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How to Choose a Yoga Teacher Training

by Stephanie Viu Kessler

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Once you have decided to become a yoga teacher, the hardest thing is to find a school and a training that suits you. Since there’s an abundance of yoga teacher training programs to choose from, it can be overwhelming to narrow down your options. 

With that, here are a few points that you should focus on before making this important decision: 


Choose your yoga style


First, you have to choose your Yoga Style; it can be Hatha, Asthanga, Vinyasa, Power, Kundalini, or others. As soon as you know what you want to teach it will be easier for you to find a school.


The Yoga Alliance Certification


Since there are a lot of yoga schools out there, it is better to go with a school accredited by the Yoga Alliance. Getting your diploma from these schools means that your training will be recognized and you will be able to teach worldwide.


The art of adjustment


An important thing to do is to check the program of the school. You want to be a yoga teacher so the program should reflect what you are expecting. To become a yoga teacher you have to understand your practice, to feel the posture, to know your alignment well. If you don’t know how to perform a Virabhadrasana (warrior pose), for example, it will be harder for you to explain it to your future students.


yoga teacher

Adjusting a posture


A good practice is essential. A good yoga teaching program should bring the emphasis on the Art of Adjustment. Adjusting a posture is not easy, especially because you have to be comfortable in it. The Art of Adjustment should cover all postures, not only a few. It will help you to understand your practice and to go deeper into it.


Learn how to become a yoga teacher


During your yoga teacher training, you should teach. You are not here just for the practice of yoga but to learn how to build your class, how to bring your future student from one posture to another. A daily group practice would help in this matter, especially if you go for an Intensive yoga teacher training which is a full immersion into the Yogic path.

A yoga teacher training is not a retreat; you won’t have time to go to the beach and to relax. You will have homework, the schedule will be intensive and you must be ready physically and mentally.


The philosophy of yoga


Yoga is not only being able to bring your foot behind your head. Where does Yoga come from? Who is Patanjali? What are the sutras and what do they mean? What are the chakras and the nadis? What is the transformation that takes place inside when you are on the path of Yoga?


yoga class

Go deeper into your yoga understanding


The program should include some theoretical courses where you go deeper into the philosophy of yoga. It will lead you to ask yourself questions about life and start the inner journey.


The anatomy of yoga and your body


How do you awaken your muscle? How do you release tension in your body, and which muscle is working? How is the human body made? How do you not hurt yourself during the practice? The anatomy of yoga is highly essential to both understanding these questions and your practice.

You should not hurt yourself while practicing and furthermore you should not hurt your student. Explore how to go deeper into the posture without any pain, or at least with a good pain, you should not break your body, you have to know your limit.


knowledge sharing

A yoga anatomy class at Samyak Yoga


What is the role of the psoas muscle, how to activate it, how to release the sciatic nerve, to which group of muscle it is connected? How to make your arms lighter while taking the pose? How to breathe correctly?

When you are introduced to the anatomical aspects of Yoga, your practice and teaching will get enhanced and get infused with quality.


Pranayama (breathing practice)


A good yoga teacher training program should also involve Pranayama practice. Pranayama is a powerful practice - Nadi Shudhi relaxes your mind, and Kapalabati can be used as a warm-up for all pranayama. All Pranayama will guide you through the cleansing process (kriya yoga), and it will awaken your breathing conscience.


The schedule


If you apply for an Intensive Yoga Teacher Training the schedule will be heavy; you will be in class for at least 6 hours a day. You will start early in the morning and your day will end with the sunset. The schedule will be a total immersion into the Yogic Path.


yoga training

An Intensive will require at least 6 hours of class per day


The teachers

You should have access to the biography of the teachers. Do not hesitate to mail them and to ask about their background. You can go for a famous teacher or you can be more adventurous and try other teachers who are also dedicated to the practice of yoga.


How many students?


Most of the time if you go with a well-known yoga teacher, the class will be packed, up to 30 students. If it is the case, check if there is only one teacher for 30 students. I will suggest going for a Yoga Teacher Training where spaces are limited up to 16 students for a better understanding and a better practice.

Teachers have to be available during your training, because you will have a thousand questions, and they should be there to help you in any case, any doubt, any fears you might have. Basically, your yoga teachers have to be available all of the time.


Setting a “good” price


There is no hard and fast rule for how much a yoga teacher training should cost; it depends on the location and the reputation of the leading Teacher. However, a good Yoga Teacher Training does not depend on the price you will pay, expensive Yoga Teacher Program are not better than others. In this case, the price is not a sign of quality.


a class in session

In the end, it is all up to you


The price can also depend on the location and accommodation, you can go for a fancy or luxury Yoga Teacher Training Program with all the comfort you can have, or you can choose a cheaper one with simple accommodation. It all depends on your need.


Choosing a yoga teacher training program


So, how do you choose a good yoga teacher training? The only one person who can make the difference is you. You can also contact a few old students of the school and find out what they would say about the course.

You may appreciate the quick reply to your request when you first fill the contact form but in the end, you will need to choose with your heart so trust your intuition!


Have you been on a yoga teacher training course? How was your experience? Or if not, what things would you personally pay attention to when choosing a yoga teacher training? Comment below or share with us your stories, we would love to hear from you!

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