At, we are always looking to better serve the yoga community. So, this past April, we decided to hold an intimate gathering of yoga professionals to learn the latest news and insights in the yoga sphere.

Our team in our headquarters in Amsterdam invited some of the most influential yoga personalities such as Esther Ekhart of Ekhart Yoga, Ingvid Molenaar of Yoga Ways, and Liselotte Van Stennis of Yoga Lise.


yoga influencers


Through such gathering, we hope to build strong relationships and create an open community that shares similar objectives than ours: to enrich lives through yoga and travel experiences.

With that, we’d like to also give a special shout out to all the other the attendees for such a great night:

  • Martine Hilverda
  • Daniel Kluken
  • Mirjam Verschoor
  • Helen Turner
  • Inge Dessing
  • Kirsten van den Akker
  • Tove Eversteijn
  • Tanisha Mariposa

yoga dinner

You all rock! We genuinely appreciate your time and grateful for your insights.

If you happen to be a yoga influencer yourself, we look forward to hosting similar events in Amsterdam and beyond in the near future so be sure to get in touch!

In the meantime, we welcome you to contribute your knowledge, experience, and expertise with our global community through our blog. Interested? Be sure to check out our submission guideline for more details!


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