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How Yoga Helped Me Get Through My Breakup

by Nisha Baghadia

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Some relationships aren’t meant to last forever, and I learned it the hard way. A breakup can be rough, especially when you are completely blindsided by it, and you are left swimming in sorrow and pain. Thankfully, I found a great ally to overcome the grief: yoga.  

Let me be honest – things weren’t going too well, there were misunderstandings, fights, and other issues, but I did not expect this would happen. It felt as though I was betrayed, and I took it hard because I thought we could work it out somehow. But it did not work out, and he called it quits. I spent months crying over him before I realized I had to move on for good.


How The Transformation Began


breaking up

A friend suggested I join her for a yoga class, and I randomly agreed as I had nothing better to do. I had recently resigned from my job as it was getting too stressful for me to work with a disturbed mind, so I was free.

It only took me a couple of classes to build a strong connection with yoga. And before I knew it, practicing yoga had become an absolute necessity for me.

On the yoga mat, I found a place of focus and calmness; I could be present at the moment. Nothing could distract me from my asanas – neither old boyfriends or memories, nor history. It was a break my mind desperately needed.


Mental Clarity And Inner Peace


yoga class

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With yoga, I could find mental clarity – something that I always found difficult to do. It was the one thing that could instantly bring a smile on my face and a warm, familiar feeling in my heart.

I can now confidently say that it was yoga what helped relieve a great deal of tension that came after the breakup. From being always stressed out and depressed, I became more sober and calm. I began practicing meditation, and I could free my mind and concentrate on my breaths.

I learned that yoga is not all about strength and holding stiff poses; it's also about letting go. Soon, I was able to find my inner peace by releasing all negative emotions.




overcoming a breakup

After rejection, we all go through a phase where we doubt ourselves. I went to the extent of hating everything I was or did. I tried to change how I was but achieved nothing by blaming myself. I was convinced that life was being unfair to me, and my happiness was being snatched away. But by merely practicing yoga every day, I could feel my insecurities vanish.

I began to accept myself just the way I was. I started looking at life in a way that I could learn from it and connect deeper with myself. No matter how tragic or hard it seemed, I was proud of myself for standing tall. I give credit to yoga for helping me regain my self-esteem. And most importantly, yoga taught me to love myself inside and outside.

Self-love is the key to a happy life and will lead to successful relationships in the future.


The Perfect Distraction


renewed girl

Earlier, I would spend most of my free time with my significant other. After the breakup, all the extra free time only took me back to those memories and made me upset. Yoga took over my mind and blocked any other thoughts I was having. It made me realize that I should always prioritize myself, whether in a relationship or not. Yoga did not leave any room for negative thoughts in my head. For me, my mat was my world, and everything else happening around was not important.

I began to focus on myself, without any distractions or judgments. Once I focused all my energy on myself, I started to cultivate my happiness and direct my journey.

Yoga helped me get through a bad phase in my life. No, even better, it made me fall in love with myself again. I learned to disconnect from anything that gave me pain and take life as it was.

Practicing yoga taught me to be grateful for what I have and look forward to opportunities. Times have changed, and I have moved on. I am now in a happy relationship with someone who understands me better, and this relationship is free of negativity.

If you are going through a bad time or are a victim of a broken heart, why not go on a yoga retreat? You will see how it positively impacts your life firsthand.

Want to overcome a breakup with yoga? Join a Kundalini yoga retreat and you’ll learn to meditate and practice on the mat in a way that will help you regain your optimism & self-esteem!

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