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An Intimate Chat with Nicole Webb of The Yoga Getaway

by Nicole Webb

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We at BookYogaRetreats.com are passionate about yoga and we love to surround ourselves with those who live and breathe yoga every chance we get! Recently, we caught tup with Nicole Webb, the founder of The Yoga Getaway, one of our partner organizers about the things that matter the most to her. Here’s how it went!

BookYogaRetreats.com: So Nicole, as the founder of The Yoga Getaway, we believe that you have many insights about yoga and yoga travel that our community will undoubtedly find interesting. But first, we’ll be asking some personal questions – Are you up for it? 

Nicole: Sure! I’m excited so let’s do this! 


Please share with us some current favorites:

  • Food: Almond butter
  • Drink: GT’s Kombucha (Gingerade)
  • Book: Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss
  • Yoga Mat: Lululemon “the mat”
  • Movie: Anchorman makes me laugh every time
  • Yoga style: Vinyasa


What does a typical day in your life look like?

I usually wake up to a cup of decaf coffee and almond milk. Hop on my computer to answer emails and work up until lunchtime, I find that I am most productive and focused in the morning. My afternoons usually involve a yoga class in Santa Monica, CA (I practice at Equinox, Power Yoga, and The Yoga Collective at the moment). Evenings are spent relaxing or getting dinner with friends.


Who is your personal hero?

My personal hero is anyone who lives life with passion and follows their dreams. It is very easy to get comfortable with your routine and settle down in a life that isn’t truly fulfilling.

I admire those who have the courage to chase after what makes them happy and gives them purpose. I also gravitate towards people who are looking to improve themselves on a continuous basis and work towards being the best person they can be.


What is your idea of happiness?

Travel. Yoga. Deep friendships. Family. Beach. Hiking. Dogs. Good health. All of these things bring me great happiness.


How did you first start practicing yoga?

I came to yoga because of a knee injury. I had been running for years, and due to poor form, my knee wouldn’t allow me to continue this form of exercise. I decided to try yoga because I knew it was low impact and I had heard it was a good workout. I started practicing and noticed the effects on my mind and body, it really allowed me to de-stress.

Yoga helped me to unwind and really bring a sense of calm that I couldn’t get anywhere else. I still go for these same reasons, also for the asana but mostly for the words spoken in between the poses. I have some incredible teachers who really inspire me through what they are able to teach outside of the asana.


In your opinion, what's the most challenging aspect of yoga?

I struggle with keeping my mind still and establishing a regular meditation practice. Something I’m working on!


How has yoga changed you?

Yoga has completely changed the course of my life. I was working in a more corporate career in the online advertising industry for four years. I came to a point where I wasn’t growing anymore and wanted to make a living from something that would light me up inside.

I decided to take my savings and quit my current job to discover what it was that I should be doing. I’d always wanted to attend a fitness or yoga retreat but never had the time, so now was the opportunity to do just that. After my first retreat (a yoga and surf retreat to Bali) I was hooked… and the rest is history! 


What are your goals for the future?

My goals for the future would be to always have the aforementioned elements, which make me happy on a day-to-day basis, in my life at all times. For The Yoga Getaway, I want to continue adding new destinations to our calendar and explore ways to differentiate our retreats from others. There are so many angles you can choose to focus on; I think they will evolve into other variations of fitness and more of a lifestyle experience for our clients.


What’s your favorite yoga travel tip?

Bring snacks, pack wisely, come with an open mind and open heart!


Finally, what do you believe to make or break a yoga retreat?

The instructor and the group dynamic can make or break a retreat for me. I have to identify with the instructor: what they are teaching between the asana and the type of yoga. The other students on the retreat are just as important; if everyone is open-minded and just open to any type of experience the retreat may bring, then the retreat will just flow how it is supposed to.


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