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Thursday December 11, 2014

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Booking a Yoga Retreat Has Never Been Easier - Media Release Launch April 15, 2013

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Ibiza Yoga

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Ibiza Yoga

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Chirriposa Yoga and Surf, Costa Rica

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Mind Body Soul ~ Surf Bali

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It's Yoga Thailand

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It's Yoga Thailand

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Booking a Yoga Retreat Has Never Been Easier

It has always been a hassle to find the perfect yoga holiday. With the launch of you can find any yoga retreat easily on one website.

The new site offers a wide selection of yoga retreats and yoga holidays from more than 900 organizers.

It is the first site to include all major yoga styles and over 80 destinations worldwide. is easy to navigate and allows you to search for retreats based on categories such as yoga style and destination..

In order to compare the performance of the retreat organizers, the website provides you with customer reviews. The reviews will give you an unbiased insight into quality and service, which will help you make an informed decision when booking your yoga retreat.

All details about yoga training, availability, price options, accommodation, and booking conditions are conveniently arranged on one page. You can contact the organizers directly with questions or simply go ahead and make an online reservation.




Dreaming of a Yoga Retreat? 

Would you like to be somewhere peaceful and quiet while stretching your body in an asana? And do some meditation on the side? You might be looking for a spiritual experience in Asia.

I would. I would love to go on a yoga retreat.

Wanting to go on a yoga retreat is one thing, but finding one you want to go to is something else. I have to say that finding a perfect yoga retreat is not easy to do.

Just starting with Google will return an endless list of websites. It’s not easy to find information of a nice retreat in certain location that you might like, with the kind of style you've been practicing. You might end up spending the whole day just to search which retreat offers the style of yoga you are practicing, or whether they are located in the destination you want. To make it even more difficult, you love going somewhere secluded and natural, which no big resorts can cater. So, where should you go?

Your search is now over. offers you the best overview of yoga retreats and yoga holidays from more than 900 organizers worldwide. I love it. Don’t waste your time and simply go to who has done the work for you. From luxurious resorts in Costa Rica to simple ashrams in India. The site is easy to navigate and allows you to search retreats based on categories such as yoga style and destination. You can even filter by yoga style. Huraaa!!!! You get to see which retreats are available for you only in a single click.

It’s like a supermarket of yoga retreats. Super easy. So, stop dreaming and find yourself a yoga retreat!




How to choose a Yoga Retreat

People work hard all year long with one thing in mind: holiday. Leading up to summer, the talk in the office is mostly about vacation plans. Indeed, vacations make up for all the hard work and stress.

It is human nature, after all. We always long for a chance to get away, to treat ourselves with something that we love. The same is true for yogis. Every once in a while, they dream about being out and about in a yoga retreat or holiday to recharge their soul.

So the next question is, where to go? You may want to go up the mountains, or down to the beach, but where exactly? The list of popular destinations is endless. "I heard that the place is great" or "that place is very popular among yogis", but is that enough information for you to make a decision?

What to read and why

You will find many questions come to mind before picking a retreat. You would want to make sure your choice turns into a lifetime memory. Hence you would like to do research, in order to know - at least predict - what you will get. With the help of Internet, this is possible.

However, just going out there and typing in the keyword in Google will return an endless array of information. It takes too much time to read through all the available information out there. The trick is to find the essential ones that will help you in you decision making process. If you simply don't know where to start, begin the search by browsing a vacation website for yoga-themed holiday and retreats.

The one website you want to check out is The site is easy to navigate and allows you to search retreats based on categories such as yoga style and destination. You will find all of the available yoga retreats that match your search criteria. Websites like are something to treasure because there are millions of vacation websites out there, but not many specialize themselves in yoga retreats.

Informed decision

Before you decide to go, try to fall in love with the retreat because it speaks to you, not just because other people do it. Sure enough, almost every yogi you know dreams of going to Rishikesh or Goa but there might be some less popular destinations that could be a good match for your personality. It's not about the place, they say, but knowing what you like and making an informed decision before you choose where to spend your holiday.



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