7 Ways to Live a Life Free from Pain

by Brenan Quirante

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Every day, countless people suffer from pain, caused by either physical injuries or various physical or mental diseases. Managing pain is not an easy task. Living with pain is one of the most disturbing things an individual can go through because it affects all aspects of life. 

Pain prevents individuals from focusing on their goals and can have negative effects on their personal lives. Due to pain, a person may not be able to enjoy life to the fullest, which can ultimately lead to serious mental issues.

It is easy to see that many people suffer from various mental diseases such as depression, anger and frustration. It is because of these diseases that an individual is not able to achieve happiness. Sure, there are plenty of medicines available on the market that help relieve pain. But hey only work for a short period, their effect is not permanent.

In the majority of cases, these painkillers also affect the mind and body in an inappropriate way. In other words, these pills are responsible for damaging physical and mental health, which is why it is not advisable to use painkillers that are not natural or do not contain any organic elements. To gain control over pain, there are many other alternative practices that can be followed, the most powerful of which being mindful meditation. The results are magnificent!


1. Mindful Meditation




Mindful meditation is the most natural way to overcome your depression and frustration. It also helps overcome physical and mental pain. The process of this meditation is simple yet very effective. If you are willing to help yourself with this meditation procedure, then all you have to do is to allow yourself some time to just think about nothing.

You don’t necessarily need a meditation bench or cushion, and all you have to do is sit on a chair or on the floor in a peaceful environment where there is no disturbance. After doing that, it is time to feel the present moment. Just forget about your worries and tensions, and focus on the present moment without any judgment. If judgments are rolling in your head, then simply make a note of them and allow them to pass.

Now, come back to the point of observing the present moment and if you find your thoughts wandering in any other direction, just let it be and try to come back to the same point, which is focusing on the present moment. Keep on practicing this meditation, and soon you will feel that those heavy thoughts are vanishing, taking pain and depression away with them.


2. Stay Stress-Free




Although it is difficult to stay stress-free because of our brain’s ability to react to stimuli, you should try to stay stress-free by avoiding to reflect on the downsides of your life and health. Continuous efforts will bring great results, and you will find yourself getting away from the pain.


3. Ignore the Pain




Various research and experiments have shown that a human mind can feel the things that it is focusing on. To make it easier to understand, when you feel pain your brain will pay more attention to it. This will only produce the thought and feeling of even more pain. So, it is important not to pay attention to your pain and, once your brain is programmed with this command, you will not feel pain anymore.


4. Breathe




Breathing helps lower stress and pain levels and helps you flush these feelings out of your mind. You might have heard that, during moments of severe tension or stress, people are advised to take deep breaths so that they can release negativity.


5. Massage Therapy




Massaging is another great option, as it is very effective for pain management. Depending on your ailment, you should have a massage once or twice a week or just once a month. Massaging relaxes the muscles and helps eliminate pain.


6. Sleep Well




There are several ways to eliminate pain, and one of the best is to give your body some well-deserved rest. This means restful slumber and not getting involved in heavy physical activity. You can also use ice to cure swelling and pain.


7. Engage in Light Exercises




To overcome pain, you can do some light exercises like stretching and easy yoga poses. Light exercising also helps in eliminating muscular pain. So, try it, but do not go hard on yourself and avoid exercises that include heavy weights or high intensity because they will increase your pain.


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