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Yoga in Your Neighborhood: How to Choose the Ideal Place

by Emily Taylor

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Are you as excited about yoga as we are? Do you love practicing every day? If yes, do you have an ideal place for doing yoga? We are here to help you find your perfect little quiet corner where you can abandon yourself to yoga.

Yoga has many benefits, the most recognizable being that it helps you stay healthy, calm, happy and productive the entire day. Therefore, the place where you practice yoga is of great importance if you wish to see positive results. To help you get started, here are the key factors that play a role in selecting an ideal place for yoga in your neighborhood:


1. A quiet, pleasant and comfortable place




The place for immersing in yoga must be quiet and pleasant.

  • You can find great places in public parks or your own garden.
  • You must find a place where there is no noise.
  • The spot must be an ideal place for meditation.
  • You must feel comfortable and relaxed while doing yoga.
  • If you love doing yoga outdoors, then do it in the shade. Sun exposure will drain your energy.
  • The best time for outdoor yoga is before 10 am and after 4 pm.


2. A place where you will not get disturbed




Select the place in your area where there are no distractions.

  • There must be fewer people, fewer voices and noise, and a generally calm atmosphere.
  • Using ear plugs is a great way to prevent any distractions caused by traffic noises and kids playing.
  • Enjoy your private world while doing yoga.


3. Choose a time that works best for you




The time of day also plays an important role in selecting the ideal place for your yoga session.

  • Early in the morning or late in the evening are usually quieter, and there’s less chance that you’ll be disturbed by the traffic and other noises.
  • During this time, temperatures are usually more pleasant. The air is also fresher, and you’ll need all the oxygen you can get while practicing yoga.
  • Such places can be the lawn of your house or any playground in your neighborhood.


4. Look for a natural view




I am not saying that you must escape from buildings and roads. To connect with nature, find man-made gardens or parks, and simply enjoy doing pranayama breathing in this serene atmosphere.


5. Ditch your mat




Why not try yoga on the grass? Ditch the yoga mat and connect with the energy of the earth. Research says that electric currents from the soil normalize your body. Rubber mats prevent the electric currents from the soil from reaching your bodies. Furthermore, the grass is soft and provides a nice, tranquil space for your yoga practice.


6. Fresh air




You must look out for an area where there is fresh air.

  • Select a place with a lot of green plants and trees. Inhaling fresh air will fill you with positive energy.
  • The place must be clean and free from insects.
  • Avoid doing yoga in cold wind.


7. Want to do yoga in a yoga class?




Things to keep in mind before choosing the ideal place for yoga classes under supervision are discussed below.

  • Location: Most people don’t like to drive a long way for a class. So, you must select the yoga class that is nearest to your house.
  • Availability of the classes: The yoga classes must be at a convenient time.
  • Cost: The cost fit into your budget.
  • Type of yoga you are interested in: Different forms of yoga require different ambiance. Bikram yoga is done in warm environment followed by 26 poses. Power yoga is an athletic form of yoga that requires more space.
  • Instructor: Yoga teachers must have a deep understanding of yoga. Background, training, and personality of instructor make a huge difference.
  • Your comfort level to do various asanas: If you are not comfortable with certain yoga poses, you must select the difficulty level of yoga accordingly.
  • Clean and well lit: The yoga studio must be clean and have sufficient light.


8. Whatever the place, convenience must be your top priority




Your comfort and enjoyment should be on the top of your list. You should be able to find them in your home, garden, playground or yoga class. If the home is comfortable for you, then watch instructional DVDs or yoga videos on the internet. Doing yoga in the right manner is very important.


9. Want to practice yoga at home?




If you want to do yoga at home, then find a quiet room in your house.

  • The room must have a window for fresh air, it should be clean and well ventilated.
  • There should be enough space to do yoga poses without any disturbance.
  • Don’t do yoga in your bed or bedroom.
  • Switch off your mobile phone and other electronic devices that can disturb you.
  • You can decorate the room with fresh flowers or light aromatic candle.
  • The room must have soft lights and pleasant sound.
  • The ambiance should inspire you and put you in the mood for yoga.


10. Enough space, safety and hygiene




Many yoga poses require space for stretching and other body movements. They also require a smooth and stable surface. Make sure there are no rocks or pebbles that might lead to injuries while practicing your favorite yoga poses. You should also make sure that the place is free from pests like rodents, cockroaches, ants, spiders and mice. Using homemade rat poison, pest repeller or other pest control methods might help ensure you a comfortable location to immerse yourself in your yoga world.


11. Make a habit of practicing yoga in the same place




  • By doing yoga in the same place, you will save yourself the trouble of having to choose each time. 
  • Doing yoga in the same place will make you feel more comfortable with the surroundings and will allow you to feel more at ease in your poses.
  • Getting used to the same place will fill you with enthusiasm for doing yoga with more vigor.


Emily shares her stories and tips on transforming your house into a real paradise on her blog, Lovebackyard.com. You can also follow her on Twitter.

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