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7 Gadgets and Apps all Yogis Should Try

by Chester Peterson

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It is already 2018, and there are still a handful of people that think yoga is an antiquated practice. C'mon guys! We are all aware that these special practices and learnings have ancient roots, but this doesn't mean that they never evolved. 

Of course, if you are an outsider, you will probably believe that yoga is only practiced by those who have transcended human boundaries. Although it involves a lot of contortions, body-bending poses, and a series of meditations, the entire art is still all about breathing.

Luckily, yoga can be done without the help of any equipment or tools. But wouldn't it be better if some assistive gadgets and apps could fully improve your yoga experience? Aside from having a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, your yoga journey would be much better with the power of technology on your side.

Here are some yoga gadgets and apps that you can use every time you want to find your zen:


1. Beacon smart yoga mat



Photo credit: pocket-lint.com

Beacon is an intuitive smart mat that is specifically designed for yoga. It is a handy tool, especially for beginners. This map has a cutting-edge design that enables you to connect it to your smartphone or laptop through Bluetooth or the USB platform. By connecting these devices to the mat, the latter becomes your virtual guru.

The Beacon smart yoga mat works as an interactive platform that shows your progress. There are embedded lights on the mat, and they serve as your guide so that you can achieve perfection and balance with each of your poses.


2. Yoga water mat



Photo credit: freethirtythree.com

Some practitioners want to achieve perfect serenity and connectedness while they are on the water. Of course, the calming ambiance of the sea and other water bodies is the very reason why they are a perfect venue for yoga sessions. But except SUP yoga, is there any way you can practice yoga in the water without getting wet or even drowning? Well, there is one good answer to that: the Yoga Water Mat.

The Yoga Water Mat is a specialized platform that provides comfort and stability to its users while they are floating on the water. It is somehow bigger and weighs heavier than ordinary mats, which means that it can support people of up to 175 pounds (80 kg). If you weight any more than this, you should hit the gym or the great outdoors first and burn some calories to ensure that your body is well-suited for yoga.


3. Yoga.com Studio




The first yoga app that I will feature here is the Yoga.com Studio. With over 7 million people who are using this application, it is undeniably one of the most efficient assistive tools for yoga practitioners.

Just like its name suggests, the Yoga.com Studio allows you to watch yoga tutorials from expert practitioners wherever you are. The videos are all in HD, which somehow makes the apps more alluring. Furthermore, it has a vast repository for these materials. Specifically, Yoga.com Studio can show you more than 400 breathing exercises and yoga poses. With just as small subscription fee for iPhone and free for Android, you can access these resources anytime you want. 


4. Pocket Yoga



Photo credit: squarespace.com

Pocket Yoga is a paid app that is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The application provides its subscribers with a plethora of visual and vocal yoga instructions. It teaches the basics and complex aspects of the practice, including your breathing.

The app also enables you to use your own music to cater to your preferences. Most of the tutorials are given through static and visual representations. You can also switch to any of the 27 configurations if you want to accommodate your skill and technique level.


5. Tera from Lunar




Tera is another advanced yoga mat that offers absolute comfort and ergonomics to its users. From the get-go, the aesthetics of Tera are ideal for modern interiors and house designs. The mat is made from sheep wool, which allows it to harmonize with your room structure.

However, don't let its classy and sleek look fool you. Tera is actually a premium piece of technology, as it possesses a smart surface system that can identify your movements in a flinch. It can further guide you if you install the exclusive app that comes with the package. Practicing yoga with this mat can undoubtedly make a difference.


6. Global Yoga Academy



Photo credit: aksharyoga.com

The Global Yoga Academy is an online yoga class that is housed in one app. The classes they offer here range from five minutes to one hour, depending on the complexity of the pose or exercise. If you are a yoga practitioner with special needs and preferences, this app is perfect for you.

The application allows you to have a custom exercise and training routine. It can also track your progress, too. Because it is an "academy," this app houses more than 200 poses and breathing exercises. The Global Yoga Academy also serves as an interactive venue where you can talk with other yogis. That's pretty cool stuff!


7. Daily Yoga




To fully harness its benefits, yoga should be practiced on a daily basis. But some people cannot do this because of a myriad of excuses. But if you will download the Daily Yoga app on your phone, your out-of-line reasonings would become things of the past.

Daily Yoga is an app that directly encourages you to make yoga one of your daily habits. From greenhorns to experts, the Daily Yoga can cater to them all. One of the best aspects of this application is that it allows you to set a variety of goals, it can motivate you to master meditation or to get fit.

The app also provides other services aside from yoga. Specifically, you can learn other fitness regimens like high-intensity interval training and Pilates here. In short, Daily Yoga is one of the most comprehensive yoga apps out there.


Wrapping up

Doing yoga is technically free, except for dedicated classes. As long as you have the time and dedication, you can practice yoga without spending a dime.

However, your progress would be faster and more efficient if you could invest a little in these gadgets and apps that I have featured in the list above. Don't worry, no one is forcing you to get them. But if you want to fast track your skills, then getting these tools is quite beneficial. 

Yoga and technology can complement each other, so put your gadgets and apps to good use on yoga and walking retreat that will connect you with nature and your inner self!

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