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5 Yoga Poses to Help You Improve Focus

by Cris Puscas

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You’re trying to stay productive as you work from home. But the sun is out and birds are chirping. You’re daydreaming of that beach vacation, wondering when you can finally make it a reality…

If this sounds too familiar, you may be losing the focus you need to tackle your tasks. But don’t fret –this happens to all of us plus there’s definitely something that we can do about it! 

That solution comes from practicing yoga and mindfulness. Thankfully, there are many poses that you can do in the comfort of your home, to help you reach optimal concentration.

Try these simple poses to focus and then go back to your tasks. Ready? Let’s go!

Warrior I (modified)

warrior I yoga pose for focus

Warrior I is an easy yoga pose, but not recommended to those with high blood pressure or heart problems. It stretches the chest, shoulders, neck, belly, and groins. It also strengthens the shoulders, arms, thighs, calves, and ankles.

  • From downward dog, step with the right foot forward;
  • Spin your left heel down and press into it;
  • Reach out with your arms towards the ceiling;
  • For this yoga pose variation, press your palms together and visualize how you focus your thoughts in your palms;
  • Hold for 5 breaths and repeat on the left foot.

Warrior II

warrior II yoga pose for better focus

Warrior II offers a powerful stretch for the groin, legs, and chest. It relieves backaches and stimulates your digestion, as well.

  • From the downward dog pose, step with the right foot forward;
  • Spin your left heel down and press into it;
  • Windmill your arms wide open, with your left arm towards the back of the mat and the right one towards the front;
  • Bend your right knee;
  • Gaze over the front hand’s middle finger and visualize something you want to focus on there;
  • Hold for 5 breaths and switch the bent leg.

The Eagle

eagle yoga pose for better focus

The Eagle Pose helps bring fresh blood to the limbs and joints. It also strengths the ankles, feet, calves, and thighs. It creates an energizing effect on the body and helps you concentrate better.

  • From a standing position, bend your left leg at the knee;
  • Wrap your right leg around the left leg and “hook it”;
  • Wrap your right arm under your left arm;
  • Sit down as low as you can;
  • Lift yourself up through the extended arms;
  • Reach your elbows and fingertips far away from the face;
  • Hold for 5 breaths and then repeat on the other side.

Heron Pose

heron yoga pose concentration tripaneer

 The Heron Pose stretches and strengthens your leg muscles. It also quiets and calms your mind.

  • From a sitting position with the legs in front of you, bend your left knee and place your left foot on the ground;
  • Bend the right knee and take a hold of it with both your hands;
  • Press the heel away and lengthen the right leg;
  • Draw your shoulders back and lift your chest;
  • Hold for 5 breathes and repeat on the other side.

East Seat with Gyan Mudra

gyan mudra yoga pose for better focus

Gyan Mudra is a powerful hand position (mudra) that brings peace, calm, and spiritual progress.

  • Start in a seated position;
  • Cross your shins comfortably;
  • Lift your spine as straight and tall as possible;
  • Allow your hands to rest on your thighs, palms facing up;
  • Connect your index fingers to your thumbs;
  • Hold for 10 breaths.


Disclaimer: Before you start any exercise program or tackle any of the poses above, be sure to asses your body’s ability. When possible, talk to your medical provider in advance. Stop immediately if you feel pain.

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