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A Simple Rejuvenating 3 Minutes Yoga Sequence to Start Your Day (Video)

by Elaine Clara Mah

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For most of us, getting a good start to our mornings can be a challenging task. We often feel sluggish and tired, likely caused by a lack of good sleept the night before.

An amazing way to prevent this from happening and waking up feeling energized in the morning is to work in a yoga practice! However, work and long commutes mean that we may not have the luxury of time to get a good hour or two to practice. 

The good news is that you can get yourself going even with a short yoga practice! In my video, I’ll be showing you a short 3-minute yoga sequence that you can do in the morning. The sequence is suitable for all levels and can be practiced with or without a mat.

You will notice that much of the sequence consist of poses that lengthen the spine or at least help to bring awareness to the spine. This is because most of us spend a majority of our day at an office desk hunched forward towards the laptop. So lengthening the spine will help counter this problem.

At the end of the sequence, do take a few moments to rest in Savasana to relax. A yoga practice is only complete with Savasana, so please don’t skip this if you can help it!


Source: YouTube Account


Looking for another element that is vital to having a great start to your day? Try meditation! All you need is a good 5 minutes in silence to benefit from a meditation practice. There are plenty of meditation styles that you can try so be sure to find a suitable one for you.


If you enjoy this short yoga sequence, you will benefit more from longer practices! Kickstart a daily yoga practice through a yoga retreat! Book one with us today!

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