Modern online communications, such as email and social media, can increase the amount of time we spend thinking, ruminating or worrying and this over-stimulates our nervous system, leading to hormonal changes and activating the body's stress response.

Our mind-body processes work as an integrated system. Make a change in one part of the system such as your physical condition, posture or internal state and this will greatly affect the mental part and vice-versa. If you want to create balance and wellbeing in your life, involve and work with all parts of you, mind and body together.

Yoga is a mind-body system that helps keep our awareness in the present through the exercise and physical postures. It builds strength and suppleness throughout the body which can reduce physical discomfort and helps cultivate a sense of peace with the relaxation element. Furthermore, learning to control our breathing has a huge effect on our nervous system, giving us powerful tools to manage challenges in or out of the yoga studio. Yoga may just be the perfect compliment to our modern life.