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Mindful Parenting: 3 Ways Yoga Helps You in Become a Better Parent

by Adela Belin

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Parents will agree that raising a child is a full-time job. Children have their own demands, quirks and vulnerabilities; problems that sometimes even parents do not have the answer for. 

Parenting requires affection, understanding and a positive sense of control on your behalf. You have the responsibility to foster and monitor the entire moral compass of a human being, and this responsibility is directed not just towards your offspring, but also towards society in general.

In these times when most adults are riddled with work stress and deadline pressures, parenting can become a virtually impossible task. How can you slay the monster under your child’s bed when a dark cloud of an urgent work deadline is looming over your head? The only way to slay the monster is to become a superhero, with yoga being your superpower!

Here are the top three ways yoga helps you become a better parent:


1. It teaches you to stay calm




Let me tell you a little story:

A woman comes home from a hard day’s work. The boss has given her a project that she needs to complete overnight for an approaching deadline the next day. After completing half the work, she goes out of her room for a breather. When she comes back, she sees that her three-year-old son has accidentally spilled milk all over her work papers while playing.

What would she do now? She would probably lose her mind and scream at her innocent son. She might even hit him in her fury. Then she’d become all cringy and start the entire task again and complete it in haste. Unless she practices yoga. In that case, she would certainly get angry (as that is only natural), but instantly gain a perspective on the situation and realize that it wasn’t her son’s fault.

She gave him the milk to drink. She left him alone in the same room as the important papers. Besides, he is only three! What does he know about the gravity of the situation? She would realize that it was her fault, and affectionately teach her son not to come near her work area. She’d learn from the mistake and never leave her son alone with the papers. Then, she would go back to work and objectively see what needs to be done.




The latter is the better approach, don’t you agree? This is what practicing yoga does to your mind! It makes you mindful and calm, even in the most horrendous of situations.


2. It improves the physical health of the entire family




Children learn from imitating the behavior of adults around them. So, if you actively practice yoga in your house, your children are bound to follow naturally. You are their role model in life and whatever you do, they do. This means that practicing yoga in your home not only helps you to maintain physical and mental health, but it improves the health of your children as well.

You can become their yoga teacher while you’re at it. There is nothing better than starting yoga from a tender age – it will make your children inherently calm and patient. Just like practicing yoga reflects on your behavior, it will start reflecting on your children’s behavior as well.


3. It helps you become flexible




The idea behind yoga is to slowly let go off all your constraints and free your mind completely. People who practice yoga naturally become flexible and non-judgemental. These two are the must-have qualities of any parent. It helps you deal with everything your children go through without judging them and being rigid with your own worldview. To understand your children’s problems you have to see them from their perspective. Yoga helps you do just that; not just towards your children but to the entire world.


Final thoughts




There has already been so much written about the importance of yoga that not practicing it is an act of ignorance in itself. Now that you know how it will affect your parenting, why not give it a try? 


Read more of Adela’s articles at Writers Per Hour, and connect with her on Google+.

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