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Top 6 Yoga Destinations on the Beach

April 2, 2014

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There are many places you can choose for a yoga retreat. If you’re looking for something spiritual, you might be interested in India or Peru. If you’re looking for a true getaway, you’ll probably want to go somewhere deep in the jungle of South or Central America. But, if you’re looking for great yoga practice and a perfect holiday-- you will want to go to the beach. Here is BookYogaRetreats’ picks of the top 6 most popular destinations for a yoga retreat near the beach.


Yoga Beach Destinations #1: Bali, Indonesia

By Indonesians, Bali is known as the Island of the Gods. This is not an understatement. Once you step into the island, you can feel a sense of spirituality oozing in the island. The island is filled with daily ceremonies and offerings to the Gods. Everything can be very religious in Bali, even in their arts. But more than that, Bali also has great white sandy beaches and great waves. There’s always an option to come there and have a fabulous yoga and surf retreat. Some packages are even offered only for women to have fun out there, practicing yoga and surfing, and probably do some shoppings.


Bali is a paradise for surfers, combine your yoga experience with surfing, or simply relax

Yoga Beach Destinations #2: Costa Rica

Much alike Bali, Costa Rica also has great beaches with great waves. No wonder yoga and surf retreats, as well as, yoga and SUP retreats, are one of the popular activities to do there. What is even better, Costa Rica is one of the pro-environment countries. Around 56 beaches in Costa Rica have been awarded with Ecological Blue Flag, an award given to beaches that have met certain strict criteria. Some criteria involved are the quality of water, including drinking water, sanitary facilities, tourist safety, and even environment education in schools, and local support toward sustainable tourism.


It is nice to do yoga where the environment is cared for like in Costa Rica

Top 6 Yoga Beach Destinations - Costa Rica

pictures by Vajra Sol



Yoga Beach Destinations #3: Thailand

Have you seen the movie that Leonardo di Caprio starred, ‘The Beach’? Thailand has plenty of beaches of that kind. The white sand beaches bordering with lush tropical forest, crystal clear water, and palm trees. A perfect view of how heaven should be. That’s exactly what Thailand offers. Yoga retreats in Thailand is one of the popular activities to do when you go to Koh Samui or Koh Phangan. But more than yoga, you can also do other activities like island hopping, surf, and wellness retreats which is popular for women. In addition, there are many options of accommodation available; from a simple and humble one to  luxurious 5 stars resorts. There’s just so much to choose and to do in Thailand, going for a yoga retreat here is superb.


Enjoy the beach and meditate in Thailand 

Top 6 Beach Destinations - Bali

picture by It's Yoga Thailand



Yoga Beach Destinations #4: Goa, India

There’s nothing better than having a yoga retreat exactly where yoga is coming from, India. This is one of the reasons why Goa in India as one of the favorite yoga retreat locations. However, it is more than just this that makes Goa sits in the chart. This ancient historical region has a long stretch coastline with beautiful beaches by the Arabian Sea. But what is even better, Goa is also renowned for Ayurveda. With a rather cooler weather than most of India, Goa is a perfect place to have ayurvedic treatments. There’s no better way to enjoy spiritual retreat in India than having this balance retreat in Goa. 


Back to India for authentic yoga retreat by the beach and ayurvedic treatments

Top 6 Beach Destinations - Goa

picture by Tribe Yoga



Yoga Beach Destinations #5: Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is one of the most interesting destinations in Europe. During summer, Ibiza will be packed with tourists. This is due to, again, its beautiful beach. The sandy beaches and its azure water are one of the main attractions. Yoga retreat on the resorts or hotels around the beach is one of the most popular activities to do there. Added with various other activities like hill walking and water sports, Ibiza is a paradisiacal place to be and, of course, to have a fine yoga retreat by the sea


How about a dazzling yoga experience near the azure waters in Ibiza

Top 6 Beach Destinations - Ibiza

picture by Ibiza Yoga



Yoga Beach Destinations #6: Greece

Even by just mentioning the name, your heads might be filled with a picture of an indigo sea framed with white and blue colors of houses and buildings. The islands in Greece are really famous of producing such panoramic landscape. Another thing that spark up more interest about going for a yoga retreat in Greece is because of its historical background and its pretty ancient ruins. Old temples and ruins are echoing a beautiful glory of the past. But not only places with ancient ruins can be interesting to have a yoga retreat in Greece, even small fishing village in Greece offers its charms. Its sea view and the beauty of its simple architecture of blue and white. 


Greece, ancient islands and seas, classic yoga experience by the beach is simply unique here

Top 6 Beach Destinations - Greece


picture by Yoga Escapes

What do you think about yoga at beach? Want to share your own favorite list of yoga beach destinations? We would love to publish them. Do contact us or leave your comment(s) below!


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