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How Can Moms Take Time Out for Yoga?

by John Elijah

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Busy moms often think it hard to take time out from their hectic schedule and get on the yoga mat. They believe so because yoga requires one to remain in peace, in spite of the chaotic surrounding. Practicing yoga also requires one not to be bothered by distractions.

Of course, it is not possible for moms to avoid keeping an eye on their toddlers while sitting cross-legged on the mat. Therefore, moms with babies and toddlers think they are not able to practice yoga and meditation, realistically speaking.

It is a true fact that being a mom is a full-time job. Still, motherhood is not something that should bar a woman to do a simple work-out that needs less than 30 minutes.

You just need to be determined enough to get a mental and spiritual detox through some peaceful body postures. After all, making sure you are also relaxed and healthy is one of the best things you can do for your child.

Here are a few ideas on how moms can take time out for doing yoga.

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Set an Appropriate Time

Taking time out for yoga is a bit difficult for new moms. But, it can also be a great activity to consider, because yoga makes them more flexible and helps them get fit.

Taking babies with you on the yoga mat is difficult, and therefore out of the question. Hence, you need to look for the time when your baby sleeps. For many women, the idea of doing yoga during the sleep time of their baby might not seem to be too tempting.

The reason for this reluctance is that moms have to use the same precious time for doing other things for themselves, like taking a bath or simply getting a few hours of sleep themselves.

The point is that yoga doesn’t have to demand too much time. A complete yoga workout session for moms takes a little under 30 minutes.

Beginners who have even less time than that can start by taking out just 10-15 minutes. In many cases, even 5 minutes are sufficient. A little exercise is always better than no exercise, right?

Get Up Early

If you’ve recently become a mother and you have the urge to have a bit of time for yourself and exercising, you have to make a plan to get up early. If you’re too tired to start a yoga session when your baby is taking a nap, then the only solution is to try to get out of the bed a bit earlier.

Such a change in your early morning routine doesn’t need to sacrifice the precious hours of sleep. It is enough to cut your rest short by a mere 15 to 20 minutes.

Getting up earlier in morning can be a treat in itself, if you only choose to see it that way. It not only refreshes the soul through exposure to the morning breeze and positive vibes, but also makes a person achieve a peace of mind, which is an ultimate goal of yoga as well.

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Get Your Toddlers on Yoga Mat  

If you have a toddler instead of a baby, you can consider involving them in the routine, too.

Yoga is as useful for the kids as it is for adults. If you find it hard to set a yoga schedule and watching the little one as well, simply try to involve them, too. You will probably face some difficulty in the beginning, but later you may have the pleasant surprise to see your kids following your footsteps.

Luckily, most children very often imitate their moms in almost everything. Furthermore, yoga postures are no less than an exciting attraction to the kids. It will all seem very fun to the little ones, so they will be even more likely to try the same pose their mom is doing.

Ask Someone to Help

Moms who are living with other family members or nannies can obviously find it easier to practice yoga. If you have someone to help you at least at certain times of the day, you’re all set.

All you need is to ask someone to take care of your kids for 20 minutes, and to ensure that they don’t distract you from your yoga sessions.

Make the Most from Your Lunch Break

In professional environments, the trend of using the lunch break to perform yoga is gaining popularity. Men and women both often take 15-20 minutes during their one-hour break, to practice a bit of yoga or meditation.

This way, they not only get more focus and mental clarity with mindfulness, but also maintain body fitness, which can be compromised by long hours of work. Why shouldn’t mothers do the same thing?

All you need is to use your lunch hour in the home to get on the yoga mat, even if only for few minutes.

Find Help and Inspiration from Podcasts

Finally, one last factor that bars the busy moms from doing yoga is a prevalent misconception that practicing yoga is possible only under an instructor’s guidance. Especially if you’re a yoga beginner, you may think that you absolutely need to attend the classes to master the art.

There is no doubt that doing something well requires you to follow instructions from experts, of course. But attending physical courses for learning yoga is not mandatory. Luckily, the internet has long resolved the problem, just as it helped make countless other things remote. Moms can now find help and guidance from plenty of podcasts and other online materials for learning how to do yoga.  This guide on how to have a full-body yoga workout is an excellent start, for example.

The Take-Away: Yoga is Ideal for Busy Moms

To wrap it up, being a mom doesn’t and shouldn’t obstruct a woman from taking care of herself a bit. Practicing yoga is an ideal self-care activity for moms, because it’s doesn’t take long and because it takes care of both your body and your mind.

The only issue remaining is how to do it. Well, there’s no way around it: you simply have to push through and cut out 15-20 minutes from your time and set it aside for this. You must find a way to muster enough motivation, determination and urge to stick to your sessions and transform the practicing into a routine.

You will see that after a little while, taking the time to maintain your physical and mental fitness through yoga will not feel like a chore anymore. Scientists say that it takes 66 days to form a new habit, until the point where you don’t need to exert your will in order to perform the task.

But the beauty of yoga is that it brings you such relaxation and mental clarity, that you will lose the exhaustion that makes it difficult to find the will for new activities. This is among the best perks which make yoga such an ideal activity for busy moms, who tend to feel too overwhelmed for exercising.

Give it a try starting tomorrow morning and you will see just how much it will change your outlook for the better!

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