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How to Steal Time for Yoga [When You Are Super Busy]

by Kevin Jones

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Do you find it difficult to take some time out to indulge in any sort of physical workout? Many of us do, but you should know that getting involved in any type of physical activity is of the utmost importance to sustaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

Yoga is one of the best whole-body exercises out there. It not only helps to keep your body fit but also does a great job at maintaining your mental health –  it soothes your mind and gets you into the right frame of mind, which allows you to be more productive in all aspects of life.

Yoga’s health benefits are no longer a secret. It is incredibly beneficial in maintaining a balanced metabolic rate, helps in weight loss with chronic diseases, improves athletic performance, increases muscle strength and flexibility and much more.

Even though we all know how incredibly beneficial yoga is for our body, we find it absolutely onerous to spare some time for yoga. Let me tell you that no one is that busy; it's simply a matter of prioritizing. It’s high time you set yoga as your priority and learn to include it into your daily schedule, as busy as it may be. The idea of taking some time out is quite painless; you simply need to be active and stop being lethargic. This is the first step to incorporate yoga into your busy schedule.

Are you wondering how that is possible? Read on and I’ll tell you how you can pull it off!


Steal Time for Yoga When You Are at Home



 Yoga in bed – Photo credit chopra.com

Sparing some time for yoga at home is quite simple – you do not need to make extra efforts, nor do you need a yoga mat for it. It can be practiced anywhere at your own pace.

As soon as you hit the bed, before going to sleep or while reading a book, you can perform yoga poses through a simple stretch of your arms. There are many yoga poses which can be done even without stepping out of your bed. For example leg-up-the-wall pose, child’s pose, reclining hero pose, cat pose, seated spinal twist, fish pose, corpse pose, etc. You simply need to learn a few yoga poses that can be done on the bed and practice them after waking up or before taking a nap.


Steal Time for Yoga When You Are in the Car



Car yoga – Photo by Andy Milford (via Flickr)

Yes, this is possible. Are you planning a road trip? Do you travel by car on daily basis? Then, this hack will help you to perform yoga poses without any hitch.

Whether it is a long journey or a short one, there are many yoga poses that can be practiced while you’re sitting in the car. Here are a few examples: seated forward fold, legs up on the dashboard, neck rolls, lotus pose, spinal twist, anterior shoulder stretch and much more.


Steal Time for Yoga When You Are at Your Workplace




One of the most hindering reasons for not finding time to do any workout or exercise is office-life. Most of the time, our schedule doesn't allow us to spare any personal time to perform any healthy activities during work hours. But don’t you worry, we found a great way to get involved in some physical activities even when you’re at your desk.

There are few yoga poses that can be practiced during lunch breaks. But then again, we understand how annoying it is to waste your long-awaited breaks practicing yoga. Luckily, you can get into several yoga poses that can be done at your desk that will energize you in no time, and which are not distracting you from your work. Here are some examples: chair twists, chair pigeon pose, desk chaturanga, desk plank pose and many other chair yoga poses.


In this bustling lifestyle, we all require peace of mind to some extent, which can be attained through practicing yoga. Moreover, junk food is still popular since people find it fast and easy to eat. But, those junk foods bring in plenty of harmful calories to your body, which ends up gaining extra pounds. In order to get rid of superfluous weight gains due to consumption of junk food and a hectic lifestyle, it is indispensable to incorporate yoga into your daily routine to lose weight efficiently and feel more comfortable in your own skin.


Read more about Kevin Jones and learn about nutrition at TheDietSuggestions.

Are you ready to incorporate yoga into your daily schedule, both at home as well as at the office? Learn more about the amazing health benefits of yoga by going on a yoga health retreat, and make sure you steal some time for yoga every day!

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