How did your yoga journey begin?

I was traveling around Southeast Asia and India and wanted something to focus my travels around - there had to be a point for it all. I started practicing yoga, went through my yoga teacher training and have just continued from there. I was fortunate to find my passion and like-minded community early on and since then, I have been teaching mainly in Thailand but also around the world for nearly the past ten years.  

Has your personal experience in any way, shape the way you teach yoga?

Being able to travel and constantly being exposed to new places, people and ways of doing things have led me to an ever-changing style of teaching and an emphasis on being playful during practice. Some people take their practice so seriously, and while I'm strict on proper alignment and setting an intention for your practice, I think it's important to weave an element of fun and discovery into my classes. It helps people push their own boundaries while realizing that yoga should be a joyous thing.

What do you find to be the most exciting and interesting aspect of living in Thailand?

The yoga community and the food. Chiang Mai has an incredibly tight-knit, yet welcoming, community that you can't find anywhere else. Not only are there some fantastic studios and teachers, but it's completely common for classes - with new and regular students from around the world - to go out for dinner together after practice. Everyone is talented and supportive and we're surrounded by the natural beauty and magic of Thailand. You can’t beat it!

Of course, the food is awesome as well. I could never get sick of Thai cuisine and Chiang Mai has a wide range of local and international cuisine, from street stalls to 5-star restaurants. Most of my retreats and yoga holidays center around food!



Do you see yourself living in Thailand indefinitely, or are you planning to move sometime in the future?

Everything changes so it's hard to say, but I certainly don't have plans to leave anytime soon. I usually spend part of the year traveling and teaching elsewhere in Europe and Canada, but Chiang Mai is home and I can't be far from it for too long.

As a yoga teacher, what are your biggest challenges and your greatest victories?

The greatest challenges were in the early years when I first took the leap to become a yoga teacher. At that time, I had no idea how I would make it work, but I kept at it. Now, I am doing what I love by combining my love for yoga and Thailand, while also helping others make their dreams a reality. 

What are your hopes for the future of Thailand Yoga Holidays?

I love running my holidays but also hope to bring more teachers to Thailand and help them run their own retreats in Chiang Mai. Our unique programs break the norm by combining just the right dose of yoga, action, relaxation, culture, food and more. Encouraging participants to fully engage not only with their spiritual side but with their surroundings as well. With our hosting services, we can completely take care of all the planning and logistics for a retreat in Northern Thailand so that all a teacher needs to worry about is teaching. We've got everything covered including accommodation, practice space, transportation, insurance, even masseuses, and marketing materials. Come have fun with us! 

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