1. First choose a detox/cleanse plan. Choose one that you can easily integrate into your routine and one that feels good for you. There are different types-

Ayurvedic Pancha karma
Vegetable juicing (Dr. Gerson therapy)
Raw food (David Wolf or Dr.Gabriel Cousens)
Liver flush (Andreas Moritz)
Candida detox etc…

2. Keep a detox journal.  Write out your guidelines for the detox within the journal.  It’s very important to schedule in rest time; the body works hard when it is cleansing/detoxing and so you need to take good rest regularly; be kind to your body : )  Expel mental toxins by writing in your journal. Intuitively writing can cleanse mentally; just write what comes to you, don’t worry about spelling, grammar or editing, just let it out onto the paper, it is very therapeutic.
3. Order in advance everything you need for the cleanse. For example: Epsom salts, organic veggies, muslin bag, clay, liver tonic herbs or enema kit (yes sorry!).
4. Integrate daily exercise but be easy with yourself.  Over exercising can overwork the liver which is already working hard when detoxing/cleansing on filtering the toxins out of your body. 30 minutes walk (in nature ideally) some yoga stretches, breathing and twists can be more than enough.
5. Regenerate. The best way to shift the body from survival or fight mode (how most of us live) into a regeneration mode is by activating the para sympathetic nervous system.  A way of doing this is meditation and practising gratitude. Keep a gratitude diary and give thanks each day for at least 3 new things you are grateful for, this can include difficult things that you learn from  
6. Have a clear intention of why you want to detox/cleanse. Perhaps it is because you love yourself so you take care of your body and mind so you can serve the whole in the best way you can? 
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