So, what are the clothing specifications you need to pay attention to when you’re planning to buy yoga clothes? In this article, I’ll give you all the information you need in order to make your yoga practice as comfortable as possible.


Yoga clothing depends on the type of yoga

The right yoga clothes depend on the type of yoga you practice. That’s why it’s always best to ask advice from your own yoga teacher. With Bikram yoga, for example, you need very different clothing than with Pilates or mindfulness yoga. But it’s fair to say that these are two extremes.


Loose or stretchable clothes?


loose yoga clothes


In general, it’s best to wear loose or stretchable clothing for yoga. You shouldn’t be limited by your clothes when you’re stretching. It’s also very important that you’re still able to breathe through your abdomen. Have you ever tried to sit cross-legged in jeans? Well, I can tell you this: it’s not as easy as it sounds! For one, you’ll have to pull up the legs of your jeans just to be able to fold your legs. Chances are you’ll also need to unbutton and open your zipper to be able to enjoy a decent abdominal breathing.

Avoid these struggles by choosing loose or stretchable yoga clothing (optionally in combination with a sports bra or halter top). Nowadays, special yoga pants have become very popular, and can even be seen at gyms.


yoga clothing warrior pose


Some yoga clothes have incorporated support elements. Some examples are yoga tops with a racerback or yoga pants with a support band around the waist.


What types of clothing do you need?


yoga sweatshirts


The most obvious picks are yoga pants and a yoga shirt. But a yoga hoodie is a good option when your class has finished or when you sit or lie still for a while. Other options are a yoga top or a yoga bra. A lot of people also bring a meditation blanket or yoga towel to yoga class.

At some yoga schools, people bring their own yoga pillow and yoga mat. Yoga belts, eye pillows, and other yoga accessories are usually offered by the schools themselves.   


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