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Nurture Your Inner Self with Outdoor Yoga

by Deborah Hoeks

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Nowadays, stress from work and a hectic lifestyle is taking its toll. Modern society’s number one diseases are mental illnesses caused by stress. Our minds are running wild, the body is responding and stress is daily ‘food’. 

We demand so much of ourselves, all the while being asked to be a good mom, dad, employee and keep up with friends and family. At the same time, we like to be fit and healthy. This means spending time preparing healthy food and, every now and then, hitting the gym or the yoga studio… Yes, just like a circus artist, we have many balls to juggle!


‘Dis-ease’ versus ease




The word ‘dis-ease’ talks by itself. If we suffer from a ‘dis-ease’, it basically means that we are not balanced or are living out of rhythm. That’s exactly why we get sick and our body and mind suffer!

Flowing through life with ease means that we use our senses to feel and listen. Failing to listen to our (bodily) senses and not taking the time to create stillness is bringing many of us closer to ‘dis-eases’. While running this marathon of life, we start to notice that meditation is one of the keys to learning to listen. Ease or balance in life means that we are putting the right priorities first; life- energy is flowing through us and we feel happy and alive!


Search for stillness and relaxation




Society demands a lot from us and we put loads of stress upon ourselves. Many of us are aware of the fact that we should take time for stillness and relaxation. Before or after work, sometimes even during lunch breaks, we run into the yoga studio. We get on the yoga mat for some yoga poses, breathing exercises and a quick meditation session to reconnect with ourselves.




Those of us who are able to take a weekend or a whole week off prefer to book a yoga retreat and relax in natural surroundings. Unfortunately, we often run into our old patterns quickly after returning home, and all is forgotten within a week. Taking some time to just do nothing, allows us to sense our inner world and makes the outer world disappear. Sometimes, we seem to be ‘human DO-ings’ instead of human ‘BE-ings’!           


Nurture your inner self in nature with yoga




Balance is the key to preventing ‘dis-ease’. Take a break from everything before you end up burned out!

Where is our quiet time spent walking along the beach or strolling in the forest or park to get a calmer state of mind? Are retreats the only places left to unwind and restore? We all know that we are not made to live indoors and that we truly recharge our batteries outdoors. What if we stirred all the ingredients of stress prevention inside a jar – yoga in the great outdoors and being around like-minded people? We would have the best simple recipe to nurture our inner selves!


Let your inner child play!




We encourage kids to play outdoors as much as possible, but what about your inner child? Start playing (again) in nature! Taking some time off and unwinding on the beach, in the forest or out in nature is something we all know prevents stress. When we experience stress, the doctor tells us to move more and take longs walk in nature.

If you love yoga, why not combine both? You can practice just as you are used to while spending time in nature and unwinding.

Life is meant for play and enjoyment! Take these outdoor moments to unwind and still the mind so you are able to live fully in every other aspect of your life! 


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