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12 Top Yoga Retreats to Relax Any Time of the Year [2020]

by Alberto G. Güitrón

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Want to go on a yoga retreat but you don’t want to spend much time to look for the best one? No worries, we feel you. There are too many options available and it can be overwhelming sorting out the yoga holiday that suits you and reflects your needs.

That’s why we’ve narrowed down your options to 12 retreats. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with whichever you choose and have a Short Break and Weekend Retreat; don’t worry about the date, they have plenty of availability all year long to suit your schedule!

Note: BookYogaRetreats offers a flexible cancellation policy. Should you not be able to travel as scheduled, we’d be happy to help you to alter your booking with the same organizer or with a different organizer.


All-Inclusive Luxury Holiday in Alicante, Spain


alicante yoga luxury retreat

Looking for a retreat that completely takes care of your needs while you just enjoy your time and get pampered? Based in Costa Blanca, a perfect location to unwind and recharge, this is the ideal holiday to treat yourself!

This retreat offers you the support of a professional team, which consists of: doctor, nutritionist, retreat director and well-trained staff. They'll take good care of you while you naturally detoxify by eating fresh, healthy, delicious food. 

The program also includes an initial private health-check and a consultation, as well as one meditation class, daily yoga, complimentary use of the spas facilities and private airport transfers.

Duration: 7 days

Price: From $1,534


Meditation and Relaxing Yoga Retreat in Goa, India


India yoga retreat

Based on a serene shala on Patnem Beach, this yoga holiday is suitable for all levels and tastes. Listen to the waves crash while you do meditation and pranayama; wake up to fresh fruit, juices, and Ayurvedic herbal tea; and practice your best Vinyasa and Ashtanga moves guided by the most qualified instructors in Goa.

Oh, and don’t you worry about the meals. Here, you will have something to eat at all times so you can concentrate on your practice and enjoy the magic of Patnem Beach.

Duration: 3 days

Price: From $192

Replenish Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Bali, Indonesia


yoga meditation bali

Interested in Kundalini and Tantra? This one-of-a-kind retreat is for you! Guided by Master Ketut Arsana, you will discover a whole new way to spice up your yoga practice. In addition to the daily Kundalini and Tantra sessions, you’ll also take part in meditation classes, pranayama and even 3 visits to the spa.  

All meals are included and are prepared with organic products and Ayurvedic wisdom. In other words, everything is carefully designed for you to embrace the energies of the sacred rivers and the famous rice fields.

Duration: 8 days

Price: From $564

Beach Yoga Retreat in Gran Canaria, Spain


gran canaria yoga retreat

Want to go on a retreat with your significant other but he/she doesn’t really like yoga? This is what you were looking for. With many extra activities to discover in Gran Canaria, your partner will have plenty of things to do while you practice yoga while having the opportunity to share other experiences together.

Together, you can take a trip to explore the natural volcanic landscapes, try a surf lesson, sign up for some workshops, and even plant a tree to leave your legacy here!

Duration: 8 days

Price: From $524



Revitalize and Rejuvenate Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica


yoga retreat in costa rica

Being one of the world’s top yoga destinations, Costa Rica is home to many of the most incredible yoga holidays. Such is the case with this one brought to you by El Sabanero Eco Lodge. Here you have the chance to balance your chakras, learn Power Yoga, eat delicious vegetarian dishes, and relax in the spectacular infinity pool at the venue.

Tip: For sure you’ve heard that the early bird catches the worm; well, if you book 8 weeks in advance, you can save up to €120 on this particular retreat.

Duration: 6 days

Price: From $745 


Energizing Tribal Tulum Personal Yoga Retreat in Mexico


tulum yoga retreat

There are not many natural places in the world as the majestic beaches of the Mexican Caribbean. The characteristic turquoise color of the water and the fine white sand make it a paradise hard to replicate. Can you imagine if the Mayas had built their temples and pyramids in such a beautiful setting? Well, they actually did it in Tulum! And on this yoga retreat, you can practice yoga, relax and be amazed by what our ancestors did here.

Duration: 6 days

Price: From $819


Yoga and Healing in Krabi, Thailand


thailand yoga retreat

Every now and then, most of us feel like pausing life for a moment and finally take care of our body and mind. This is the yoga retreat to do so, and you don’t even have to pay too much!

Marina yoga offers a complete transformational experience that includes one ear candling session, which is an alternative method to improve your health and wellbeing. And to go back home totally renewed, you will also benefit from two Reiki sessions, one sound bowl healing treatment, and multiple yoga and meditation classes.

Duration: 6 days

Price: From $302

Surf and Yoga Retreat in Canary Islands, Spain


yoga and surf holiday

If you’re a yogi surfer, you need to look no further; this retreat is all you need! Lanzasurf puts together some of the best yoga and surf retreats you’ll find in the world. Both practices complement each other so well, that this combination guarantees to bring you the most amazing time by the sea.

You’ll make wonderful memories that you’ll actually be able to take home with you and brag about with your friends, as Go-Pro videos and photos are part of the whole experience. And don’t you worry if you have no experience surfing, the professional instructors at the retreat will accommodate all your needs.

Duration: 7 days

Price: From $487

Integral Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Cambodia


yoga retreat cambodia

A yoga program for the adrenaline lovers, this retreat has the peculiarity of having a professional rock climbing gym available for all guests. What better way to put into practice what you learn on the mat? While climbing, you also need to control your breath, be flexible and use all your strength to reach the next hold.

That said, if you’re not into climbing, this yoga retreat has a very diverse program offering arts, dance, music, spa, community activities and many more options that make it the perfect option to visit Cambodia.

Duration: 6 days

Price: From $300


Island Yoga Holiday in Spain


gran canaria dunes retreat

This retreat is located at the Gran Canaria dunes, offering an atypical combination of desert and beach. The stunning views that you get to see here are all the motivation you need to take part in two daily Yin Yoga classes. This is also an ideal program to deepen your knowledge since there will be theory and practical lessons about yoga basics and pranayama.

Duration: 8 days

Price: From $524


Yoga, SUP, and Surf Camp in Coral Coast, Fiji


fiji yoga surf holiday

If you have never ever tried surfing, but you have long wanted to do so, this retreat is for you. Here, you’ll learn the basics of surfing surrounded by the ideal conditions to get your feet wet (literally). You’ll start on low tide, on a 9-foot long board, guided by certified and experienced instructors who will make you feel safe even after your first wipeout

And if you also want to have a nice view while practicing surf and yoga, you can’t ask for more than Fiji’s Coral Coast. Its landscapes, golden sand, tropical jungle, and waterfalls will make you look like a pro even if you’re just a newbie.

Duration: 6 days

Price: From $465


Authentic Yoga Vacation in Nepal


yoga in nepal

A complete yoga practice goes well beyond the mat and this retreat is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the whole yogic lifestyle. You’ll start a vegetarian diet, participate in cleansing exercises, practice pranayama, visit temples and monasteries, do meditation, and chant mantras.

Fun fact: Many people think of India as the cradle of yoga, but did you know that Nepal might have had more influence during the origins of yoga? So, there may not be a better place to learn the principles of authentic yoga practice than Nepal!

Duration: 8 days

Price: From $250

Couldn’t find a yoga retreat that completely satisfies you? Try to narrow it down by destination and check out the top yoga locations in the world!

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