Yoga on a budget in New York City

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Yoga on a Shoestring in NYC #Tip 1

Most studios offer a "new student" introductory rate.  Typically half off of their monthly membership rate. 


Yoga on a Shoestring in NYC #Tip 2

Yoga To The People is an affordable alternative at $5 a class.  However, don't expect any of the amenities afforded in some of the other studios, such as large changing rooms, showers, lockers etc. The classes crowd up pretty quickly as well.  Be sure to get to the studio at least 25 minutes before class to ensure a spot on the floor!


Yoga on a Shoestring in NYC #Tip 3

Register with Yogavibes for a nominal fee.  For approximately $20/month, depending on your membership selection, you get access to a plethora of yoga classes. From various levels, styles, lengths, to choice of instructors that had been recorded live. You can practice time and again with your favorite instructor, or explore different styles and teachers.


Yoga on a Shoestring #Tip 4

Practice at home or in the park!  My favorite at home DVD is Mandy Ingber's "Yogalosophy"  Who so happens to be Jennifer Aniston's personal Yoga instructor.  Her video's blend traditional yoga and toning exercises and are easy to follow.


Yoga on a Shoestring in NYC #Tip 5

Sonic Yoga often offers attractive deals for new or returning students. In addition, many of their instructors are quite skillful with technique and alignment.


Yoga on a Shoestring in NYC #Tip 6

Sign up for Living Social and Groupon for great deals on studios around the city. You could benefit from savings of up to 70% off the monthly going rate.


Yoga on a Shoestring in NYC #Tip 7

Go on a short retreat in ashrams around NYC. New York has some ashrams that you can go to for a weekend breaks. It might also help you to recharge your battery with great practice at an affordable price!

Yoga on a Budget - Sivananda Ranch in New York

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Yoga on a Shoestring in NYC #Tip 8

Some studios will offer a "come back" deal for members who have not visited the studio in over 3 months.


Yoga on a Shoestring in NYC #Tip 9

Take your practice outside of the city.  Soul In Motion Yoga  is a great studio in NJ who's mission is affordable yoga for all! The studio offers $35 monthly unlimited specials for new students and under $100/month for returning students.

Do you also know how to do yoga on a budget in NYC? Contact us for your own tips of yoga on a shoestring or drop your comments below. Namaste :)