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The Power of Kula – Living in a Sacred Community

by Lauren Lee

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The rise in consciousness throughout the world calls for deep reflection and true revelation in order to create sustainable change. Many of us are questioning previous standards of society and choosing to live more mindfully, from a place of compassion and love. 

With our advancements in technology and abundance of material resources, there is a deep desire for inner fulfillment and a call for spiritual awakening on a global level. We have reached a point where our connection to our inner self in the safety of our yoga mats may not be enough. In order to live more sustainably and protect the Earth, we must not only stand up for our authentic truths but also learn to lead through example and positively influence those around us.

Our individual efforts are 100% needed for a collective shift; collaboration within a sacred community will bring powerful worldwide change. 

I began practicing yoga over 10 years ago as a disconnected and disillusioned teenager. Throughout my consistent practice and purification, I became more aware of my own authentic gifts and how I could best serve the world. While I am grateful to teach drop-in classes at studios, I have found that deep transformation arises out of personal experience, when you are deeply immersed in teachings within the community.


The same way a child learns in a supportive environment, as adults we have more success on our spiritual paths when surrounded by experienced mentors and like-minded communities. Love, kindness, strength and sweetness are cultivated when we step into a challenge together as a group. Mutual understanding and compassion arise out of shared experience. Inspiration is gained as we literally hold one another up through breath, advice or a helping hand.

Most important, ideas become more powerful when shared, which leads to a greater impact in the way we live in society through healthy intentions and actions.


In our community, we encourage others to treat themselves with the respect they deserve through acceptance and self-love. We are seen, heard and felt from a place of neutrality…

This is the power of kula (sacred community) – our sisters and brothers provide the platform for loving-kindness and a safe haven of support. They help us to shape-shift ourselves into better partners, employers/employees, mothers/fathers, daughters/sons. They remind us of our innate power and responsibilities within the world. They hold us accountable without shame or blame. They honor our uniqueness and help us integrate with tenderness…

A celebration of our unique gifts and collaboration to serve others is at the heart of a sacred community. When we understand that our brothers/sisters are our own direct reflection, we begin to take initiative and start the process of healing for the benefit of future generations…we naturally rise into our highest selves and invite others to do the same!


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Article originally published on Raise Your Beat.

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