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Top 7 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica

by Mandy Lawson

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There are many popular destinations for yoga retreats all around the world, but Costa Rica is definitely one of the best choices. Let me tell you why!

1. It’s far away (kind of).

Normally when going to a retreat of any kind, we want to “retreat”—to get away from everyday life and everyday troubles. Costa Rica is just far enough from the U.S. and Canada to feel separated from the daily stresses that lead us wanting a getaway, but not so far that it’s too expensive to get to. This leads me to…


2. It’s affordable.

You can find retreats anywhere from three days to four weeks in Costa Rica, and they are mostly reasonably priced. Most include meals, accommodation and yoga, which helps when coming up with a budget for your trip. Airfare is also well-priced from most places in North America, making the total cost of the trip budget-friendly.


3. Nature abounds.  

One of the greatest benefits of practicing yoga is the union with nature one can experience, which can be difficult to achieve when practicing in a stark city studio. Depending on the location, most retreat centers in Costa Rica are in nature, with open air yoga decks, animals roaming freely, and fresh ocean breezes or mountain air. 


White sands beach 


4. Fresh, local food.

Yoga retreaters are usually keen on eating as fresh, organic and local as possible. Costa Rica offers many retreats with farm-to-table dining experiences that will please even the most discerning yogis. With fresh fruit and veggies growing all over the country year round, it’s always easy to enjoy the juicy goodness that nature has to offer.


5. Warm weather.

Who needs an artificially heated studio when you can practice yoga outdoors in the natural warmth of Costa Rican sunshine? Temperatures in Costa Rica are perfect for an outdoor practice: not too hot and warm enough to get the benefits of “hot yoga”. Many retreat centers in Costa Rica offer classes at opportune times of day, taking advantage of the perfect conditions. They also normally offer shade to keep out of the direct sunlight.


6. Cultural diversity.

Costa Rica is located in Central America, which is easily traveled to by people from North, Central and South Americas. Because of its central location, you will likely meet yogis from other countries and cultures. One wonderful aspect of yoga is learning about other ways of life and accepting differences in others. What a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals from other parts of the world!


Meditation at Anamaya Resort and Retreat Center's yoga deck


7. Pura vida!

Costa Rica’s unofficial slogan, pura vida, means “pure life”, and it’s a demonstration of the general feeling and attitude of the people in this laidback country. This sense of relaxation, ease, and slowing down to truly enjoy life is exactly what anyone wanting to enjoy a yoga retreat is looking for. Just walking through a small town in Costa Rica, you will pick up the chilled out vibes from the locals sitting on their porches, drinking a cup of locally harvested coffee, or just watching the people go by. By going to a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, this Pura Vida vibe will soak into you and stay with you once you return home!

There are many other reasons why Costa Rica is one of the best places for a yoga retreat, and these are Mandy's top seven. Have you ever been to Costa Rica? Did you enjoy yourself? Comment below or send us a message; we would love to hear from you!  

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