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5 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Self-motivation at Work

by Michael Morelli

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Meditation is one of the single best tools to help you stay focused. It may feel weird the first few times, if you haven’t practiced it before, but you will soon be able to feel its healing powers for yourself. Meditation is the simplest activity which can easily be attempted by everyone. 

Both meditation and yoga have many direct and indirect benefits, which lead to happiness and help you stay healthy. Among the most immediate results you can expect is a calm mind, having good concentration, an improvement in communication, more inner strength, better relaxation etc. As you practice more, you will get naturally stronger results by doing meditation regularly.

There are many ways in which meditation can help your motivation, both for work purposes and for personal goals. First and foremost, meditation helps in concentration, it helps you to stay focused for longer and perform at your best. Secondly, the relaxation induced by meditation reduces stress levels, increases your state of happiness, and reduces the risk for depression.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the reasons why you should try meditation as a long-term self-care activity.

Meditation Can Give You More Energy During the Day

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Meditation has always been a great way to increase your level of energy. Being in a peaceful state for 20-30 minutes creates a feeling of inner peace which helps preserve mental energy throughout the day. The harmony and peace you feel after meditating will prevent waste of mental energy that usually occurs when you get upset, tired or stressed. So, basically, you not only feel more refreshed and energized after doing meditation for 20-30 minutes, but your well-rested state will last longer in the day, too.

While meditating in our daily routine can not only help us re-energize and re-focus, but it can also help us breathe more fluidly. Meditation feels instantly refreshing and also lowers our stress levels, making us feel more alert and stay focused better.

Meditation lowers your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) effortlessly, helping you stay fit and younger for longer, also. People who are blessed with ‘a good metabolism’ actually have a low BMR, so the lower this rate gets, the better. When you meditate, your body’s BMR reduces. You can use the TDEE Calculator (that is Total Daily Energy Expenditure) as the best way to check how many calories you burn every day through meditation.

Meditation Reduces Stress Levels

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Meditation has the ability to reduce stress almost instantaneously, and thus improve health both on the short term and on the long term. Meditation, as well as yoga, is one the simplest techniques to achieve that. Even if you practiced meditation for just 10 minutes every day, it will still help control your stress, it will decrease anxiety, improve cardiovascular health, and will help you achieve a great capacity for relaxation. Stress is the modern mental bogeyman, keeping most of the Americans up at night.

Generally, individuals prefer mindfulness meditation for reducing stress. There are many styles of meditation you can learn about as you become more experienced, but mindfulness is the perfect one to start with.

Stress and anxiety result when we experience daily pressure from mundane tasks, imperfect interactions with people, uncomfortable conditions, high levels of noise and so on.

Meditation helps provide relief for all of that, because after meditating, we will have more mental space to revert to and find peace in. We will also be more aware of how to work with situations to make them more peaceful for us and everyone else involved.

Through meditation, we also become more active and aware of our emotions. Mindfulness meditation is good practice for stress prevention so that when we come across stressful situations, we are able to not let them get out of control.

Meditation Can Help You Feel More Confident about Your Work

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If you are lacking in confidence that means than even in the case of failure, you are twice defeated in the race of life. However, if you are confident then you have won the battle even before you have started. Lack of self-confidence usually keeps us from living our lives to their fullest, due to this we are afraid to freely express our talents and abilities and we hide them at the back of the room. 

If you are looking for ways to strengthen your confidence then meditation is one of the best ones. Meditation is one of the paths that can help you access yourself on a fundamental level, and to develop a better connection with the deeper, core part of yourself.

For many people, meditation is the natural and simple way to connect to their spiritual self, to manage their stress and, most importantly, to create a balanced and peaceful way of living. Meditation increases the confidence and faith you have in yourself, and that is your most important resource for anything you aim to accomplish.

Meditation Increases Your State of Happiness

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Meditation is one of the easiest ways to improve your overall health. Meditation is merged with many benefits, as it can turn on the genes which protect you from pain, prevent high blood pressure, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, as well as boost your immune system. The power to make ourselves feel better is locked up deep within ourselves, and meditation can help unleash it.

Meditation has a positive effect on your life. It increases your capacity for happiness, and reduces your liability towards negativity. Meditation is probably the best tool to keep yourself happy. Fake ways to achieve happiness nearly always backfire. Sometimes people try to find happiness outside of themselves or they try to look happy because of the things they buy, in the people they meet or the places they go.

But without the inner strength to sustain true happiness, it will all fizzle away soon. Meditation is such a precious gift of tapping into your inner resources, precisely because it can access this strength to be happy with what you already have.

Meditation Can Help Improve Your Focus

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Research states that meditation plays a very important role in our day-to-day life. It improves cognition and increases the ability to perform tasks which require focus. Meditation is mainly considered a popular technique for relaxation and stress relief, but few people are aware that it also significantly increases the ability to concentrate better on things.

‘Focusing’ is the ability to pay attention to one particular thing at the expense of others; this can be very difficult in a society that emphasizes multitasking and success, and where we are constantly drowning in more and more stimuli. Meditation increases your ability to focus and can foster creativity, it helps you develop problem-solving skills and decreases the stress derived from handling more than one task at once.

The gift of learning to meditate is the best gift you can give yourself in life.

You can read more of Michael’s articles at morelifit.com

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