, live more positively and unleash their wanderlust.


Elena Brower

elena brower yoga blog

Paying attention is one of the things that we most easily forget, says Aldous Huxley. And that’s exactly what Elena Brower wants to change with her blog. She is a mother, teacher, speaker and co-author of Art of Attention. Here she offers los of content about yoga and meditation as a way to approach the world with realistic reverence and gratitude – and attention! You can also subscribe to her newsletter to get love and gratitude directly delivered to your inbox. 


Ishta Yoga

ishta yoga blog

ISHTA means that which resonates with the individual spirit and is also an acronym for the Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda. Based on this philosophy, Alan and Sarah write on this blog about many different aspects of yoga, meditation, detox and even politics. They also offer yoga classes and workshops for yogis all over the world. Subscribe to their site and take advantage of the weekly meditation sessions with Alan Finger.


The Yogini from Manila

yogini from manila blog

Jane Uymatiao is a certified Yin Yoga teacher from the Philippines (as you may have imagined reading the name of this blog). Here, she chronicles her journey as a yogini; from her very first Vinyasa class, to her certification as an instructor in 2014. With time, her blog has expanded beyond her own journey trying to bring wellness in mind, body and spirit to all her readers. Now you can also find several book reviews, her opinion about different wellness products, healthy food recommendations and much more!


Daily Cup of Yoga

daily cup of yoga blog

Who needs coffee when you can have a daily cup of yoga? This is an excellent blog about tips, tools and wisdom on yoga, fitness and technology. It is written by Brian, a yogi who started this blog in 2007 as his personal universe to document his discovery of the yogic arts; a journey that by the way started with a Rodney Yee yoga video over a Christmas break. Sounds like a person you would like to have a cup of yoga with? Follow his blog and be delighted by his stories about yoga, meditation, technology, books and life.


Yoga Tune Up

yoga tune up blog

Yoga Tune Ups is a fitness therapy format built around the three P’s – Pain, Posture and Performance. It is a method created by Jill Miller, a yoga teacher who, after studying the human body for over 20 years, created Yoga Tune Up to restore her body and mind. On her blog, she has a great community of writers who share these principles to help people to fully embrace this method and tune up their lives.


The Wellness Universe

wellness universe blog

The Wellness Universe is a fantastic community of writers who have made of this site the most complete resource for mind, body, spirit and planet on the web. The mission of The Wellness Universe is to revolutionize the industry, elevate the health and well-being and empower a community with the potential to inspire peace globally. Here you will find expert advice related to the emotional, environmental, intellectual, occupational, physical and spiritual aspects of life.


Amy Dannheim

amy dannheim yoga blog

Amy Dannheim is a yoga teacher, traveler, writer and yoga studio owner from Florida. Since she was a child, she had to be moving all the time; she used to run, she played soccer, and did gymnastics, and she just hasn’t stopped. On her blog, she loves to share all the things she’s learned from her vast experience that includes leading classes for world-class companies like Nike, Lululemon and Norwegian Cruise Lines. 


Do you want to read more stories related to yoga, wellness, travel and meditation? Take a look at’s blog and get inspired by the experiences of our collaborators!

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