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12 Yoga-Inspired Jewelry for Channeling Inner Peace

by Miriam Cihodariu

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To many, many yogis or yoga practitioners who like to take pride in their lifestyle, yoga is more than a fitness choice or a relaxation choice. It’s a life choice that can be taken partially or totally, with full immersion or with baby steps.

Since yoga is a complex practice, it contains a variety of facets, so anyone can take whatever they resonate with best. Some yogis may be interested mostly in the fitness practice and the way their poses help improve flexibility or get rid of back pain.

Other yogis may be in it for the mental peace that comes with meditation and breathing exercises. Some go fully in the spiritual discipline side of yoga, practicing ritual silence and zen meditation. Many yoga enthusiasts love how this practice helps them eat cleaner. No matter what you’re into yoga for, the beauty of it is that it rewards you with exactly the things you need.



If you practice yoga, regardless of the ‘why’, or if you simply like its symbols and meanings, then you probably also like jewelry and accessories inspired by yoga. It’s a gorgeous way to showcase your affinity with the practice, but it’s more than just looks. It’s a great style with added layers of meaning, and when you’re having a rough day, looking at your yoga symbol might help you feel better, too.

As an added bonus, most yoga jewelry manufacturers are Eco-conscious and you can rest assured that your new jewelry and accessories are not placing a strain on the environment. In fact, many yoga amulets and wearables can be handmade, in limited series, by amateur yogis who like crafting and have an Etsy shop.

These are my favorite picks, in no particular order:


1. Golden Lotus Pendant

golden lotus pendant


The lotus flower is full of positive vibes in the yogi culture, and in Buddhism at large. Wearing it is meant to help you thrive in all aspects of life. The golden color (and gold plating of the necklace and pendant) symbolizes wealth, but in a more than material sense. It’s about the wealth of life force and the of experience flooding you. With the right mindset, you just might feel yourself bloom up.

You can find the lotus necklace on Etsy.


2. Amethyst Yoni Earrings


amethyst yoni earrings silver


The yoni symbol signifies the power of the sacred feminine force, and lately it has become a popular choice in jewelry. While some designs border on the explicit, there are also a lot of jewelry designs that symbolize yonis in a more subtle manner. My favorite pick is this pair of silver amethyst earrings, channeling all the energies of the symbol and of the precious materials, as well.

You can find the earrings on the Goddess Within store.


3. Signature Bow and Arrow Ring from Open Heart Warrior


bow and arrow rings open heart warrior


These cute rings are meant to symbolize the power of focusing on what your heart desires and o what your intuition needs for growth. Wearing one of the rings will remind you that visualizing your goal through meditation is almost as good as being halfway there. You can find them in different metal colors and they also look good combined, according to your personal preferences and style.

You can find these rings on Openheartwarrior.


4. Blue Lotus Jewelry


blue lotus yoga jewelry collection


If lotus jewelry is meaningful, then blue lotus symbols are even more so. Blue is among the most spiritual colors you can wear, and lotus symbols set in blue are unforgettable. The Alex and Ani store dedicated an entire collection of yoga jewelry to the precious blue lotus flower, and you can pick your fave from cuff bracelets, rings and pendants.

You can find the blue lotus jewelry collection on the store’s page.


5. Half Moon Mandala Earrings in Tribal Design


half moon mandala earrings

Who doesn’t love mandalas? But the mesmerizing designs can be pursued in more than outdoor groups or coloring pages. You can have a mandala with you always by wearing it directly on your body, close to your chakras. I personally love these half-moon mandala earrings, most of all because of their intricate design. Earrings like these move as you do, and add energy and fluidity to the wearer’s presence and fascinate onlookers. But, of course, when you’re practicing a more alert yoga and fitness style, you should take them off.

You can find the half moon mandala earrings on Etsy.


6. Pagan Goddess Earrings


pagan goddess earrings in silver


The symbol of the archetypal goddess can be found in many cultures and ancient rites, from a time before any major religions took root. Sometimes, the symbol of the mother goddess also has a spiral on its abdomen, meant to symbolize the immensely great power of birth and rebirth. You may be familiar with this goddess symbol from popular culture, as well, since it’s been borrowed by plenty of TV shows and movies

You can find these silver pagan goddess earrings on Etsy.


7. Tree of Life Pendant with Semi-Precious Stones


tree of life pendant


A beautiful tree of life pendant will never go out of style. These are so popular that you are probably very familiar with them already. You’ve noticed their different designs and while each version is beautiful, the one with semi-precious stones has a touch of extra magic. Since many believe the natural crystals to have healing properties, your pendant will be imbued with extra positive vibes, and a direct connection to Mother Earth.

You can find this tree of life pendant on Seek Joy.


8. Tiny AUM (OM) Earrings


tiny aum om yoga symbol earrings


Aum or OM is the Hindu & Sanskrit symbol for ‘Sound of God’ or ‘Breath of Life’. In a way, you can think of Aum as the life force that is in us and all around us, or the sacred spark, as other religions call it. It’s probably one of the most sacred symbols you can wear or write down. If you like to take your yoga practice towards the more spiritual side, these are perfect for you.

You can find these Aum earrings in pewter on Etsy.


9. No Mud, No Lotus Inspirational Pendant


no mud no lotus yoga message pendant

If you prefer something less esoteric and more relatable, then how about a yoga pendant with an inspirational message? It will provide good vibes and encouragement both to you and to the people you come in contact with during the day. It reminds us all of the inevitable circle of rebirth, or, in layman’s terms, that there is no good without the bad and even the humblest beginnings lead to greatness eventually.

You can find this on Blooming Lotus Jewelry.


10. Yoga Pose Earrings in Silver


yoga poses earrings in silver


Tree pose, dog pose or warrior pose? Which one is your favorite? Do you have a yoga pose that you are particularly proud of since it showcases your flexibility in a really impressive way? With these beautiful earrings, you can now wear it for the world to see. My personal faves are these tree pose earrings pictured above, but some other models are also available.

You can find various yoga pose designs for earrings in silver, on MyGardenOfEarrings.


11. Yoga Pose Pendants in Silver


yoga pose pendants made of silver


Would you fancy the same thing as with the earrings, but you prefer pendants? It’s true, they may be easier to wear during Aerial Yoga or Acro Yoga, when you can expect to be upside-down a lot.

Find the set of 6 yoga pose pendants here.


12. Sri Yantra Necklace and Pendant


sri yantra sacred design pendant


I will leave my personal favorite as the last entry in this top of beautiful yoga jewelry. It’s a sacred Yantra pendant in natural earth colors. A Yantra is a sacred design meant to help in meditation, and if you ever visit a Hindu temple you will have the chance to admire yantras on the tile designs in the stone floor.

You can find this Yantra pendant on Project Yourself.

There could be many others to add to this list, but I restricted it to the best ones you can find right now, across the main categories of yoga symbols. As time will pass, I will keep the list updated with the best finds. Happy shopping and yoga practicing!


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Cover photo credit: Allesandra Ambrosio’s Jacquie Aiche campaign.
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