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Will Yoga Ever Die? You Decide!

by Henry Veno

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Yoga is not just a physical exercise where the body is twisted and stretched. Rather, it embodies spiritual loftiness and emotional integration, which flush out negativity from the body. Practicing yoga heals the mind and soul, all the while keeping the body fit and toned.

In this era of junk food, people put on extra pounds and then have trouble finding enough time to burn those unwanted calories. This is the reason people are running after the buzzword of the year — superfoods. Striving to stay healthy or to lose weight? Yoga is the answer. It helps keep the weight off and the mind fresh.

It has been more than 5,000 years since the practice of yoga was born in ancient India, and it is now the world’s most enduring exercise program. Observing this long journey, do you think yoga will ever die? No, there are no chances of it fading out. Would you like to know why? Let’s start by looking at yoga oodles of health benefits:


Yoga makes you more flexible



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Regular practicing of yoga releases the tension created by the muscles and joints. It includes stretches, twists and turns that greatly help you improve your flexibility.


Strengthens the muscles




Hitting the gym is an option, but it has a downside – it builds muscle strength at the cost of flexibility. On the other hand, yoga makes your body more flexible while strengthening the muscles at the same time.


Corrects your posture




The yoga poses that are practiced in a sitting position involve erecting the spine. Done correctly, you can begin improving your slouch posture within a few days.


Improves bone health


Weight-bearing yoga poses have the capability to strengthen the bones, which also helps to guard your body against osteoporosis.


Increases the blood flow


Inverted yoga poses such as handstands promote the blood flow from your legs to the heart. When flowing in reverse direction, fresh oxygenated blood gets pumped from the lungs.


Detoxifies the body


Yoga poses involve deep breaths and holding your breath holding for a longer period of time. During this time, muscles are contracted and stretched, cleaning up your lymphatic system and detoxifying your whole body.


Cures plenty of diseases




By eliminating harmful toxins eliminated from our body, we are boosting our immune system. A powerful tool, immunity helps us defend ourselves against harmful bacteria, keeping illnesses and diseases away. Apart from this, it greatly helps reverse high blood pressure symptoms, it improves digestion, lowers blood sugar levels, soothes asthma symptoms, reduces the risk of developing heart diseases, fights against arthritis and much more.


Helps you focus and boosts memory




A new study by researchers at the University of Illinois has revealed that practicing yoga for as little at 20 minutes a day can help your brain function better. Regular practice leads to improved focus and memory. Additionally, it can make you feel happier.


Relieves Insomnia



Photo by Daniel Foster

Yoga has the power to strike down mental stress and improve brain functioning. By soothing the brain, it releases the tension built up throughout the day. Through this, yoga can make you sleep deeper, bursting insomnia.


Final words


Yoga has more than 100 different poses, some are intense and fast-paced, while others are soothing and gentle. Therefore, each session can be adapted to the needs and skills of the person practicing them.

With so many choices and benefits, it appears that yoga has cemented itself as an eternal practice, and it’s highly unlikely that any other form of workout could replace it in future.


If you have yet to be introduced to yoga, then it’s high time you started! Go to BookYogaRetreats.com and choose a yoga health retreat that will reveal the healing powers of this immortal practice. In addition, you can read more of Henry Veno’s fitness and diet articles at TheDietSuggestions

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