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Yoga Playlist: Relaxing Sounds for a Soothing Practice

by Zac Green

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Want some extra help to get completely relaxed? Get a yoga playlist ready with calming sounds for your practice!

The 21st century is turning out to be a little mad. Everyone seems to be working 70 hour weeks and looking constantly stressed. With a world always on the go, it can be difficult to simply stop what you’re doing and calm down.

Yoga is a fast growing hobby, with over 36 million Americans doing it. Why are so many people turning to yoga? Researchers have found that yoga could be more beneficial than your typical exercise. Especially for your mind and to reduce stress levels.

So, how about combining yoga with music?

Some people think yoga should be practiced in silence. However, I find the best routine is completed when accompanied with music. Finding the right music is a personal choice. You might like a babbling brook, simple bells, or be a strange individual who meditates to heavy rock.

You should choose whatever works for you. However, here I propose a few tracks that could help you have a soothing yoga session:


A Day of Indulgence


For anyone who enjoys a spa day, this 1-hour video will take you back to that relaxing atmosphere. It almost sounds like the music they play whilst giving therapy treatments like massages. A trip to the spa can relax and calm you, let the sounds of those days do the same in your yoga routine.


Morning Walks


Taking a walk in the forest in Autumn. This is considered many people’s favorite pastime. Therefore, 8 hours worth of forest sounds can be used to relax when doing yoga. There are the sounds of animals, trees whistling in the wind and the odd rainfall. A perfect sound for the yoga routine of a person who loves being out in nature.


Healthy Heart                         


Need to wind down from a stressful week at work? High blood pressure? Lowering the heart rate and relaxing are some of the key concepts of yoga. A study found that listening to music helped reduce blood pressure and anxiety in heart disease patients. Yoga and music that can help reduce blood pressure? Sign me up, please!


Geek It Up a Bit


Anyone out there who is a little bit of a geek (just like me) will enjoy these sounds. There are many video compilations of calming, music from games. So anyone who played Skyrim, while enjoying the background music, can enjoy yoga while imaging slaying dragons. Music in video games can focus you on a particular task; why can’t this be used in the same method for relaxing yoga?


Can You Relax?


You now have an idea of what sounds are available to you. Your yoga routine is one needing calm. Something to completely relax and forget about problems. If any of these sounds seem appealing to you, great. If not… go and find one to suits you!

Want to accompany your yoga practice with some mantra chanting? Try a Kundalini Yoga retreat and let sounds take your practice to a whole new level!

Read more by Zac on ZingInstruments.com.

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