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Simple Tips to Incorporate a Yoga Lifestyle into Your Daily Routine

by LiFE

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Many people may wonder what it means to take your yoga off the mat, believing yoga is just an exercise. Some others could think yoga is a religion (it’s not!). And others might think that you definitely have to be flexible to even start a practice in yoga (you don’t! In fact, it is through yoga that you can get more flexible).

So what is yoga exactly? Often times, it a practice that starts on the mat with asanas or poses, to later transform into something deeper than just an exercise; yoga becomes a whole new lifestyle.

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for years, for a few months, or have just recently been to your first yoga class, you can start living a more vibrant life through applying yogic principles to your day-to-day.

These are 5 tips that can help you on your way to live a more yogic life:

1. Manage Your Stress

man meditating

One of the greatest benefits of yoga is that it can improve your overall mood, which improves your overall health!

Especially with meditation and pranayama or breathing aspects of yoga, one is able to develop techniques to quiet the mind, create a sense of stillness that helps manage stress levels and deal with anxiety.

2. Make Mindful Eating Choices

eating healthy foods

Yoga is a practice that is strengthened when you continue its principles even after leaving the mat.

In yoga, we practice kindness and compassion, not just with others but also to oneself. With that, one makes eating choices that will make you feel stronger, more energetic, and happier in the long run. Try a vegetarian or vegan diet or at least increase your intake of vegetables and healthy foods.

3. Sleep Better

As we’ve said, yoga goes beyond the energetic practice that many people picture yogis living, doing handstands and strong arm balances that we see in pictures.

There’s a not-as-instagrammable, but still as amazing side to yoga called Yin yoga. This is the less active, more calming aspect of yoga that connects you to your restful state and deepens your sleep.

4. Detoxify

detox juice

The physical practice of yoga can help you detoxify your body, and not just because it makes you sweat (though that does help, especially in a heated room!).

Certain types of poses target the lymphatic system to improve it’s cleansing function so you can detoxify better, and feel better overall.

5. Improve Your Posture

A benefit that is particularly useful to the gadget-attached generation constantly hunched over a screen, each yoga class aims to realign the spine, endlessly emphasizing proper posture while relieving back pain, neck pain, and even wrist pain associated with constant gadget use.


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