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5 Tips to Set Up a Morning Routine That Boosts Your Mind

by Sophie Addison

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How do you start your day? For many people, mornings are the worst time of the day. Think about the days you oversleep. You get out of bed with a mind that is rushing. There are so many tasks that need to be completed before you can leave for work, and yet so little time to complete them in time. That’s why setting up a morning routine that boosts your mind can be beneficial to improve your whole day.  

If you have kids, things can be even more disastrous. After getting out of bed, you rush to wake the kids up, prepare their breakfast and have some coffee. Before you know it, time is almost up, but you haven’t even had the time to hit the shower and a short yoga session is practically out of the question. This scenario can be quite devastating – and there are people facing such chaos each and every morning.

women cooking together

Just like many scientific reports and studies have proven that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, your mornings should also be considered the most important part of the day.

When your day starts out bad and chaotic, there is a good chance that the rest of the day will not be much better. Such chaos can wreak havoc on your mood and make you feel anxious – two particular problems that might continue making your life more difficult as the day goes by.

Luckily, there are ways to have a more organized morning and to make the benefits of managing your mornings better reflect on the rest of your day. For that reason, I’m sharing some helpful morning routines to supercharge your life and, of course, your entire day.


1. Get to Bed Early and Have a Good Night’s Sleep


go to bed early

Your morning routine should already start the night before. Sleep is one of our most important daily activities yet sleep deprivation is often looked upon as a public health epidemic. There is a considerable amount of people who do not sleep enough every day to continue supporting the hard work their body does.

Sleep deprivation can cause a significant number of health-related issues. Concentration and memory may not be what it should be, immunity may be weakened, and blood pressure levels may be increased. It can also lead to a higher risk of being involved in an accident.

Additionally, not sleeping enough could make you moody the next day, which will simply add to the chaos that is already going on in your morning routine. Instead of watching that one extra episode of your favorite series, rather opt for an early night.

You should also make sure you get a good quality sleep – notice that your bed supports your posture and that you sleep comfortably. If you suffer from insomnia, look for ways to treat insomnia naturally, don’t do pills.  


2. Set an Alarm, Then Place It Away from Your Bed


alarm set

As you may already know, alarms come with this convenient feature called the “Snooze button.” As convenient as this button may be, it could be one of the primary contributors to your chaotic mornings.

The “Snooze button” allows you to tell your alarm that you still want to stay in bed for a couple of minutes and that it should remind you to get up just a little bit later. This can be a big problem, especially if you hit it more than once.

You will be much more likely to press the “Snooze button” when your alarm is directly next to your bed. If you find yourself reaching for this button too often, then consider placing your alarm further away from your bed. This will require you to get up to hit the button, which makes you far less likely to get back into bed.


3. Make Some Time for an Early Morning Workout


morning workout

What is the very first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? For many people, the answer would be to grab a cup of coffee or to make themselves a bowl of cereal. For parents, the answer could also be to wake up the kids.

Others, however, are reaching for the benefits that morning workouts have to offer. A workout in the morning might sound like a crazy idea, but once you implement this, you will notice a boost in your mood and energy.

A morning yoga session would obviously require you to get out of bed a little earlier, but this does not have to cost you some of your precious sleep time. As we have noted previously, you just have to skip that last episode on the television and get to bed a little earlier.

Morning workouts will not only make your routines in the morning easier, but will also boost your metabolism, enhance both mental and physical energy, and also lead to better sleep at night.

4. Plan Out Your Day


planning your day

One of the primary reasons why people get to bed too late at night is because of an ill-planned daily schedule. Perhaps you are simply placing too many expectations on yourself and including too many tasks to be completed in a single day, or maybe you are simply not making an effort to plan your schedule in such a way that you can tick off every item before the end of the day.

Take some time now-and-then to prepare a proper plan for your days. Perhaps do this every Sunday – make a daily plan for the rest of the week. Ensure you plan your days in such a way that you get a chance to spend with your family in the evening, watch some television or read a book, and still get to bed early.

This will, in turn, make it easier to get up in the morning; thus helping you to avoid chaotic mornings. Remember that adequate amounts of sleep not only help in improving memory but also boosting your mood and making you feel better the rest of the day.


5. Start Your Day with A Positive Thought


wake up positive

Finally, you should avoid starting your day with negative thoughts. Such thoughts can go a long way in running both your morning and the rest of your day. Instead, try to think of something positive the moment you wake up – then let this thought provoke more positive thoughts and feelings through the rest of the morning and even the entire day.

Not only will these positive thoughts help you avoid negative emotions, but they will also help you feel more motivated to get out of bed and to keep things under control.

Note that, even while trying to keep your thoughts and emotions positive, it may become difficult when those around you seem to be in a bad mood – perhaps your kids are refusing to work along since they are still tired – but these negative energies coming from other people don’t have to affect your mood and your positive vibes.

Instead, share your positivity with them. You would be surprised at how well your positive mood may affect a person who seems to be experiencing negative thoughts and feelings.




We should all pay more attention to what we do in the morning and how we manage this particular period of the day. Waking up late and having a morning that is filled with chaos could lead to anxiety, a low mood, and even poor mental performance – and these effects may last well into your day.

A morning that is more managed can help you feel in control of your own life. These tips offer an excellent way to get started – once you adopt them, you can make changes as needed by removing or adding activities that better suit your morning routine.

Want some help to plan your morning routines? Go on a life coaching yoga retreat and get the best advice from experts while improving your yoga too!

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