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Top 10 Simple Yoga Poses for Knee Pain and Joint Relief

by Kathy Mitchell

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Knee pain and joint complications can be an acute condition. Unfortunately, this kind of problem has become very common in the modern lifestyle.

It is mostly seen in the elderly and teenagers and it can cause serious health conditions if not addressed. Swelling and stiffness are common problems that affect the knees and joints, and this can restrict your movements and lead to a decline in general body health. 

The most common causes of knee and joint pains are a torn cartilage, ruptured ligament, knee bursitis, use of diuretics and steroids, bone degeneration, torn meniscus, gout, osteoarthritis, septic arthritis, aging, knee cartilage, rheumatoid arthritis, dislocated kneecap, patellar tendonitis and people who are active in athletics and sports. Yoga poses can provide arthritis relief and treat other joint complications.

It is of paramount importance to know the symptoms and signs of joint and knee pain, so that you can take necessary measures before the situation worsens. Some of the signs of knee and joint pain are fever, redness, swelling, stiffness, odd noises, weakness, problems in extending the knee, discomfort when walking and being unable to stretch the knee.  Yoga poses are among the best knee pain treatments and you should be familiar with them.

The Best Yoga Exercises for Knee and Joint Relief

If you are experiencing knee and joint pain, movements should be slow and controlled. Yoga will help to stretch the joints and keep the knees flexible and healthy. Managing joint and knee pain through yoga will help to strengthen the surrounding muscles and prevent future joint complications. It will also help to increase flexibility and promote faster recovery of the injured muscles. Below is a list of yoga poses that are beneficial in relieving from joint and knee pain.

1. Tadasana

tadasana yoga pose

It is the best pose for beginners and it will help you to feel relaxed. It increases muscle flexibility and strengthens the joints. It strengthens the ankles, knees and thighs. Regular practice of Tadasana will help to treat and prevent joint and knee problems.

2. Makarasana

makarasana yoga pose

This body posture was named after sankrit, which is a crocodile because the posture will make you look like a crocodile. It is beneficial to the knees and joints, as it will make them to stretch and increase flexibility. It will make the joints and muscle strong, thus preventing joint complications. It will increase circulation, which will help to deliver nutrients that are essential in improving joint health. Increased circulation will also help to get rid of wastes and byproducts that can lead to inflammation and joint complications.

3. Swastikasana

swastikasana yoga pose

It is also known as auspicious pose. It is done when seated and it is the best yoga pose for people with difficulties in standing and those suffering from knee and joint pains. It is very comfortable and daily practice that will help to stretch your knees and ankles. It also increases joint flexibility and provide joint and knee pain relief.

4. Januhastasana

januhastasana yoga pose

It is the best yoga in treating joint muscle ailments. Regular practice of this exercise will increase circulation and your lower body part will be supplied with more blood. It will relax your body and increase flexibility. Doing it on regular basis will strengthen muscles and relief you from joint and knee pain.

5. Bhujangasana

bhujangasana yoga pose

It will allow stretching of knees and joints, thus making them strong and increasing flexibility. It will strengthen the muscles and provide a relief from joint and knee pain. It reliefs stress from legs, thus improving joint and knee health.

6. Dwipadhastasana


This yoga pose helps to relax knee and joints. It also increases flexibility and treat conditions like arthritis, knee pain and joint complications. It is easier to perform and it does not cause straining of knees and joints.

7. Veerasana


It is also called warrior pose. It improves joint circulation, thus making them strong and healthy. It increases flexibility and allow for comfortable movements. It also tones the legs and muscles and improve overall joint health. Daily practice of this posture will help to improve joint health and relief from joint and knee pain.

8. Trikonasana


It is also known as triangle pose and it is very easy to perform. It builds strength to the muscles and makes you feel relaxed. It builds an increased motion that is experienced in your hips, which allows for distribution of wear inside your joints and prevent stressing of the cartilage. This yoga pose is essential for healthy joints and it provides a relief from joint and knee pain.

9. Virksasana


It relaxes the muscles and increase flexibility. It also promotes faster recovery of knee injuries and relief from joint pains. Daily practice will improve your joint and knee health.

10. Reclining Knee Bent Twist

reclining knee bent twist

It involves bending and twisting of the knee, which will make you more flexible. It helps to ease joint pain and reduce inflammation. Regular practice of this yoga pose will make your muscles and joint strong and prevent joints complications.

Benefits of Yoga Poses

  • It increases blood circulation
  • It increases flexibility
  • It increases muscle strength
  • It reliefs from joint and knee pain
  • It improves overall joint health
  • It improves overall wellness


Yoga poses are an important part of fitness program, as they benefit the body in various ways and help in improving overall wellness. There are many types of yoga poses and each benefit specific part of the body. Majority of yoga poses will allow for full body stretch and do deliver more benefits to the area of interest.

In this review, we have concentrated much on the best yoga poses that can help to relief from knee and joint pain. Regular practice of these yoga poses will help to improve your joint health and treat joint injuries and other complications.

These poses are simple to perform and they do not need the supervision of a yoga expert for you to perform. They consume less time and are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. When these poses, you will get a faster relief of knee and joint pain and have an improved joint health.


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