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Yoga for Kids: 5 Reasons Children Should Be Taught Yoga from an Early Age

by John Elijah

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Yoga is no longer an adults-only thing. People’s increasing interest in this field is pushing them to explore the many benefits and branches of yoga and unveil its vast scope. There was a time when people used this practice to relieve stress, cope with depression and maintain a healthy body. 

In these modern times, the practice of yoga has emerged as a learning tool as well. Perhaps, this is the reason why it is becoming popular among children. In the USA, there was a 3.1% increase in children who practiced yoga between 2007 and 2012. The stats showed that, over the course of five years, almost 45 million children started practicing yoga.

Now, the question arises, is it really necessary to teach children yoga? Well, the answer is yes if we consider the needs of our time. So, here are five reasons why kids should be taught yoga from an early age:


1. Yoga helps kids focus




Yes, kids are very much prone to distractions. They often fail to focus on one particular thing and hence can’t learn it. Teaching yoga to kids in the early years of their life can be very rewarding. They simply know how to learn about one thing and then switch to another one. Maintaining a focus and concentration is much necessary for young children. Nowadays, there is too much stuff available even in the small space of their homes. Too many options can sometimes make it difficult for kids to decide what is truly worth their time. Doing body moments that pause them for a while in a static posture is something that helps maintain focus.


2. Yoga helps kids maintain a proper posture




The early years are critical in determining future habits. Obviously, genes have a more crucial role in this regard. But kids also learn from their environment, and yoga does its best in offering a healthy atmosphere. We all know that adults practice meditation and perform such postures to lose weight to maintain their fitness levels. While not all kids struggle with weight issues, they do need to maintain an upright posture along with a fit body.


3. Yoga makes kids more self-aware




Phrases like self-awareness, self-actualization or self-analysis may seem too big for a three or four-year-old child. In reality, they have nothing to do with age. Kids also need to know their worth in order to avoid a superiority complex or inferiority complex in early stages. Yoga is very diverse in nature and has so many postures. It also doesn’t require perfection. In this way, it doesn’t put any pressure on the kids for being competitive. They learn to keep their calm and to know what they want to do, regardless of any reward.


4. Yoga helps kids stay active




As mentioned at the beginning of this article, yoga has become a necessary need for the kids in modern time. Children nowadays spend too much time on screens. They have cartoons to watch, video games to play, music to listen to and virtual reality headsets. All these activities are prone to making them lazy. Consequently, they put the kids’ health at risk. In such situation, yoga comes to the rescue as a healthy alternative. Further, it is also very flexible exercise, as it doesn’t push kids into performing some problematic physical activity. Parents who are concerned about excessive screen time must consider arranging physical exercises for them.


5. Yoga makes them better learners

What is yoga but experimenting with different body posture for achieving a relaxation of the mind? Parents who want their children to learn the art of exploring diverse phenomenon can begin by teaching them various poses. One should note that, if the purpose of yoga is to make kids better learners, then it must be voluntary in nature. There is no use of this exercise if innocent souls feel any burden from it. The good news is that there are so many different techniques that kids can learn. Thus, it is easy to make them settle for one that is more comfortable.


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