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Transform Your Working Life: Expressing Your True Self with the Throat Chakra

by Bella Williams

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Throat chakra, located between the third and fifth vertebrae, is also known as the Vishuddha chakra and it’s the fifth primary chakra of the human body. The purpose of this chakra is to express truth originating from one’s soul. It’s the epicenter of communication and speech. It also balances hearing and listening.

The word Vishuddha has a Sanskrit origin and means purification or cleansing. This means that through the throat chakra, we do not only obtain physical cleansing but also purification of the human mind and psyche.


Problems associated with an imbalanced Throat Chakra


1. Underactive Vishuddha Chakra


woman's face covered with scarf

People who speak in a timid voice, whisper or stammer are those with an underactive Vishuddha chakra. Such people are often introverts. They find it hard to start conversations or figure out the right words while talking.


2. Overactive Vishuddha Chakra


overactive throat chakra

People with an overactive Vishuddha chakra tend to shout and dominate others in a conversation. They rarely allow others to speak in front of them and even refuse to listen. Such people often overanalyze things, as a consequence of which, they become judgmental. Their voice is loud and shrill. 


How the Throat Chakra Can Transform Your Working Life

1. Presentation Skills

man presenting in front of whiteboard

A balanced Vishuddha chakra implies a clear voice with great clarity and rhythm. The throat chakra, when activated, instills newfound confidence in you: the confidence to voice your opinion. You are no longer shy about expressing your thoughts in a public forum. You speak your mind out, without being intimidated by others.

This helps in improving your presentation skills and communication with your superiors. You are able to face a large audience and speak with clarity of thought and voice. Professionals with a balanced throat chakra often emerge as better orators.


2. Decision Making

The throat chakra also aids in making appropriate decisions. Since you are no longer afraid of voicing your opinion, you make decisions faster. The clarity in your mind is resonated in the clarity of your voice.


3. Creativity

People with a balanced throat chakra are also known to be more creative. They express themselves in an efficient manner and do not pay heed to any mental blocks in doing so. They let imagination take over and do not hesitate in sharing their unique ideas with others.


4. Emotional balance

pyramid of rocks

The throat chakra also lets you establish an emotional balance by regulating your feelings and ideas. It prevents you from overreacting during tense situations. At times, overanalyzing a situation also leads to an emotional outrage. The throat chakra balances all of this and much more.


5. Expression

Expressing yourself in your work environment is of great importance. When your throat chakra is active, you are able to master the art of expression. Be it through painting, speaking, or singing, you are able to express in a manner that leaves everyone impressed.

Expression of thoughts and emotions leads to liberation. When you keep your emotions bottled up for too long, it could trigger a catastrophe. The throat chakra prevents energy congestion by letting your emotions and thoughts flow freely.


6. Negotiation

Since this chakra helps you put forth your point clearly, it helps a great deal in enhancing your negotiation skills. Negotiation requires fearless speaking, which is aided by this chakra. Good orators and even politicians often “power up” their throat chakra before giving a public speech.


Reasons for Imbalance in Vishuddha Chakra


woman in the sun beams

Your thoughts originate in the brown chakra and then travel to the eye chakra. Here, they get analyzed and a reason is associated with them. However, if you are unable to express these thoughts, they remain within you. This blocks the flow of energy between upper and lower chakras, leading to an imbalanced throat chakra.

The crown chakra absorbs cosmic energy, inspiring you to create something in the form of a painting, a song or a poem. However, an imbalanced throat chakra prevents you from doing so. This happens over and over again. Finally, the energy congestion increases to an extent where the processing of energy at the throat chakra becomes extremely difficult.

Thus, an imbalance is caused primarily because of a lack of expression. Let your creative energy flow in order to attain that perfect balance in your throat chakra. But before that, let’s find out how to activate the throat chakra in the first place.


How Can One Activate the Throat Chakra?


We now know the importance of the throat chakra. In order to activate it, here’s what you need to do:


1. Express



person writing in a journal

The throat chakra governs communication. Expressing your true self and speaking the truth, therefore, helps to activate the chakra. If you are not that great at expressing your emotions to the outer world, keep a journal. Note down your thoughts for your own self to read, communicate with your inner self. Just do not keep any emotion or idea un-expressed.


2. Be Creative


person writing on white paper


Indulging in creative activities such as singing, painting, writing, speaking, etc. helps in activating the throat chakra. Chanting is also one way that aids the same. Expression of energy in any form is vital in keeping the chakra active. Yoga and chanting mantras can open the mental block you’re experiencing and introduce you to a newfound world of creativity and bliss.


3. Be Positive


person smiling looking at the phone


Positive thoughts activate the throat chakra. Experts say that meditating or visualizing the color blue helps a great deal in opening this chakra. They recommend that you focus on the chakra while seated under the blue sky or near a blue water body to activate it. Blue gemstones such as turquoise, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, etc. are also used to activate and balance the chakra.


4. Habits


good habits

Adopt good habits. Eat healthily. Have a balanced diet. Exercise regularly. Sleep well. Drink lots of water. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables. Substitute junk food with juice and fresh fruits.


5. Aromatherapy



Image source: theodysseyonline.com

Occasional aromatherapy using essential oils like ylang-ylang, sandalwood, and rose could help in activating the throat chakra. Gently rub the oil near the chakra location when meditating or studying.

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