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6 Rules of Safe Pregnancy Exercise

by Jane Collins

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Although some ladies will avoid exercising during pregnancy due to varying reasons, most health experts recommend it. Exercise does not only lift a pregnant woman’s spirits, but it also helps to prepare her for labor and birth.

Yoga is an excellent way to stay active, however, it is important to know that you have to be extra careful so you don’t put your unborn child in unnecessary danger. And to help ensure you remain healthy and safe, here are six rules of safe pregnancy exercise that you should always follow.


#1 Talk to your Doctor First


Whether you were exercising before your pregnancy or not, it is important to consult your doctor on whether or not it’s okay to workout during pregnancy. For some people it might not be safe, but only a doctor can determine whether it is okay for you to exercise or not.

Pregnancies are not all the same, and some tend to have many complications, meaning that working out will only add to their problems. A healthcare provider will be able to tell you about the types of routines that put your baby and yourself in danger and the ones that are safe.


#2 Drink Plenty of Fluids

fluids drinking

As a pregnant woman, it is important to take enough water throughout the day, and this is more so when you exercise regularly. Always make sure that you take water during the workout and also after you finish. The dehydration that can come with practices is dangerous; it triggers a chain of events that end up causing a reduction in the quantity of blood reaching the placenta or can even trigger contractions.


#3 Never Lie Flat On the Back

don't lie flat pregnant

It is okay to exercise when lying on the back during the first trimester but you should avoid it on the second and third. It might seem comfortable to workout when you are on your back, but it is also very dangerous. The weight of the heavy uterus during pregnancy will put a lot of pressure on an important vein (vena cava) when lying on your back and this may reduce the quantity of blood that flows to your uterus and brain. It is because of this fact that most women who workout when lying on their back will feel dizzy, nauseated and short of breath.


#4 Eat Well

eat well in pregnancy

The idea or reason for working out during pregnancy is to stay in shape and healthy and not to lose weight. Exercising burns a lot of calories and so it is important to eat well so that you can replace them. A diet plan is one of the first and most important things that a pregnant woman should develop, especially if she intends to be exercising throughout her pregnancy.

Make sure that your menu is balanced and has enough calories to replace those that you shed when working out. Also, you will need prenatal vitamins as they are very useful in bridging any nutritional gaps that your diet might create.


#5 Avoid Dangerous and Contact Sports

kite surfing avoided

No matter how much you love horse riding, climbing mountains, rowing or any other high-risk activity, you should avoid them during your pregnancy. These activities might lift your spirits and make you feel happy, but they prose risks to your pregnancy.

Sports with lots of contact such as soccer and basketball are definitely a no-no when you’re pregnant. Scuba diving is also another sport that all pregnant women should avoid during all the three trimesters of pregnancy because babies do not have any protection from pressure changes when they’re in the womb.


#6 Make Sure That You Do Not Overdo Things

pregnant flower

The golden rule for exercise during pregnancy is to keep things short and straightforward while making sure that you do not engage in anything that leads to additional strains. Always make sure that you do not work out to the point that you are too exhausted even to stand up or you cannot engage in a conversation without breathing heavily.

It is important to listen to your body and stop when you feel that you cannot continue with the routine. Also, ensure that anything that you do feels like exercise and not a punishment to your body. It is an excellent idea to have a professional trainer because they will help ensure that you do not go beyond the safe limits, but if you cannot afford one, there are plenty of free pregnancy exercise guidelines online that you can use.

These six rules of pregnancy exercise above will help keep both the mother and baby safe. It is also important to workout out at least four times a week if not daily. Always keep in mind that your safety and the one of your baby comes first and you should never engage in any activity that puts the unborn child in danger.

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