The Body Soul Movement Experience

by Santrise N. Webb

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The Body Soul Movement Experience in La Ventana, Mexico, is unparalleled and exceeded my expectations in every way imaginable! Frederica and Joshua are gracious hosts: full of energy, expertise, willingness and eagerness to assist guests achieve balance and spiritual renewal. I exited Body Soul Movement feeling revitalized, renewed, and in many senses, reborn.


Life at Case Verde La Ventana

The retreat curriculum was customized to meet my individual needs as was my entire stay at the lovely Case Verde La Ventana! There were so many high points to this experience, from the incredible and delectable daily vegetarian gourmet meals and fresh pressed juices created by Joshua to the world-class yoga instruction, dance classes, and one-on-one posturing facilitated by Frederica.

I entered the retreat with the intention to enhance my practice and was wowed with Frederica’s incomparable expertise, assessment of my postures, and assistance in improving them. Our daily sessions helped tremendously and enabled me to exit with confidence knowing my areas of opportunity and the skill-set to improve them on my own.

Her class instruction and method of hands-on teaching is undisputedly my best learning experience and teaching in a yoga environment. Frederica facilitates an environment where yogis of all levels of expertise are able to learn and engage in an impactful way that will resonate with yogis well beyond the retreat!


Federica dancing at the beach

As if the daily curriculum packed with exciting and new ventures was not enough, Joshua and Frederica facilitated a desert walk where they took me deep into the desert to gaze at one of the most amazing views one will ever see. I was in awe of how beautiful and close the stars and sky appeared. It was a surreal experience where I felt I could literally touch the sky!


Spiritual and detox experiences

Two additional experiences that placed the retreat over the top are the Temazcal and Spa Services facilitated by Frederica. Being present with the women in the Temazcal and sharing our time together in this spiritual way is one of my fondest memories of my time in La Ventana.

The Temazcal detox protocol is an experience all in itself that I urge everyone to try at least once in their lifetime if not many times. I exited the Temazcal feeling lighter spiritually, physically, and mentally while my skin and body looked and felt amazing! My 32-year-old self exited with the softness and glow of my skin at birth. I was wowed by how solid and soft everything appeared from head to toe.

Frederica also provided a massage and much needed crano sacral therapy. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what happened in the process because it too was a surreal experience but what I can say is I left feeling light in every sense of the word. I immediately felt physically and spiritually renewed as if many burdens were lifted right from inside. I was no longer bogged down with work stress, worry, or fear. I felt a great sense of peace, calm, and joy after Frederica worked her magic with her hands! Imagine that! I wholeheartedly believe her hands are a gift and she's gifted in providing healing through service to others.


My new favorite retreat

I am still in disbelief regarding how perfect my experience was at Body Soul Movement. I’ve attended numerous retreats worldwide and this stay tops my time in Bali, Shanghai, BC, and every other place. The superior level of service, professionalism, and expertise at this retreat makes it my new favorite place in the world! I will attend the next retreat in April and will definitely bring people with me!

Lastly, I have to mention the property is amazing and is undersold in the retreat description as the ocean is literally footsteps from the accommodations and can be seen from room’s view. The property and its accommodations are priceless. Guests feel a sense of safety, security, and luxury that cannot be beaten with a bat.


Accommodation at Body Soul Movement

Everything one would need at a yoga retreat is within very small footsteps, not to mention access to bikes, snorkeling and kiting gear! It is an awesome destination for a vacation, retreat, or simple time to just enjoy nature and its many views.

Body Soul Movement is a perfect 10 that I urge anyone serious about starting and/or furthering their practice to experience!

What has been your best renewal experience so far? Share with us your personal insights below. We would love to hear from you!

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