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Training at Shiva Yoga Peeth

November 26, 2014

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Although I have been traveling to India since the year of 2000, most of my visits were to South India. When my first time in North India came, my landing place was Shiva Yoga Peeth in Rishikesh. I love this place because of its nature, which is similar to my country, Malaysia, and also the spiritual energy in this place. It’s God’s blessing that I am able to just stand next to the holy Ganga River with wonderful Swami Sudhir, who teaches at the center!

Great yoga teachers in Shiva Yoga Peeth

Under the guidance of the swami, Shiva Yoga Peeth has a lot of potential in yoga and spirituality. I hope that Shiva Yoga Peeth will be one of the world’s leading yoga schools soon, especially as it also has great masters in both Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga.

Our Ashtanga Yoga master, Sridahthara, was an amazing teacher with his patience in teaching each asana repeatedly to make sure that his students understand the asana very well. His correcting of each asana and guiding of students were very helpful so that we can understand more deeply the knowledge he was passing on to us.

Another well-known yoga master in Rishikesh was Hatha Yoga master Ravi. His asana teaching techniques and deeper explanations were awesome, and he was experienced in bringing great enjoyment to us in class. Even though Hatha Yoga is slow and steady, he brought great variety to the asanas, and his confidence that we could perform the more difficult asanas helped us to become more confident ourselves, something that would stay with us even after leaving Shiva Yoga Peeth.

Apart from the two yoga masters, there was a yoga philosophy teacher with 30 years of experience who helped us to understand the depth of yoga philosophy, especially the Patanjali Yoga sutra class. We were also lucky to have a great anatomy class with Dr. Usha, who was very energetic with a deep knowledge in Ayurveda.


Living in Shiva Yoga Peeth

This was my first time to be under the Sattvic food diet for one month. However, the cook was really good and the taste was excellent. It gave relaxation to my mind and body, the type of food that seems to make my body lighter, helping me in performing the advanced asanas.


The swami performing the asanas


We also had an amazing visit to the Vasishta Cave. I went to many caves in Malaysia, but this one stored so much energy. It was a blessing to be with Swami Sudhir and have the chance to meditate for 20 minutes. My heart felt so light, which made me wish I could be here for a longer meditation. It was a great moment when the swami prayed and blessed us with Ganga water before handing over the wrist mala.

Another wonderful moment was our trip to the waterfall. Walking up the hill was so tiring, but once we were there, the natural beauty removed all of our exhaustion. We enjoyed this time with the swami, who is so simple and humble. We enjoyed bathing in the waterfall with him.


It's not all studying, we have fun too!


With all these great experiences in Shiva Yoga Peeth and God willing, I would continue to come here frequently.

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