The Top Benefits of a Yoga Teacher Training

by Manmohan

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Almost all of us know the benefits of yoga. But how many of us know the benefits of training as a yoga teacher in particular? Read more to find out!

A study on yoga teacher trainings

Almost four years back, in 2010, the Harvard Medical School in Boston conducted a survey to study the effects of yoga and yoga teacher training programs on the psychological aspect of the students who have taken part in it.

And guess what? It was noted that the students who have taken part in that course had a better locus of control, i.e. they had a better and positive attitude towards upcoming life events. It doesn't matter where the yoga teacher training program is, whether it be in India, Boston, or anywhere else in the world; it will help you gain the feeling of having control on yourself before being in actual control.

Professionalism, health, and happiness

While the practice of yoga itself provides flexibility, improves your strength and posture, reduces stress levels, improves your physical fitness and facilitates relaxation techniques, Yoga Alliance-approved yoga teacher training programs add to that and even help you to learn the basic teaching skills and professionalism.


Yoga practice improves your health

It is not always about sharing your knowledge and your expertise with your students, either! A lot of people pursue this course just because of the health benefits that are gained by this program. Students are reported to have felt enhanced will power and happiness. After the completion of month-long yoga practices, these students are able to quit some bad habits, such as smoking, and have usually gained a better control over their desires.


Stress-free minds

Yoga is a discipline that enables people to look deep in their insights. A yoga teacher training program keeps you in the center of the group and lets you go off all the unwanted and unspoken emotions. For example, at our teacher training programs at Rishikul Yogshala, we enable and encourage all students to share their thoughts and feelings, and let go off those that are harmful.



Breathing control

Before teaching someone else, it is very essential for you to learn the breathing techniques yourself and the ways to control it. Various yoga teacher courses taught as per Yoga Alliance standards usually have this part in their curriculum. These breathing techniques are very helpful for relieving stress, coping with various respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and others.


Breathing techniques are useful in a lot of situations


Yoga teacher training with Rishikul Yogshala

A yoga teacher training program should enhance your knowledge and skills along with making you optimistic towards your life. This is the belief we hold at Rishikul Yogshala, where we offer all the 3 variety of yoga courses as per the standards of Yoga Alliance at the most affordable rates: the 200-hour yoga teacher training, the 300-hour yoga teacher training, and the 500-hour yoga teacher training.


Yoga teacher training class with Rishikul Yogshala


Rishikul Yogshala has also conducted this survey among the students to test the results and accuracy of the report and found that most of the students feel same changes and health improvements that the survey revealed. Majority of the students feel mental peace, happiness and increased will power after completion of the course. At this school, you will find people discussing life, love, problems, and yoga along with the informative yoga classes. 

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