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Why I Don’t Find Yoga Boring Anymore

by Emilie Blum

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I must admit that in the past I found yoga quite dull. I didn’t understand the purpose of doing all those postures and spent most of the time thinking “am I breathing correctly?” and “what am I supposed to do now?” or “this is boring!”

I found yoga quite pointless. At the end of the practice, I didn’t even feel rested! Maybe I was too young, maybe it just wasn’t meant for me at the time, but after one year I decided to give it another go. That’s when I fell in love with it… So what made me change my mind?


Finding myself


I was one of those people who believe yoga is for those that aren’t sporty. I preferred dancing, working out at the gym, doing CrossFit, anything that required high cardio, sweating and basically dying afterward. Don’t get me wrong, I’m aware that you can do extreme workouts and yoga, it’s just that I didn’t get the yoga part. For me doing all those “high-energy” exercises were a great way to feel good and to let go of my worries and problems, which I couldn’t find in yoga at the time. However, I realized I could let go of my problems during these activities, but that as soon as I was done exercising, I would start to slowly worry again. That’s when it dawned on me – I needed to find something that would also help me in my daily life and change my thinking patterns.


Rediscovering yoga




I was always really interested in spirituality and wished to get in touch with myself. I just didn’t know which way to go about it. I slowly started meeting “spiritual” people. I got into meditation in order to find a more balanced lifestyle that could calm down my over-thinking and help me stay in the present moment. Whenever I traveled home – Thailand, I would take the time to go to temples and learn to meditate with Buddhist monks. Slowly but surely, I started to notice that I felt more at peace, less stressed and began to appreciate the silence and stillness that came with meditation. Back where I live – France, I decided to give yoga another try. And this is where I fell in love with it! Concentrating on your positions, the movements of your breath, understanding your body and being in awe of life - it was all enlightening. Maybe it was because I had a good yoga teacher and there was no judgment at all, or maybe it was because I finally understood what yoga actually means. Overall, I am so glad that I pushed myself to give it another try!


Sharing the yogi lifestyle




Yoga isn’t just doing the activity. It’s living it! I began to become more aware of the present moment, of my body and just giving love in general to my soul. I finally found an activity that could expand in all my life areas and discovered a whole yoga community, all over the world. It is a great feeling to know that you are surrounded by wonderful beings and can share the yogi lifestyle wherever you go. Yoga was no longer boring for me. Not only did I love having some “alone” time for my practice, but I found many different options out there that anyone can try out. And to top it off, you can become your own boss and share your practice with others.

Now that I currently work for a company that helps entrepreneurs create a website fast and for free thanks to a chatbot, I get to see how much people out there are willing to share their wisdom and movements with others. As the saying goes, what goes around comes around! 


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