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The Bikram Yoga Montpellier Experience

October 15, 2014

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A few weeks ago, I needed a break from my usual routine in Monaco. Although I love my practice in Nice Bikram Yoga, I wanted a holiday. Somewhere I could relax with open space and of course the beach. Where could I go that was not too far away yet had Bikram yoga on a daily basis?

How it all started

A few years ago, I met Naomi Kosick who is the owner and teacher of Bikram Yoga Montpellier. After a bit of research I found out that her studio is only 4 hours from Monaco by train—even less by car, but the train seemed like a more relaxing option.

I set off to discover what Montpellier was like. I had visited the area before and had fond memories. This was many years ago as a teenager, now a distant memory. I was looking forward to seeing the university town once again.


The Three Graces fountain at Montpellier at Place de la Comédie


Arriving at Naomi's studio

I arrived at the station after a pleasant journey along the coast. As soon as I stepped into the station, I felt happy and knew from the crowds and the types of people I saw that I had made the right decision. To my delight, the yoga studio is a five-minute walk from the train station. 


Med Ashram Experience’s studio: Bikram Yoga Montpellier


Although, little luggage is needed as my intention was to practice Bikram daily and spending time on the beach requires little clothing. But, it was still a relief to waste no time arriving for my first class. Naomi was at the studio to greet me with her lovely little dog. It’s such a friendly and peaceful environment that I felt excited too.


Reception area at Naomi’s yoga studio


I made myself at home and took the first class that evening. It was busy, but not too crowded, so the postures felt relaxed. I loved the classroom - it's clean, bright and airy. It is also one of the largest Bikram yoga rooms I have practiced in.


Bikram Yoga Montpellier has a large yoga studio, perfect for daily yoga practice!


After the class I showered leisurely and took my time relaxing into my new home for the next week. The whole yoga space is quite large as well as having a resident osteopath, if needed. They also have an in-house beautician and massage therapist who shares the room with the osteopath.


A room for consultations with the osteopath and beautician and massage therapist


Discovering Montpellier now

The next day I awoke refreshed and full of energy. I had a great breakfast and just enough time to wander around the town before lunchtime class.


Accommodation at Bikram Yoga Montpellier


Montpellier had changed. It now enjoys the new trams that have been introduced that open up the city.


Trams in the middle of the town


The whole city has a young atmosphere with a lot going on and more to come. It has still maintained its French roots but felt international. Being one of the top places in France to study medicine, it has a large academic population.


Another glimpse at the classical French beauty of Montpellier


The days went by quickly, practicing once a day and then if I didn’t hang out in Montpellier I could be found on the beach. It’s a short 20-minute bus ride away, the beaches stretch for miles. There is so much wide, open space that I really appreciated.


Bikram yoga practice with Naomi

The yoga was great. I benefited from Naomi sometimes, consistently correcting my postures and learnt new adjustments that have moved me on just that little bit more. As always with yoga, the people I met were all very relaxed and friendly.


Practicing yoga together in Naomi's Bikram yoga studio


I had a wonderful time and I am returning in September.

Have you ever gone on a wonderful yoga holiday in Europe? Share with us your personal stories and comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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