An extensive field of knowledge devoted to personalized care according to your individual Ayurvedic dosha type, Ayurveda opens the door to a new level of depth in your yoga practice.


The basis of Ayurvedic medicine

Yoga and Ayurveda are twin sciences based on an original Vedic system of evolutionary theory called Samkhya. The theory explains how pure Spirit (or Consciousness) evolved into the objects of our material world, which all share a basis in the five elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth.

ayurveda elements

Some Ayurvedic medicine and herbs


These five elements form the basis of the Tantric theories of the chakras that run through the Hatha Yoga system, as well as the basis of Ayurvedic medicine, which carefully analyzes the individual to give you the health treatments and lifestyle practices most suitable for you.


Ayurveda to revolutionize your yoga practice

Knowledge of your personal Ayurvedic type can seriously revolutionize your yoga practice, giving you the tools to pacify your own particular Ayurvedic dosha imbalance.

ayurveda retreat

Kairali Yoga, an Ayurvedic hospital located in Kerala, India


When you choose a yoga retreat experience at an Ayurvedic center, you will benefit from a skillful and intuitive doctor’s analysis to put you on the path to perfect health.

Ayurvedic doctors are equipped with years of in-depth scriptural training to enable them to assess the balance of Vata dosha (ether and air elements), Pitta dosha (fire and water elements), and Kapha dosha (water and earth elements) within each individual.

Go on a meditation and Ayurveda retreat and apply the Ayurvedic knowledge to your yoga practice!