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Silent Retreats: Ten Days That Could Change Your Life!

by Hidraya Yoga International Team

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Three years ago, Will Allen, a mechanical engineer from California, left his job and set out to travel in Latin America. On his journey, he stumbled across Hridaya Yoga Silent Meditation Retreats, changing his life forever. Here’s how the retreat have had on his relationship with himself and those around him!

“People always say things like ‘follow your heart’ and typically we take that to be metaphorical or symbolic," Will says. "But these silent retreats literally teach you how to follow your heart. They teach you how to let go of pains and fears, and let your heart open."

It was five months after he returned to living at home back from traveling that Will began to really notice the change in himself.

"I used to always have a lot of fights and problems with my mom, but this visit was different. Things that used to bother me didn't bother me, things that made me angry no longer made me angry, things that upset me no longer upset me. I could remember all the reasons why they would have affected me in the past, but they no longer had power over me."


happy will after the silent retreat

Going on silent retreats changed Will's life for the better


Will's first silent retreat was in 2010, after which he went on taking one retreat a month for four months: first two 5-day retreats, then a 10-day retreat, and then finally a 17-day retreat with Hridaya Yoga's teacher Sahajananda. The results?

"From these retreats, I have found a lot of inner peace and spontaneous happiness, and my relationship with my mom has become very peaceful with much of our history healed."


Silent meditation retreats


The Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat is a unique 10-day immersion experience focused on accessing our real and essential nature, the supreme and divine Self. It integrates meditation and yoga techniques to address broad aspects of the Spiritual Heart from a variety of traditions including esoteric Christian, Sufi, and Kashmir Shaivism.

The retreat takes place on Mexico’s beautiful Pacific coastline, where both beginner and advanced meditators receive strong spiritual support and teaching. The center not only provides healthy food and several accommodation options but also offers an inclusive and welcoming community.

“Ultimately, the most important outcome of this retreat is for us to start becoming accustomed to centering in the Spiritual Heart,” concludes Will. “This experience has been beautiful and life-changing, for me and many other people that I have met, I am now about to begin a 49-day retreat!”


Interested in following Will’s footsteps and experience a silent retreat firsthand? Why not book yourself a spot at a budget yoga silent retreat? You’ll reap all the benefits without breaking the bank!

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