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6 Chronic Diseases You Could Overcome with Yoga

by Swapnil K.

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Yoga is a fantastic ancient practice and its healing power is undeniable. Yoga is a great way of life that can help you feel happier and even overcome certain chronic diseases.

Little by little, yoga benefits are becoming so popular that, in fact, some doctors are prescribing it as a treatment form for many chronic diseases. Suffer no more! These are 6 illnesses that can be treated or at least be controlled to some extent with yoga:


Heart disease


tired heart

Heart disease is one of the biggest killers in our modern world. As a chronic disease, it’s often caused by a combination of stress, bad eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle choices and lack of rest. Time and again, Harvard studies have revealed how yoga can help combat the damage of heart disease.

The key is yoga’s powerful combination of slow poses, meditative breathing and relaxed focus. This helps to calm the body and reduce blood pressure and stress. As a result, your heart is less under pressure – the peace you receive is also likely going to help you focus more on your lifestyle. You’ll eat better and start getting more sleep.


Sleep disorders


Talking of sleep, yoga is a powerful tool in the quest to combat chronic sleeping problems. If you struggle with insomnia, you need to book a yoga holiday and see how it might help you start sleeping again. Studies have shown that treating chronic insomnia with yoga actually works.

The truth is that all sorts of exercise can help people sleep better. However, yoga has the additional benefit of boosting your awareness. The more able you are at setting yourself in the present – not thinking about the future or the past – the better you might fall asleep. Focus gives you strength, it calms you down, and it grounds you to the present.





You can also ease your anxiety issues with yoga. Anxiety is closely related to stress, and a gentle form of yoga can help with both. In fact, both of these diseases affect your parasympathetic nervous system negatively. But studies have shown that when you do yoga, your body starts to heal the parasympathetic nervous system. This will help you feel better and allow your body to withstand stress more effectively.

In addition, the other big element is yoga’s ability to boost your concentration and focus. When you are anxious, you often lose your ability to stay aware of the situation and you start worrying and being afraid of things that aren’t actually happening. Yoga gives you the tools to stay more body aware and calm your body with proper breathing. You can focus on the present and avoid getting anxious over future events that haven’t even happened.



swollen girls

Chronic inflammation can be difficult to deal with. It can cause continuous pain and suffering, making your body ache and look swollen. You can reduce inflammation in your body by doing yoga. This will not only make you feel and look better, but it will also facilitate your daily tasks. For example, arthritis sufferers might find it easier to climb stairs, wash the dishes, and so on.

You don’t even have to become a yoga fanatic in order to enjoy these benefits. Research has found that performing yoga twice a week is enough to reduce inflammation in the body. That’s not a big commitment.




hands with arthritis

Now, related to the above chronic disease, arthritis specifically can benefit from yoga. As mentioned, you will reduce inflammation in your body and this will boost your functionality with better joint function. Arthritis causes stiffness in the body, whereas yoga will help the body to relax. When you are practicing yoga, you do small movements that help the body stay flexible without causing a lot of pain.

In addition, arthritis sufferers can benefit from yoga’s positive impact on the mood. Yoga can reduce stress and depression, which is often high amongst those with a chronic illness.

Because you have less pain in the body and you are more able to focus on the present, you don’t find your chronic illness as stifling.




yoga for cancer

Quite astonishingly, yoga has been shown to be an additional and effective treatment for cancer. Now, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat cancer with other modern medicine. But you should consider using yoga as part of your treatment to alleviate pain.

Yoga can help make your cancer journey a bit more bearable. When you practice yoga, you feel calmer and more positive. The more positive you stay, the more resilience you have to withstand the treatment and stay strong. According to one study, people who practiced yoga had less negative reactions to radiotherapy than those who didn’t. 


I sure hope you’re completely healthy, but if you have any of the above conditions, you might want to start doing yoga today to alleviate any chronic disease!

Want to try some alternative healing options? Go on a Shamanic Healing Yoga Holiday and see how it works for you! 

*Before you start any workout program, make sure you’re physically apt to do it and talk to your medical provider. Stop any exercise if you feel pain. Yoga should never substitute your doctor’s recommendations. 

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