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Yoga for Seniors: Great Reasons to Go on a Yoga Retreat Beyond Your 60's

by Holly Klamer

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Did you know that yoga is the secret to aging gracefully? 

There are several reasons why seniors should be encouraged to go on a yoga retreat.

In this article, we will be sharing insights on some of the top reasons. 

Keep reading to find out more on the benefits of yoga for seniors and why you should go on a yoga retreat in your 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s!

Gain Improved Balance, Agility, and Strength

barefoot people standing on yoga mats

As one gets older, loss of ability to balance may become a frustrating part of life. Consider the fact that a fall can lead to head injuries which result in dementia in later years. There are various factors that work against the body's balance system as we age.

The good news is that yoga is a great way for increasing the activity levels in seniors. Yoga will help to tone muscles and ease aching joints, leading to better balance. This is achieved through certain poses that are directly intended to improve your sense of balance, training both the body and the mental function.


Improved Flexibility

yoga for seniors flexibility


As we get older, the joints become more painful. This greatly affects flexibility in seniors, but yoga is the right activity to help regain that flexibility. Yoga enables seniors to ward off muscle stiffness and aching joints and helps seniors remain flexible later on in life. Flexibility is important since it helps complete day-to-day activities.

Good flexibility makes it easier to become fully independent in later years, reducing the need for having to go to nearby assisted living facilities when they are unable to do daily living tasks. Yoga is essential because it helps seniors to able to complete day-to-day tasks by themselves.

Better Control of Blood Pressure

blood pressure measuring black and white photo

According to Senior Living Help, high blood pressure is among the leading threats that seniors face. Yoga has a health benefit when it comes to fighting blood pressure in seniors. There are various causes of blood pressure which include bad diet, bad cholesterol levels, and an inactive lifestyle.

Quite a few of yoga asanas can assist in lowering blood pressure. The good news is that these moves or positions are doable for seniors of all ages including those who are over 70.

These yoga moves help the body to relax, lower stress levels and help to stretch muscles and ligaments. As you practice yoga moves, you are able to effectively fight high blood pressure.

Lower Cholesterol

There are various risk factors that lead to high cholesterol, but this can be managed with some care and discipline. If your doctor says your cholesterol numbers are up, fear not because regular yoga practice will help in controlling the cholesterol levels.

This helps seniors to enjoy better heart health, leading to a lower chance of developing deadly coronary diseases. Hence, seniors who practice various yoga asanas (positions) live longer and are healthier.

A Self Confidence Boost

two happy seniors

Losing mobility and depending on others takes a toll on one's confidence. This leaves a negative effect on one's mental and emotional well being. Therefore, it is important that one indulges in helpful activities like yoga to take away this feeling.

As you complete various moves and yoga positions, you are able to appreciate your ability to do things and increase self-confidence. This helps seniors to become mobile once again, where they feel capable and strong and regain their independence.

Breathe Better

senior woman breathing

Older lungs need plenty of exercising to help them take part in physical activities. Being a crucial body organ, it is important that you take care of the lungs so as to ensure they function well. Studies show that as we age, our lungs become vulnerable to infections, shortness of breath and low oxygen levels, leading to abnormal breathing patterns.

Various yoga moves such as those that demand aerobics and those that give a chance to choose your yoga style help respiratory activities. Yoga, therefore, helps seniors breathe better as it helps improve lung functioning.

A Fun Way to Unwind

A yoga retreat is different from vacation and can be looked at as a vacation with a purpose. The retreats are simply about being yourself, giving you more time and opportunity to listen to your own needs throughout. Yoga retreats help you to leave the world behind and concentrate on yourself.

This is an opportunity to step away from the stressful moments and what drains your time and efforts. You will feel refreshed, re-energized, deeply rested and re-inspired. This is actually the best treatment seniors can give to themselves.

An Opportunity to Meet Like-Minded Friends

mature women holding hand

When you choose to go for yoga retreats, it is a rare opportunity for you to meet other like-minded older adults. Even if you go with your current friends, it’s still a great opportunity to make the yoga more fun. There are various yoga retreats that are organized for seniors alone. Seniors don’t need to feel awkward about going on a yoga retreat and would be wrong to think that yoga retreats are for younger generations only.

During yoga retreats, older adults will meet other adults who share a common interest and passion. This gives seniors an opportunity to share life experiences with others and to spend time enjoying each other’s company. Yoga retreats will open older adults to learning, meeting strangers who can become friends for life.

Learn Something New

There are so many new things to learn about yoga. This includes different yoga positions, facts, and history of yoga and much more. You learn the recommended yoga nutrition for seniors along with gaining a bit of ancient wisdom and philosophy.


We hope the above reasons will inspire you and that you will make the important decision of starting your yoga journey! Namaste.

Start your journey towards a healthier and more fulfilled life in your golden years. Browse our selection of yoga and health retreats and book your favorite.

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