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Yogis, A Yoga Emoji Is Coming Soon!

by Alberto G. Guitron

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A fan of emojis? So are we! You’ll be happy to hear that a yoga emoji will soon be available for you to use on your favorite gadget!

The famous emojis are ideograms mostly used in electronic messaging, originated in Japanese mobile devices in the late 1990’s. Since then, they’ve found their way into the rest of the world and have steadily become the staple of our communication style in the second decade of the 21st century, with the latest being a yoga emoji!

japan emojis

Did you know that the word emoji comes from the Japanese “e” (picture) and “moji” (character)? This is why there are many emojis that are specific to Japanese culture, like a bowing man or the white flower meaning “extremely well done”. The term emoji has now replaced emoticons in most western countries, but the theory it is till the same: an image that represents an emotion, object, activity, etc.

Some of the most common emojis are smiley faces, animals and food. There are also various little persons of diverse races and genres, performing all sorts of different activities like dancing, running or sleeping. However, until now, there is no emoji representing yoga or meditation. Well, that seems to be about to change. The Unicode Consortium has recently proposed a list of 51 more emojis, one of which consists of an individual in lotus pose.

new emojis

Along with the meditating yogi, new emojis include a woman wearing a hijab, a breastfeeding mom, a vampire, dinosaurs and even broccoli! It is estimated that all these new emojis will be introduced by mid-2017, when the Unicode 10.0 is released. And while it might not sound enough to have just one yoga related emoji, it could be a good indicator that we’ll have a wider variety of yoga poses in the near future. Who knows? Maybe at one point, we’ll be able to illustrate a whole sun salutation in a text!

And if you feel like mid-2017 it is still too long until you can tell your friends that you’re about to meditate with an emoji, keep in mind that you should already have the OM sign on your smartphone. For now, it might do the trick to show your love for yoga on your WhatsApp status. Or you could download alternative keyboards featuring all the yoga poses.

yoga retreats emoji

Want an idea of how to use the new yoga emoji once it’s released? Go to, reserve a yoga retreat and send a text to your friends with the meditating emoji + a plane emoji!


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