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Top 5 Remote Yoga Retreats in the US

by Damien Troy

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If you’re feeling the strains and stresses of everyday life, why not escape from it all at one of the many remote yoga retreats in the US? Yoga has been increasing in popularity in the country over the past decade, meaning there are now dozens of world-class teachers across the country.

Most yoga retreats in the US are highly acclaimed to help you take your yoga practice to the next level, and you can now find a retreat just about anywhere in the country. However, if you are looking to go beyond the tourist hubs and practice yoga in a quiet environment while overlooking stunning coastlines and pristine forests, these remote yoga retreats in the US will sweep you off your feet.

Don’t forget to apply for your USA visa before your trip. Otherwise, you won’t be getting very far! 


1. Sagrada Wellness, California



Photo credit: Sagrada Wellness


You might know California for its glitz and glamour but away from the cities, it can also be a very relaxing and beautiful place. Sagrada Wellness is based on the stunning Central Coast of California region and offers a peaceful retreat for both those who are new to such a trip and those already familiar with yoga and meditation.



Photo credit: Sagrada Wellness


There’s plenty to help you unwind and relax, including guided meditation walks, gentle exercise classes and plenty of time for self-reflection.


2. Rolling Meadows, Maine



Photo credit: Rolling Meadows Retreat


If you’re interested in learning more about how yoga and meditation can connect you with your spiritual self, the Rolling Meadows retreat could be the right one for you. Set in the stunning countryside of mid-coast Maine, guests will stay in a restored 1840’s New England farmhouse, which offers home comforts while remaining far away from everyday stress.

The nearest town, Belfast, is 15 miles (24 km) away, so you won’t be disturbed during your course of yoga and relaxation. If you’re looking to go one step further in your spiritual journey, you could try a silent retreat which will allow your mind and body to be quiet in a way that you’ve likely never experienced before.


3. Zen Den Yoga School, Florida



Photo credit: Zen Den Yoga School


Florida is best known for its long sunny days and white sandy beaches, but what if you could enjoy all of this away from the crowds of tourists and busy cities? On one of the many yoga retreats available at the Zen Den Yoga School, you can do exactly that. The resort-style set up will give guests plenty of time to enjoy lounging by the pool, as well as participating in healing massage sessions, daily mediation, and various different yoga classes.



Photo credit: Zen Den Yoga School


Restorative Yoga retreats are designed to give guests the chance to join in with any activities they feel will help them to unwind and relax, including community yoga classes and exploring the local area. 


4. Expanding Light Retreat, California



Photo credit: The Expanding Light Retreat


Based in a small community among 700 acres of meadows and forests at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Expanding Light Retreat offers a remote wellness experience like no other. This spiritual community, of no more than 200 people, welcomes visitors for retreats where they will learn Ananda yoga practices, energy flows, and chakra.



Photo credit: The Expanding Light Retreat


The retreat is just two days long but gives guests everything they need to tune into their spiritual side through a strict program of activities. The retreat has been carefully structured to help guests feel recharged and relaxed by the time they leave.


5. Mind and Body Complete, New York



Photo credit: Mind & Body Complete


When you think of New York, it’s unlikely you’ll immediately think of stunning natural landscapes and space to clear your head but that’s exactly what you’ll find at The Mind and Body Complete retreat. The four-day course takes place in one of the newest inns in the coastal town of Aurora - Rowland House.



Photo credit: Mind & Body Complete


You’ll find a warm and welcoming environment for beginners and experienced yogi’s alike. Visitors to this retreat will be able to take part in world-class yoga sessions, helpful lifestyle workshops and therapy sessions to improve their general wellbeing, enabling them to leave the retreat feeling physically and mentally recharged.


Are you looking to deepen your yoga practice in a serene environment with a stunning backdrop? Go on a restorative yoga retreat in the Americas & Caribbean!

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